Fashion Trends

When I see footage on TV occasionally, of people queuing-up in obsessive fashion (excuse the pun), for shops to open so that they can buy celebrity-made fashion labels, I just think… “WHY!?”


They where queing-up for the SAME piece of garment, it was a pair of short-shorts, which looked very generic, nothing special about them at all, apart from the fact that they where indorsed by Kate Moss, or something like that, but, I just thought to myself, okay, so, first of all, it is over-priced just because it is a label of a famous person, so, you are already wasting your money, secondly of all, there was the fact that I got this feeling that they where all trying so hard, too hard to be like the celebrity, and a pair of shorts would do that.

And the third, and most blatent point, I think, is that when the shop opened, they all flooded in like ants and headed for the same garment, in which they had stacks of, and they where huge crowds of these people buying the exact same piece of clothing, I just thought to myself, didn’t one of them think… “Why am I buying this?” and did it not occur to them that they could blatently see that this was not unique piece of clothing, at all, but, they would still happily spend so much on it.



I really don’t like/follow the idea of what is “in” or “out” “this season”, like clothing, or colors. If I like something, I will wear it, if I like the look of it, and/or it is comfortable I will wear it, but I won’t wear something or something similar to what I see everyone else is wearing.

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1 Response Jan 22, 2008

I have never followed fashion trends. SOme of the stuff out there today, whether it be designer or knockoffs of just stuff from walmart just doesn't look right to me. I just wear what makes me comfortable.