Y Me, Y You, Y Them, Y Here

I am so scared of this word. i have a "feeling" that i am not the only one. yes i have ****** up... but who hasnt... Im not trying to make myself beta. As if that would happen.. im a person who thinks too much into things and sumtimes not enough. bad feelings become fucken bad, gud things become bad, I just dont want to feel anything. the problem to me is that i do. i am really confused and can never seem to get this right, i cant seem to get anything right. I have a husband but we are not together anymore we have 4 children. i have 1 and he has the othas. i love them all so very much. Its just what i do always seems to be the wrong fucken thing....HELP...  xox Mrs Roxie
iroxmean iroxmean
31-35, F
Jun 9, 2007