Too Much Already, Ruins Mankind

i couldnt bother fighting, its never ending, theres no win, makes more enemies, and if you do beat up someone, you lose friends because your voilent actions scare people away. in my school years i never really got into any fights, i was the guy who does anything to stay out of trouble. i have never been punched in the face and i hope i can keep it that way. i have only ever been in 2 fights, one was when my former friend was asking for one on a school afternoon and i ambushed him on the next day by waiting at the drop off point. as soon as his parents drove away i popped out from behind a wall and grabbed him and punched him on the temple, he was dizzy and kicked me in the stomach, and i got furious and kicked him back and he fell back and cried. on the aftertoon i apologized and said sorry, it goes to show that fighting is just a waste of time. and this happened again at highschool, except that this kid wasnt listening to me so i had to hit him. unfortunately it worked, and i hate that. fighting unfortunately works, but only in the short term. now that i have grown a little older, i find that fighting is such a scummy thing to do and it represents the bottom of mankind. its useless and it turns people away. and i always thought that adults are these father figures but i see that men have made wars, and these men are adults. with all the fighting and killing, it makes me wonder who is wrong and who is right. i dont side on any army side because i think they both are bad. people are getting hurt and scarred from wars. i cant till one day when all this settles down and there will be more love than war. i hope this love envelopes the world and people will realise that fighting doesnt solve anything, it just leaves more room for more fighting.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
Mar 9, 2010