On the Outs With My Best Friend

And the whole thing is so stupid. She came to me for advice and I made a mistake and gave her advice. (Let me explain here that she always resents advice, even when she pleads for it.)  I tried to be kind, I was looking out for her when I gave her my opinion. I should have stayed out of it, I know. Now she's not speaking to me.

It's strange how I forget how much emotional fights and falling-outs like this hurt. There's just this dull ache in my chest. We've known each other forever, since we were kids. We've considered ourselves sisters. I've tried to reach out, tell her I'm sorry if I hurt or offended her, but she's staying silent.  And I hate the way it feels right now.

CaliDaydreamer CaliDaydreamer
Mar 12, 2009