Even If Its Just Playing

In school I used to play around alot with friends. Having tickling battles or joke battles, etc. Sometimes we have playful fights. But.....I hate when im fighting with someone and they grab my wrists. I feel defenseless. Its usually guys that do it too. I can get out of their grip, it just hurts and i usually end up getting bruises. All guys go for the wrists. It just makes me feel defenseless. 'another thing my friends do is pick me up so I cant hit them back. I also feel defenseless with that. I dont really mind getting picked up, just not in a pool. When im in the pool i feel extremely defenseless with no control at all. Im scared theyre gonna drop me and i have to hold my nose before going under water. I get scared and start panicing  cuz i cant do anything in the air. I just dont like it. They never play fair :-P
angeliceyes11 angeliceyes11
18-21, F
May 31, 2011