Being Fat In College Is A Battle: This Is The Truth.

I've been fat all my life. Ive tried losing weight, but it doesnt really work for me. Ive developed eating disorders and everything. I am trying to lose weight for my health and other reasons. This is my experience with being fat in college. Here is a list of things that I have went through while being a fat girl in college.

1. Men in college are dogs. Some men are respectable, but 95% of them only chase the skinny chicks because they are afraid of what their friends will think. ALot of college guys treat fat women like ****. Its a damn shame to see these women being taken advantage of. I have not met many men who treats me normally. There are some good ones, but they usually "friend zone" the fat girl and only date skinny girls. So I never expect anything from guys at my school. They try to fake a smile and seem polite, but underneath, I can see all their true feelings. Not all guys are mean to fat women in college, but they tend to IGNORE you to the point that you dont even EXIST to them. They also treat me rudely and assume that I want them, when I have no interest in them. Its crazy how some guys have these crazy preconceived notions.

2. Making friends in college can be difficult as well. A lot of women tend to avoid talking to plus size women or making them a part of their clique. I avoid those "elitist" types of people because we dont have anything to talk about. Connecting with people who already have negativity towards me because of my size is hard. I can feel the hate everytime I walk in the room. Those cold stares that burn into my soul as I stare back creeps me out. Its really hard to get people to take me seriously due to my weight.

Socially, I have had the hardest time making friends and keeping relationships due to my weight. It is really hard to do so with people in college. A lot of people are not open-minded about fat people and they just want to ridicule them. Its very hard because everyone can so blatantly see my flaw. I know that I am fat, but I shouldnt be judged entirely by my size.
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I agree to all the you are saying. The bottom line is fat girls need to try hard to be liked. I have nothing against skinny girls in fact they are gorgeous but all I'm saying is that it's enough if you are a skinny girls...guys and girls would love to hang out with you but If you are a fat girl u need to put in that extra effort for people to like you and hang out with you.

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I can understand coz I'm going through that right now...but it's okay! Just Try to open up to people keep a positive attitude and always have a smile
:) people will want to hang out with you and they will love you for who you are.
Ps don't ever pretend to be some one you are not and love your curvy body girl!

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There are all kinds of discrimination in this world, race, gender, orientation, body mass, religion, beliefs, it just never stops. We as human beings will always find something wrong with a person we know nothing about.<br />
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I have a friend who I went to school with ever since I was in the 7th grade. We were not very close, but we were close enough to where she invited me to her wedding, which I was as surprised she did. She was ALWAYS very kind and smart and very confident. She is big, probably over 200 pounds, but she ALWAYS had an attitude that lured people to her. I mean she was very magnetic. The reason I bring this up is becuase I was wondering if maybe you carry yourself in a negative light and maybe that's why people are drawn away. If you're to yourself all the time, that can have an effect. You say people have preconceived notions, but what if you have them as well and anticipate that people will have a bad attitude towards you just becuase you have experienced that before a few times?