Damn All Fleas to Hell

I HATE fleas and I have good reason to.  When I lived in CT with my first husband, we had this kitten.  She was white with black spots, very small and very fluffy.  I named her cotton (ball) as that is just what she looked like. PRECIOUS! Probably the cutest kitten I have ever seen.  Well, we develped a flea infestation.  Cotton got some on her, but not many.  So, I would spray her with flea treatment.  Later, she began to become very sick.  I just thought she had a severe cold.  I took her on many wasted trips to the vet for all sorts of tests.  They never told me fleas could kill a kitten (They also can kill very ill or elderly animals)

One night, I came home from the mall and found her stiff on the floor, lying on her side with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.  I freaked out! I was screaming and bawling because I loved her so much.  I was yelling, "Why? Why? why?" I had never lost an animal I loved like her before.

After that, we tried getting rid of these little devils with flea bombs and other treatments.  Nothing ever worked. Once we let off another bomb and took the rest of my kitties to the groomers to get flea baths, so they'd come home to a flea safe home.  We spent alot of money on this and time.  I got home and everything seemed ok until I walked across the floor in white socks and instantly, my socks were covered in damn fleas! ARGH! We had to eventually move out for certain reasons and because we couldn't get rid of those things.  If people think cockroaches are bad, try getting rid of a bad flea infestation.  Those suckers can hide in the smallest places. They're evil.

Fast forward to many years later, just last year.  I had a cat named Captain Petey.  A sweet, gentle, weird, affectionate, silent, friend I had for almost 15 years.  She was awesome! I loved her ALOT. She got incontinent later as she was older and I had to put her outside as she was ruining our wooden floors with urine.  So, she hung around the house and back deck for awhile.  She seemed to be really happy outside.  One day, I look out the back door and notice her food dish hadn't been touched from that morning.  Instantly, I knew something was wrong.  I went looking for her and couldn't find her.  Then I thought to check the basement, which is usually half open in case she wants to go in there.

You would not believe what I found! I had found about 4 fleas on her a few days ago, but something went crazy.  She was lying on the floor on her side.  I knew she was dead.  I yelled out her name and got no response. I nudged her with my foot and she was very stiff. I noticed something blackish and thick about her that I thought were gnats or flies since she was dead.  I felt them jump on me when I nudged her with my foot.

She was covered in literally thousands and thousands of fleas! I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  I have never known fleas to congregate in a size that large. They were all over me, biting all over my legs.  I swipped at my legs and ran out of there in tears.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to get that disturbing image out of my head.  Those damn fleas killed another family member! And Petey meant alot to me.  Hubby went down there and destroyed them all with a spray.  But, it was too late.  We had no idea we even had a flea infestation down in the basement.  I couldn't believe it.  They murdered my dear sweet friend of 15 years.

Fleas eat one of the blood cells which is how they kill you.  I believe it is the white blood cell...or it could be red...  Fleas are the only bug I never feel bad about killing and I take pleasure in doing so.  I hate those things with a passion.  So, if you have an animal that has fleas, don't take it lightly.  Especially, if your animal is old, weak with their immune system, or very young.  They aren't strong enuff to fight back.

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Hi you guys, I only started looking at his tonight, but I know how it feels, fleas are the most evil little mothers of alll time. I had my baby for 21 years and she was still ok, until we found fleas on her, and she wasnt even an outdoor cat. My heart broke into a million pieces when I saw the friggin things on her at the vet when they put her down..... I hope you still read this forum, I'm sorry I read it too late.

so sorry were also having a nice battle with fleas and we have a six year old cat that is allergic to the evil things luckily were gettin' 'em under control i have had three of em on me today two downtairs and one in my room hate them!

huggs !!!