Thanksgiving Dinner From Hell!

My family HAD a tradition of always getting dressed up, going out, relaxing, and enjoying a good meal without all the work. A family friend's daughter, from out of state, announced 3 years ago that she wanted to host Thanksgiving at the family friend's house. The first year was not too bad, at least she was dressed when we got there at 1:00 p.m. She did some work that year, but all the cleanup ended up on us. The second year was worse. She was NOT dressed at 1:00, and did even less work. Again, all the cleanup was left to us. This third year was the worst. She was not dressed at 1:00, and when she came down from upstairs she was dressed to the nines, took her seat with her wine, and left the cooking, carving the turkey, fixing the iced tea, etc. to us, + the entire cleanup including taking out the trash. While we put away the leftovers, loaded the dishwasher, washed the pans, etc. this aging lush was sitting drinking wine. We ended up being in the kitchen until we were ready to leave. We DID NOT get to sit for even 5 minutes. Each year we also took 9 different dishes among the 3 (couples) of us. If she isn't in rehab next year, she will want to do this AGAIN! We are ticked, and could care less if we ever see her again, much less go through this crap again. We are all too old, 60's & over, to have to do something we hate doing. We are all in agreement that we are being taken advantage of. The "wino" needs to stay home with her sullen teenager, dogs, and husband who won't even carve the turkey! The family friend is trying to get out of going to her house for Christmas. I suppose he doesn't want to put up with a boozefest. Any suggestions?
JeannieAnne3 JeannieAnne3
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Just say you have other plans. Better to lie than to spend a holiday miserable.