I'd rather die... if I have to feel this emptiness and this gut wrenching pain for the rest of my life then GOD please.... just show me the gun... the drug... the way out!!! Honestly... I would take being nailed to a cross over this meaningless pain ANY DAY . You just say the word. I would give my life, my heart, my soul, my everything... if I knew it was purposeful to and for you, I'd do and give all of me. Gladly. You know its true. I couldn't say it or write it if it weren't. I love you GOD. I love you JESUS. I hope to be with both of you sooner than later. They say... ''only the good die young''. Well aren't I good enough?
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3 Responses Jun 7, 2014

This makes me upset. It is upsetting because one day you will feel the exact opposite to this. You need to get to that day. I can't wait til you do.

We all forget that we have one life.

You are in for a treat :)

The short and blunt answer is that you need to see professional help. Speak to your doctor / GP as soon as you can. There may be real chemical imbalances in your body that aren't working correctly. Get the professional help before it's to late. You must get professional help.

sleep is the way out of it

message me if you wish to talk things out