Giving Up

Thisis one reason why I have pretty much given up on EP. My stories are not much read or commented on. Most circle members ignore gestures, moods, gifts, cards and white board messages. Until recently, I made an effort to keep in touch with people but, as it has proved to be a one way process, I do so less.frown
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You are fortunate, dain. Although I have been on EP for over a year, I have had nothing like 26,000 views. Most of my stories are never read (possibly because they don't seem to appear on EP's "most recent stories" list). Having said that, although I can't remember how to get at the statistics section, my top 3 have 3000 views between them, which isn't bad.

It would be cannabilistic of me to enjoy frogs legs, of course!

Thanks KoKo.

You make me sound deliciously edible, CC X!

Apart from the legs, JJ, are there any other frog parts you would recommend? It seems a shame that only such a small part of the whole appears to get eaten!

Many thanks for such thoughtful comments, KoKoslove. As you say, you never know what may happen, or who you might meet.

Goodness! What a surprise to get all these nice comments. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut!

Marcus - many thanks. It does vary and there have been times when I've been glad to miss some of those dramatic EP hurricanes, that can probably cause far more grief than being ignored ever could.

SS - All of us struggle to comment, sometimes, however interesting the material and I often feel guilty at not visiting some circle members as much as I should.

sweetmeisje - You are right. It was quite a surprise ;-)

roxanne - I agree.I usually only hear from people who complain about being inundated with messages from their adulatory fans!

burwi - good point. I don't automatically expect comments , gestures etc in return (and, sometimes, people are probably being tactful in not sending me a rude comment back!); although when there is a real dearth, it can get depressing.

Kindal - That is a very kind thing to say! :-))

WIM - No, I wasn't thinking of you at all. We often exchange messages and if I ever did leave EP, I hope we would always keep in touch.

FG - Thanks for mentioning that, FG. I fixed it (I think!)

Snowy - As so often, you have said something profound. Many of us live busy lives. I won't give up.

rog: dude, we all go through up and down patches on EP...I totally get your need for some feedback - it can be like a feast or famine sometimes...

I'm sure your friends will gladly stalk you, all you have to do is ask, LOL...

Seriously, bro, I'm sure your EP friends will have your back, and that includes me.



Rog, you have kindly offered comments on many of my stories here. I try to always reply to your thoughtful comments. (check out the one after your comment on my menopause story ... lol) You're right though, I could do better at commenting on other peoples stories than I have been lately. I know how you're feeling about being ignored ... it sucks. I hope you stick around. I think your stories will get a bit more attention.

I see already many comments here :-)

Don't feel down Zall1rog. I'm sure many of us feel this way at times. It's is only good manners to respond to a message or a gift even if it is just a thank you and that is the least you can ask.

Best wishes.

if we give love and energy not for reward or comments (not judging) then now you are able to recieve love and energy that is given freely from others , right

Rog you have been all over my stories of late and I appreciate it. Do know I think of you and usually respond in like and when I see my friend online I look at their profiles to see whats new. Hugs to you my friend and thanks for your responses on my stories. Hugs.

Well I hope I don't ignore you r ...

But I do know what you mean. I often feel this way ... but I just put it down to the fact that people have lives and commitments outside of EP and they get distracted ... but maybe I'm just deluded! lol

zall1rog- I am sorry you are feeling this way. Sometimes I think all of us feel the same. But I know that we all have lives outside of EP too so you have to try and remember that. Sometimes people arent as active in the warmer months, seems they are out and about more. So don't give up! I know friendship is a 2 way street just keep in mind you never know what is happening with someone else's life until you have walked in their shoes...


It's very kind of you to say that, frito, and I much appreciate it. As long as one person cares, I ought to stick around, I guess!

Zall1rog you have left some thoughtful and insightful comments on a few of my stories and I sincerely thank you! "One way processes" are no fun. I'm sorry.

I hope it changes for deserve it to.