What Are They

They have no meanings anymore.


I have lost mine entirely. I don't know what they mean anymore.

Lost mine and I can't find them anymore. where did they go to?

I use to have such a good grip on them.

Now they are lost.


51-55, M
6 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Pix never came to finish me off Candy. :(

finish me off. oh no lol

:O) *tickles U till u squeal! .................and fall down..and Pixi can finish u off! haha!

very excited, now it's worse with you around. lol

not fair u updated ur story haha! anyhoo hugs>> i feel ya!

PTMAN *Tiger* Mmm sUgA UR mood says UR *hornY* LOL ;O)<br />
horny what does that mean?