I Hate Feeling So Alone

I can't shake this feeling lately. I know all the things to think.I know all the things to do.Yet day after day i feel so alone??? I sometimes imagine just leaving everything, my family ,my home , all of it.

Would I than be Ok???Would my sickness get better????Would I find myself again????The day's, years keep passing me by. It can't go on much longer.Something has got to change.

I have got to feel the love I felt years ago, the happiness, the passion. I cannot go on in this numb state of being.

How do I begin??????

dizziblond dizziblond
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I'm sorry. I feel exactly the same way. Years of this. I am just getting tired. Can or will I ever be happy. I am so depressed.

I can understand u well cause i am also in the same situation.I couldnt change my mind.It thinks so much.It laughs a lot ,atonce getting sad for nothing.Even i cant find the reason.I feel like, what the hell is happened to me?And my mind will thinking about matters like,this world is getting too worse without love.i cant live with people as they are so scary.I wanna go to my childhood with no worries and commitments.i just wanna be alone now........God!Chanceless.So bad.i need somebody to understand my mind.

You can try to talk to you closet frind about this.<br />
And go shopping and buy as many thing as possible.Eat as much as possible.Don't afraid of being too fat.Go to see a happy movie.Travel to other places<br />
Hope you can be away from loneliness.