Fan Of City Organized Fireworks, Hate Domestic Ones.

I'm the first to say I love fireworks,they're beautiful and wonderful to watch. The catch: I'm talking about the city organized ones that only last about 15 minutes at a decent hour aka 10pm. Any others royally **** me off.

I have several bad encounters with residential ones. My first is my most dangerous one yet, a friend of mine decided he'd buy domestic ones and set them off.. I thought, ok we live in the country he'll set them off in an empty field no problem. Wrong! He decided to do them in the only empty field possible with the electricity wires running through it! A good wack behind the head from me came with it. Knowing what field he'd be in i refused to attend because I didn't want to be held responsible if anything happened such as a black out or worse.

My second bad experience which is when I started getting a dislike for them is when another friend decided he'd do a few. One malfunctioned and would not set off. For all we know it could have gunned for us and not even know it. I had him go put water on it but each step he took was a risk of it exploding in his face because it was not the small one, it was those huge ones you get for 50$.

My third bad experience which officially made me hate domestic fireworks is about a few months ago. I woke up in a panic hearing loud bangs and my dog started barking and going a-wall at 2 am. First thing we thought was a gun because they were that loud. I go outside, what do i see? Fireworks at 2am on a Wensday morning.

These things are dangerous and should be illegal everywhere. The only people that should be allowed around fireworks as in putting on a show is the city.
3220college 3220college
Jan 6, 2013