My Mother

My mother has a severe form of late-onset Crohn's Disease. This has caused her to become morbidly obese and diabetic, because of the Prednisone she took long term along with all of the other medications she takes as of now, which are too many to count. Her Crohn's as of now is horrible. She's had two PICC lines, been on TPN, and now takes two heart medications due to the tachycardia she gets when she loses too much blood. 
Once, she went to the ER about three and a half years ago with severe Crohn's Arthritis pain, and the attending there said, sarcastically: 
"I thought Crohn's was a skinny disease." After all my mom had been through 
Boy, did that infuriate my mom. I bet you that she never went back to that hospital. Once she got new doctors, they got her on the right treatment, but there's been many setbacks. Her weight goes up and down.
ZwinkyLover ZwinkyLover
26-30, F
Aug 12, 2010