Burning The Flag Is Hurtful And Offensive To Many Americans And We Say Their Feelings Don Matter

It shows disrespect to the country whose flag is being burned (US or any other).

Some may argue that prohibiting it would denying freedom of speech but there are other ways to show disagreement towards the government.

I think we should respect the flag because it represents our American History and our military and our country.

After all human beings run this country are they are only human and no one is perfect. I truely think our 'anger' is with them and not the flag.

We should learn to show more respect to the flag and think about our freedoms and the men and women who have died protecting it.

I have read over the years people being arrested and prosecuted for burning the Gay Pride flag and the Rainbow flag at a GLBT Center (he was charged with vandalism).

Why is it not freedom of speach when done to this flag but is when it is an American flag.

Double standards and illogical excuses permeate our life.

There are other ways to debate and show disagreement ... maybe it is time we foinf them!
Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
Aug 2, 2010