The Dreaded Finals Week

Well, its here, folks. It's December again, and that means that before we can focus on holiday cheer, we have to worry about midterm final exams again. It happens every year, and it's dreadful. This year, though, I am in a new school and instead of only having to take two finals, I have to take seven!

It seems like as soon as I really need a day of quiet to study, something always comes up. On Monday, it was piano lessons and Bible study. On Tuesday, it was tennis lessons and singing the Star Spangled Banner at a basketball game. Yesterday, it was visiting my favorite teacher from 7th grade and going to church. Today it was tennis lessons. I finally managed to get some studying done on Tuesday night after the game, but as soon as I got downstairs and cracked open the textbooks, texts started flying in from my phone. I just couldn't resist.

This morning, Thursday, was the first day of finals. My first final was biology. An hour prior to the final, I even came to a study session. My teacher, Mr. W, allowed us to bring coffee to the study session, and he bought us loads of donuts. I tried to focus, but my mind was too focused on daydreaming about Christmas Break, and my mouth was too busy eating donuts. While my hands should have been writing notes to prepare me for the big test, instead they were holding a donut in one hand and a latte in the other.

9:00 came. The study session ended, our regular Biology class came in, Mr. W handed out the tests, and we began. I suddenly began to panic a bit. I had spent all my time this week goofing off with old friends and procrastinating when I should have had my nose in a textbook! I went question by question, circling all the ones I didn't know. They added up to fifteen. Going back through, I racked my brain to try to remember what the answers were. Eventually, I narrowed down the unknown questions to five. Making my best guess and handing in the test, I fell back into my seat and thought to myself, "I am a fool! I am on a sugar low from all those donuts, and I don't think I aced that test at all!"

So, here is my advice to you all. Right now, if you're reading this in the next few days, it's probably midterm final time for you, too. Perhaps it might be a good idea to turn off the computer for a bit and spend some good old fashioned time studying. I know I wish I would have. Tomorrow I have an English final, and this time, I have studied as much as I possible can. Don't make my mistake. Do well on your finals!
mezoe mezoe
Dec 13, 2012