Fighting With My Boyfriend!

I have a boyfriend that i have been with for a year on Novermber the 20th 2009. We started out great like most relationships do. I have lived with him for a couple of months and now im back with my family. I know that with every young relationships you fight over stupid stuff because your learning eachother. This relationship, however, is twisted. My boyfriend and i are young, both 19, and i love him with ever inch of my soul. We have been together now for 11 months, and had our share of arguements. He has a drinking problem, which i absolutly hate. Everytime he drinks we fight so bad that its a threat to our relationship. His mother and I do not get along at all. I have tried my best to bite my tonge and have done so for a while. You see, he leaves in December and is going to Iraq in Febuary. I want to spend a lot of time with him before he leaves. I consider myself an a nice person, but his family hates me. His mom has him, his older brother, and his little cousin that she has adopted. I want all of us to get along, and i have done my best to let this happen. His mother and brother have given me hell just being with him. Both of them make rude coments to me all the time that i just have to ignore. It get so hard because i cant defend myseil at all. My boyfriend doesn't stand up for me, and i feel so uncomfertable around them. Like im 2 inches tall. His dad has been married 5 times, mainly money reasons which i dont believe in, and tells him he can do so much better than me. Im working and headed to college soon, i think im doing just fine for a 19 year old. So what is it i have to do. I just want a little respect from them, but i dont get it. I know when your with someone you want to marry, once you do you are marring their family. How am i suppose to be with him if im not good enough in their eyes. He says all that matters is him caring about me, but i want his family to as well. I treat him great, and believe in my heart he is the one. I do not believe in devorces and remarring at all. I want my first husband to be my last. My family loves him, i just don't know what to do. Im putting my heart on the line and im waiting for him for a year and a half until he gets back. I know im young, but he is the ONLY one i want. If anyone has any advise i would love to hear it. I just need to know what i need to do because is driving me crazy literly. I have t go to a shrink because of depression and anxiety over everything i have been threw. Its time for a major change. I just need answers!

ashleydawn90 ashleydawn90
18-21, F
Nov 3, 2009