The second date I went on with my crush from work.

So after the first date that we went on that didn't go as I planned, he asked me on a second date. I agreed to watching a movie at his place. Bad idea. We texted all week leading up to the second date, he expressed how much he couldn't wait and how much he couldn't stop thinking about me . Id be his first relationship ever so I feel like he's getting attached quick. I mean he follows me around work all the time. But anyway we talk about what kind of movie I wanna see , and I choose a scary one. He texted me "okay I'll make sure it'll be so scary it'll scare the pants right off ya, I'm happy you chose a scary one so I can hold you closer to me"
I didn't know how to feel, I was worried he was showing signs of being sexual and I wasn't ready for that. It was only the damn second date! So when the day came which was a Sunday night around 7pm . He picked me up from his house and went to a redbox. I chose 2 scary movies . We drove back to his place and walked inside he has the whole basement to himself. His room is so cool like his own little house in the basement lol. It was very nice and he had a mini fridge and everything his grandpa lives upstairs so it's just them. We sat down on a couch in front of tv and he put the first movie in . As he made small talk. Then he sat next to me and put his arm around me. And we just sat through the whole movie in the same uncomfortable position. The movie was terrible lol to gorey :o then I popped in anjollyrancher just in case he tried kissing me in the credits. I felt like he was too shy to so he got up and out the next movie in. We were both just stuck in nervousness. The next movie plays and I cuddle into him closer , mid movie we look at eachother and he leans in for a kiss. We started kissing and then making out again. This time I tried taking control and I grabbed his bottom lip and ran my fingers through his hair and gripped we kissed for like 5 min then he pulled me on top of him still kissing sitting on top of him. I then thought to myself that I wanted to get off of him and stop it, so it doesn't go to far. But he put his hands up my shirt and squeezed my titts. 4 seconds later I pushed his hands out of my shirt still kissing him. And got off of him. He had a ***** and I just cuddled back into him to watch the rest of the movie. Ugh it was a little awkward. I didn't know what to do. After the movie it was time to take me home so I got up and he kissed me and we hugged and he drove me home. Then next day I didn't know how to feel about him or anything so I talked to my male best friend and he talked to him and turns out he confessed I'm his first girl/date/ possible relationship and he's a virgin and he practically begged me to forgive his actions that he didn't know what he was doing and he needs help and patience and I told him I understand but I feel like I don't wanna be pressured into being his first ..since he's already showing signs of clingyness and he showed me to all his family already by showing them pics of me. What should I do go on a 3rd date and just talk and get to know eachother?
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where I'm from, date one is the one you drop trou' and make with the bing bang boom.

sooo scary.....If you reject him...prepare for the water works.. Of course he's in love...he's probably out there planning your wedding and naming your unborn children.....LOVE is sooo grand when its new....just remember how you felt the first time and the first kind to his least you know you'll always have a number 1 fan....who couldn't use that....