I Went For A Walk.

I went for a walk today on my lunch break at work. On my way to my destination, I walked through a McDonald parking lot, there were 3 birds eating a burger and some fries that some slob carelessly threw on the ground. I was thinking to myself "oh well at least the birds got something to eat for free" about 10 mins later I am walking back to work through the same parking lot, and here were 2 dead birds laying where I had seem them eating right next to the bag on the ground. If it can kill birds in a few bites, can you imagine what it's doing to you.
Mayavadi Mayavadi
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2010

hahaha that's funny ... if i can help save one single person from the bad effects of ground food, my life's work is complete...lol

Disturbing story, I'll never eat a burger off the ground ever again.