Ive Taken Alot Of Kids Fishing

one i remember was my own fault, i just bought a new shakespeare flyrod and i was trying to sling it like the guys on tv. caught one in the ear, enough said. usually if i got a hook in me it was a kid. baiting hooks or taking off fish. kids look around alot and when they turn their head to look at something their hands move too. and the tip of the rod moves more, if you got the hook in your hand at the time, its gonna get you. so now when i take kids fishing (my girl or anyones kids) they get a fish and im like "alright good job put the pole on the ground and i'll get it off there" and they go "but but" and i say "but but what? i dont give a damn put the pole on the ground" and i advise anyone else do the same. theres nothing quite like taking a 4 year old fishing for the first time, and while you're trying to put a worm on his hook he sees a butterfly and runs after it with the pole still in his hand. "good times good times" but you got to love the little bastards.
bunnyhound bunnyhound
31-35, M
Apr 17, 2011