I Def Feel Ignored

I POST responses on facebook to my friends comments and sometimes id ont even get a response. i find that rude i know its just a site and not to make a big deal of it, but it is to me.
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8 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I feel ignored on there all time so I put everybody on my list on hide,that's how upset I was I will keep them there....if I want to peek and be nosy, I know what to do.

love u guys i think ep is my home now add me if u wanna become friends

Hi Lisa<br />
I read your story, and just dropped a line to say you aren't being ignored!!! Try to think of it as "their loss" in not getting to know YOU!!

wow thank you all so i dont feel so bad. one person told me that people are busy bullshit not if your playing farmville or some other ville crapyou can take a second to respond to a post or email etc so dont give me that bulll crap :) :)

I agree with you Lisa. I have posted videos on my Facebook page and I get not so much as a smiley face from people. In fact I sent the videos to a specific person at one point and she hasn't mentioned whether she saw them or not even though she replies to other PMs I sent her. So, people are so self-absorbed on FB that I learned to blow them off and use it for my own personal fun. :)

i also hate that when you say hi to people and they walk away with there noses high in the air

i agree because you take the time to write a post and they dont even look ro email u back :( so it makes u look dumb

I also feel bad when people ignore me. But I rarely feel like this. I like myself very much. :D.<br />