Do You Know Faking Is Lying?

I despise people who fake things. Fake being nice, fake how they look, fake how they feel. What they don't realize everytime they fake something there lying to themselves and everybody around them.

When you go uo to somebody that you don't like or don't know and just act all nice cause you think this person needs a friend or somebody to talk to them, your faking it and lying. I've had people who comes and talk to me because they think they have to. WHich they don't. I don't know them, so why would I want them talking to me. Sometimes faking kindness is a good things, but there are times that it's just not a good idea.

Do you realize when you have plastic surgery or put all that makeup your fake. If your not married yet, your cheating you spouse of knowing how you look like. Make-up you can take off anytime. But plastic surgery is forever. Your lting to yourself when you look into the mrror and lying to everybody else outside. I hate people who do plastic surgery when they don't have to. You know why, cause it's a big fat LIE!!!!! You think your making yourself look better and so on, but really your just a doll. Hint the name plastic surgery. You pretty much turn into plastic. You might think your just having one, but after that you get another and another. And eventually your nose isn't real, your ears, your eyes, your chin, your cheeks, your neck and so forth. YOUR ARE FAKE!!! where did that nose that you got from your dad go, or that dimple in your chin from your mom. It's just that you've lost who are. Might sound cruel, but I don't care. You are fake.

Not only are those people who do plastic surgery are fake, but also those who wear make-up and colored contacts. Why would you want to change who are God gave you these features, why, because there who you are. If we all went and tried to change ourselves into something not real we'd all look like, and sometimes you do. Those weird shade of lip-stick. Purple, blue, orange, and so on. Those colored eyelashes. Blushes cheeks. Eye shadow. And so on. You think by putting that junk and those chemicals on your face that people are going to look at you and respect you. Why is it you don't allow your 13 maybe even 15 yr. old girl to walk out of the house with all that make-up but you allow her when she's older. Why do most girls do it? Well there mom does it, there older sisters, there aunt, there cousins, there teacher, there doctor, and so on. Truth is it's all fake. Your lying to people about how you look like. FAKINESS ISN"T PRETY JUST PLAN UGLY!!!! kind of like when somebody fakes about being your friend. That's not being nice, that's being plan MEAN!!!

Don't get me started on those people who put a stupid smile on there face in public when all they wanna do is cry. I went through a depression period just a couple of years back. And my sister told me, "Why don't you just ACT happy till you feel happy?" I said, "Cause that means I'm lying to myself and to everybody else." It might have been easier just to put a smile on my face and walk about, but that's not right. We shouldn't have to hide how we feel. Nobody is happy twenty four hours, seven days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year. NOBODY!!!!! And if they are it's probably fake. Something bad happiness to everybody sooner or later. Either you lose a loved one or you don't have money to put food on the table. If your not rish why act like it. Why are there too many poor people? Because alot of them fake it but dressing up and having things like rich people.

Faking something is just another way of lying. A drug addict FAKES pain to get pain meds from the doctor. Which means he's lying.I HATE PEOPLE WHO FAKE ANYTHING, cause that means there LYING TO ME. if you don't like me than don't be nice at the same time don't be rude. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Would you want to be lied at. NO!!!! nobody does. If everybody put a smile on there face then how are family and friends supposed to help those who are in pain and depressed. after they commit suicide isn't exactly that helpful. Some might not want the help, but if you knew you could at least try.

I think all our problems in the world is faking, lying, and making things up. People need to stop thinking of themselves and start thinking of those in need. There are people out there who need help. Are you telling me a kid who has no father no mother no home, that you would go up to that little kid and give fake money. NO YOU WOULDN"T!!!! you wouldn't tell the kid that you would help and than just back out. It's not nice, and it's not fair.


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3 Responses Aug 16, 2008

True. They could just ask, but they think they need to be fake nice to you to get it which I find truley stupid. Okay, Maybe it's okay. I stay at hospitals alot. I don't want a nurse putting her anger on me and i don't want my doctors either. But sometimes people like brothers and sisters should show you how they really are feeling, cause when they don't you don't know when to help them. But dianava i do agree with you. and sorry I said that people shouldn't be happy all the time. But true is sometimes it helps to have some one know how you feel.<br />
But i guess your job does play a role on how you have to act. agree completely and thanks for the comment.

omy gosh, roset. this story should win about ten million bucks and posted on everyones WALLS.<br />
This place wouldn't be so evil if people didn't worry so much about VANITY.<br />
This is the best story I've ever read.!

well your post inspired me to do mine. What you said was completely true. Why is it people have to fake i don't know. It drives me crazy. I can usaully tell when somebody fakes like me or being nice or whatever. Sometimes I let them think that they're doign a good job. But usaully they're being nice to get something so at the end they don't get it LOL