To Todays Employers !

I DON'T FIT! (at least not anymore) 
Fvcking service jobs is all there is! Like for example customer service and retail, food service!
I'm fvcked because I need money and there is nothing else to apply to these days in your crummy economy! (My college technical degree is obsolete and I can't afford to update it 35 years later $$$!)

I am very poorly suited for them, such as for example retail & customer service!

I'm not the ideal or anything even close to it.

I'm an introvert

It shows in your stupid pre-employment personality tests!  What do you expect, me to admit I am quiet, introverted, not a people person and I like to work on one thing at a time over multitasking insanity on these stupid screening tests!

I don't like most people, & working with the public!  What you want is a friggin DRONE void of feelings who will Robot up! 

I like to work alone, independently, I do well that way and I am a self starter, but thats not what you care about!

I am not a team player by nature, though if paid better I can fake it.

I hate fast pace multitasking and I am not good at that, seems that's all they want these days!

I don't play doormat very well

My feet hurt to much, bone spurs, fallen arches, lots of pain all because they refuse folks to use a bar stool .

I have a hearing/listening problem, yes it's physical.

I have a proven track record that I preform poorly in these types of jobs too

I am not competitive and find competition very stressful.

I am not your desirable linear thinker and doer

I'm over 55 and female

I can't concentrate well, ADHD & I resent having to take drugs in order to make your greedy *** happy!


I am NOT lazy!

I am a hard worker!

My IQ is very high!

I think out of the box

I'm a human lie detector

I am right brained dominant in a left brained dominant workforce, I am very visual and perceptive, to a fault!

I can be loyal and will give 110% if I am paid and treated FAIRLY!

Your work environment is toxic to me!
I actually do need coffee and lunch breaks to function properly and not turn into a monster with the customers.
STEADY CONSISTENT WORK HISTORY IS A DISTANT MEMORY, SOMETHING I USED TO HAVE!....I've been rejected more times than you can count, so no thanks to you I have big holes in my employment history now!  That now makes it even harder to get a job!  I wish you'd fvcking die.

The nerve to demand 110% for **** pay & By the way...WTF is detail oriented problem solver really code for!  Like why wouldn't somebody be that way!

WTF ever happened to real jobs, like benefits, 40 hours meaning full time and permanent!  You want someone cheerful and friendly....while you pay them slave wages....even though they earned a college degree and are/have raised a family!
Then you want to give them crap hours, take away their family life by having them work weekends and holidays without paying them time and a half or double time, like they used to do.

Yet you want cheerful energetic friendly people to work for you, yet you have high turnover but you don't care!

SpiceZ SpiceZ
56-60, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Just Saw this. It's True. For me I have more problems being motivated. I'm very slow to function.

I'm actually very motivated, and quick learner...still a problem for to many I guess :)
Thanks for your comment