Every Girl Needs A Friend

           I moved 17 hrs. away from where i was born and raised just a few weeks ago. My boyfriend wanted to move closer to his childrens mother. We also were ready for the change & a new start. So far I love it here! I am slowly getting things accomplished. I will be starting school this summer that I have been wanting to do for years now! But the only ppl i know here is my boyfriend and his 2 children! i miss my family and friends soooooooo much!!! I just want that friend to go hang out with and clear my mind or vent to when I'm angry while having some drinks at the bar! I miss it so incredibly much, and don't know what to do.... How do you make friends? It has been so long since I have had to do this! I feel like I am losing my mind!

kaylibaby14 kaylibaby14
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Well I am sorry to hear that! I wish you the best of luck! If she isnt interested trust me there are many that are! Why make them wait?

My relationship status were friends.She's going through a cutody battle with exhusband.She comment negativefeelings on texting me or on Facebook.Im giving her space so she can expand her goals.