This Is How It All Began..

So I really really hate feet. I don't ever want to come into contact with someone's feet. That would kill me. And let me just say that no one should wear sandals, I'm sorry, but you have to keep it contained. Even socks with sandals is horrible. Wear socks and shoes people. We're a developed race of human beings. Basic etiquette would be appreciated.

Well, my life has been always normal for American standards. Grew up with parents, did well in school. I never really liked feet from the get go. I started to notice how much contamination goes with feet. America is not clean people. I live in New York City, and in the summer some people wear flip flops. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? New York is a DIRTY DIRTY city. Rats scrounge around on the sidewalks at night, I've seen cockroaches, and mice too. Not only that, but do you know how many times someone has pissed on that sidewalk? or puked? a lot. People then go from the dirty streets, into their homes. They take off their shoes and walk around. Not only does this affect the one with dirty feet, but others who live in the house. People lay on the floor, kids play on the floor. hygiene and feet aren't associated with each other in America, and it's a travesty.


ps.. did you know there was a organization for people who like to do EVERYTHING barefoot??!!! It's absolutely insane.

feethater1000 feethater1000
18-21, M
Feb 7, 2010