It's True.

I don't share this fear with everyone since it seems so lame to be scared of what most people love, but the fact is, I can not stand fireworks. I think it's more of a deep set fear, for when I was about five I was burned my a firework on my hand leaving a terrible burn mark, where a scar still remains to this day. Sounds like a pointless excuse, right? I know. I just feel like that must add a lot to this odd fear I have against them. To be true, it isn't really that I am 'afraid' of them, I just dislike them, I hate the noise, I hate the threat of danger they can cause, I hate the crowds it brings on. Everything. Though to be a hypocrite, I am quite the pyromaniac when it comes just to playing with lighters and matches, I adore melting plastics x) ...but I feel a little flame is more in control rather than big, noisy, dangerous bursts of it. But to each their own. Clearly, 4th of July is not my favorite holiday.
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hi from the uk. I cant stand them xx