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My Dilemma As Being Skinny

I really, really, really want to support fat people (woman in particular of course), but I feel like I am ignored because I am a guy and I am skinny. One, I do not appeal to fat people because they must believe something is wrong with me: they might see me as a fat fetishist, a fat admirer (some reason indicating a still very superficial person), or somebody who has something terribly wrong with them. Now that I am in college, my friends (who are all girls) are overweight, but it has been really hard to get any interest at all from somebody much bigger. Two, they all seem to stay in their own small circles and are distrustful to others, maybe because they don't want to BURDEN me (somehow), but I think it is more likely they are afraid I have dishonest intentions. Some skinny athletic guy like me would only want to use them for sex or to promote their own image through random acts of kindness. If you get that from reading this, then you are missing the point of this group; I wish only to aid those who have been given so much pain and stress. That brings me to my third point; they probably think that because I'm not fat, I couldn't possibly understand. Well, if anyone thought that, they would be wrong; I have been very neglected in the past and it was just as bad as some forms of bullying. Seeing how fat people are treated, however, brings me to see that what I felt was only a fraction of the intense pain one who is fat can experience. I really, really, really wish I could help those who no longer believe in themselves and have stopped pursuing their goals. I dearly want to end this pain I hear about because (believe or not) it is almost impossible for me to read through something that evidences fat discrimination; I just can't imagine that people could treat someone such a way. I looked at the Dances with Fat blog today and I saw the topic about people of Wal Mart and remember feeling this way when I first saw the picture thread. I feel like it is yet another way to sum up fat discrimination, people given no chance to defend themselves for taking actions which simply seemed reasonable for them. Of course, it leaves out the aftermath of being depressed and hiding who you are because of this treatment. I keep hoping I find a way to make the world better when it comes to discrimination....
ResidentGoddessAstraea ResidentGoddessAstraea 18-21 5 Responses Sep 9, 2012

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Don't give up I'm a big girl and I've only ever dated slim guys :)

I think you're wrong, I am a skinny guy who has always been into and dated bigger women (exclusively...I have only ever been with 2 thin girls and neither of them did anything for me at all) and all the girls I've been with have loved that I'm skinny....I guess it's much like my taste in larger women, it's all to do with preference

not all women r evil no

I wanted to respond this weekend to this post, I have discovered you can not win, I was abused fiercely from a group of psychotic women who accused me of being fat for years simply because I did not post pictures up of my body, so I finally caved and did post pictures, for one of them to begin blogging that i had an ugly anorexic body and that I had smaller breasts instead of a double d size caused by being obese judging by the size of the woman photographs who posted i have learned it does not matter, fat or skinny they will tear into your soul and chew you up, my thinness is caused by my rheumatoid for one, and I walk everywhere..i am always out walking and going out with my child..instead of sitting on my *** all weekend long staring at a computer screen without moving,

I am not skinny actually, I just mean I can't be considered fat. Also, two wrongs don't make a right, so don't start saying bad things about women and don't try and tell me all women are evil.

I posted this a few minutes ago, but I just realized a mistake, most of the time I have tried to reach out, all I really did was look. I was too afraid to talk to the person, probably as afraid as they are. If I was to join one of their small groups of friends, hopefully they would appreciate me. It's just that I am very overshadowed in anything but a one-on-one conversation, so I think I need some tips on approaching someone with a small group of friends.