Why Do I Still Feel Like This

When i was 8 i lost my mam to leukaemia and my dad brought me and two older siblings up when i was 10 he met a women which i was ok with she seemed ok he moved her and her daughter in near enough straight away.thats when things changed she would physically fight with me like i was another adult i use to tell my dad but he always believed her my mother was never talked about since. which left me grieving alone inside so many things i wanted to ask about my mum,when i hit my teens all them emotions exploded i felt i couldn't cope with life i went off rails dint care what trouble i got into who got hurt i felt real angry inside questions "why my mum" i had my 1st daughter at 16 and have changed my life round but still have times were im really down about my mum and memories of growing up and im 28 now i should be over it by now

kerry28 kerry28
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 30, 2009

You cannot get over it unless you deal with it. Time might dull the pain a little but the issues are still all there. People tend to blame themselves, have poor self image, etc. I do not know your situation but you might want to talk to somebody skilled in this stuff.