No matter how had I try I can never fill in forms without making a mistake. This morning I had to fill in Visa forms for the family...I sat down and talked myself into believing that I could indeed do this without making can do this!!

first form...

wrote in small letters...meant to write in capital....start again

Second form....

wrote the date in the wrong from OCT 22st 2005, instead of 22-10-05....start again

Third form...


Fourth form...

wrote this years date instead of 2005

Fifth time....lucky

AND that was just the first of five forms I have fill in.

Is there anyone else who struggles with forms like I do...or is it just me???

Isshe Isshe
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Oh yes - that IS worse....

Worse still, realising when you're submitting that you've made a mistake...

Me!! I thought I was alone in this. I just take a stack now... I'll always be back filling out again. :(<br />
<br />
Oh, oh, and the worst: getting right to the end before you make the mistake. URGH!