Thought I Knew

I hate feeling lost I thought I knew what I was after out of life and had made all the right changes and decisions but now I sit with no clue. I had done it all our relationship was never better I had gradutated college and we had two amazing girls, then in a matter of a year my world began to crash down around me. I still know in my heart I made the best decision for the girls and I at that time but still I feel lost.
I relocated and moved on with my life over the past year and a half and thought it would make things better and still I feel lost.
I moved back home after being gone many years to be closer to family and friends thinking that was the answer and still I feel lost.
 U where my lover, my best friend my everything for 16 years but with you still I began to feel lost.
I am not sure what I am searching for I only know I dont want to be lost.
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3 Responses Nov 3, 2012

THank you very much, it has been over a year and half but with 2 daughters I still sometimes second guess myself and hope doing whats best for them.

I'm sure you are doing a great job - but you shouldn't *hope* you are doing what's best for them, you should be 100% confident that you are doing what's best for them Specks. I've never been married, but I always seem to end up lending an ear to those that are/were having issues so there is a certainly a steep learning curve here where you are essentially re-learning who you are once again :)

When you are a parent I dont know if you ever know with out a doubt you are doing whats best, u just pray you are and use common sense of course.

I'm sure you are doing a fine job :)

Sounds to me like you are having trouble planting your feet (grounding yourself) and once you do that, you can truly move on and not second guess your actions. Taking the first step is very difficult in it's own right so that needs to be commended on your part. I'm proud of you :)

Thank you very much, I have been focusing on the girls and myself and all was good or seemed to be until I moved back home. I think I thought it would all be the same as when I was here 13 years ago and it is not by far.