Don't Waste My Time

I am a very genuine person and I can tell instantly when someone is not genuine or fake. I don't Hate them per say but I won't be friends with someone who isn't comfortable being themselves. It is a shallow way to live.

missadventurer missadventurer
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Funny how everybody who posts here considers themselves a beacon of truth and substance. All them fakeys must all be too busy being superficial and shallow to use EP right? I'll lead you by example and admit that I have been shallow in the past. I've judged people on appearance and I've indulged in gossip. I've acted pretentiously in an attempt to be cool in front of certain people and I've bitched and moaned about people being fake. I'll bet you've done all of the above (just like everybody else here). Do not put yourself in this delusional perspective and become a false martyr. Start by stopping the "I am a very genuine person" nonsense.