My father & his wife really like to have guests over at their house, either with my brothers, or her children, or her friends or family members. Before I moved out of their house, I was always forced to attend their get-togethers, and I have always hated them. I am an extremely private person. I get anxiety when I am in big crowds, even if I know the people there. I really hate loud noises & people talking loudly. The worst part about their get-togethers is that I do not fit in at all. I have nothing in common with any one in the family, and whenever their is a get-together, they always talk about subjects that I have absolutely no interest in, which bores me & makes it difficult for me to participate. They also serve alcohol at these parties, and I do not drink at all. I am happy that I have moved out & I am living alone, so I do not have to go to their "fun-filled" family get-togethers any more.
s4019t s4019t
31-35, M
Aug 18, 2014