The First Lady and Fashion ...

i don't know if Michelle Obama's style will be come the fashion but it is something we can discuss. Trends tend to bore me any way.


A lovely gown and she looks good wearing it (Inauguration Ball). (i've heard all the talk about it looks like a bedspread ... in the pictures it looks great. Close up and in detail it may not. However she looks happy wearing it ... does anything else matter.) [a white chiffon one-shoulder gown - designer Jason Wu]

This dress i did not enjoy, and think it makes her look tired ...

This outfit is wonderful and i think make her look very good ...

This is a beautiful outfit, she looks stunning (from the swearing in ceremony) ... i do like the outfit very much

[ Isabel Toledo designed Lemongrass coat and matching sheath][Jimmy Choo shoes Ladies!]

This is another dress that doesn't, in my opinion, look good on her ... too much with the splash of red. Either red or black but not both, at least in this amount. (Personally, i think she would look great and a LBD and red heels.)

Another very pretty dress and she look fantastic ...


The First Lady has a very nice figure and should wear clothes that accentuate that, many times she doesn't. However that is her choice ... not ours.

i think she has a sophisticated sense of fashion, something not all of us share ... but looks rather good on her.


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5 Responses Jan 23, 2009

HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!! You speak truth there, Sister!

Hillary's pantsuits ... (shiver down my spine) FLASHBACK! (more spine shivers)<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
i've seen Michelle look fabulous and not so fabulous. Guess she's like the rest of us.

When you are as tall as Michelle, many things will look good on you. I'm just glad to see the end of Hillary's awful pantsuits!<br />
Gotta tell you, though, my brothers LOVE to see Michelle's...uhhh...posterior. They say she looks good coming and going. They don't care about haute couture...

i'm still out on the fashion too. i see many outfits that i like and many i don't. Guess i'm too old fashioned or something but my taste is a little different.

Wow, thanks, Josie! On the news "they" said the inaug. gown looked better "in person". On TV and in this picture, it does look like chenille. That flowery deal in the church just needs her to get a frilly nylon apron with a mixing bowl and spoon. Uhg!<br />
<br />
She seems to be a tall, curvy woman who likes her feet to be comfortable (low heels, flats). Usually, she looks good. Still liking the politics. My jury's out on the fashion.