Omg I Hate Living In Florida

i moved here 14 years ago from england when i was13 years old with my family. And i have hated every single day living here. There are so many reasons: The WEATHER is horrible hot/humid/stuffy/unbreathable and then the HURRICANES and tornadoes all the time.
There are NO seasons Just HOT. No beauty, no fall leaves or snow at christmas, no spring flowers or hills just flat barron swamp land full of snakes/mosquitoes and fire ants.
I hate how rude and obnoxious the people here are, they are ignorant and oblivious to culture. Florida has NO CULTURE at all.
There is NOTHING to do here ever. Going to the beach gts OLD after 2 minutes. Everyone here is ill or dying or depressed.
It has one of the highest rates of murder, sexual assault, child molestors and rapists in the country.
Everybody here is on PILLS. seriously everyone i meet my age in their 20s or 30s seems normal at first then i find out they are on everything under the sun oxycontin/oxycodone/xanax...i dont even know half of the stuff...Its just so depressing to live here, so lonely, your neighbors dont even speak to you. All you can do is just stay indoors with the AC blasting all day. EVEN MY DOG HATES IT HERE. not joking my dog is a big labrador and the happiest ive seen him is in december january and february when its cold he hates how hot it is, the poor thing cant take the heat. I just cant move because i dont have enough money to relocate, relocating would cost so much money and im single and my family (parents and sister live here too). I just WISH that one day i meet someone who wants to move up north like to the north east. I miss flowers and season and culture. I know that everybody gets old but im not old yet and im sick of being around elderly people who are ill. i feel like a caged bird in florida. living here makes me sad, and im such a happy person, but ive always felt a big love for nature as a kid growing up in the english countryside i cant get used to the barroness of fl or the people, no matter how much time goes by. (wow i rambled alot there lol) sorry but im just having a "i hate florida" moment.
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That's why I have a lake house in Wisconsin and a winter home on Marco

84 degrees and unbreathable yesterday Dec 31st and 81 Degrees today in January! It's sticky and hot. I try to go outside to work in the yard or even just hang out and it sucks- hot, muggy, sticky, sweaty. Its pathetic that I am excited about 64 degree weather that will last only 2 days coming up in the weather forecast.

This post is so old but I can definitely relate, I was dragged here by my parents 12 years ago when i was 9 and it's the most depressing place ever. People are unfriendly, and i feel like doing absolutely nothing most of the time because of the weather (i always smell like crap even after i shower put on deodorant and perfume/ not just me everyone else too you can smell everyone's sweat its disgusting) . The beach gets old after a while and I am not sure about other states but people here are racist as F***. None of my high school friends live here anymore they all moved to other states or other countries, i am the only loser who still lives in this hell hole. After visiting Colorado and Canada i realized on how much i've been missing. I went from an extrovert to an introvert, sometimes i question whether or not florida is the reason. Can't wait until I graduate and get the hell out of here. But that's just me dreaming.

My story in a nutshell except I'm from wva. I hate, hate, hate Florida and I have since I moved here when I was 12. Now I'm stuck. I cry because I'm going to get old and die in in this Hell hole.

that's how I feel some days I took steps to change it and now I am in school I think that will give me more freedom to find happiness. I do think there is a difference between people here but for now I guess I will make the best of it at least we have this site to vent on. I do hope 2016 is better for you

Thanks. I hope 2016 better for everyone :)

yes this is all true. sadly. all true

have been here 3 years and feel the same way

I use to travel extensively, soon as my wife's mum got sick we've been taking care of her and believe me it sucks in south floridugh. Especially in the hood this goes back to the system works here for creating hostility and fearbof others and don't get me started on the gated communities it just screams your not invited apart from mother I can see northern parts of floridugh being OK because decent shows mild temperature changes in the winter times but south floridugh is like being in ball soup all day everyday and it sucks.

So many lies

Florida sucks I've lived here all my life and the heat is unbearable, don't even get me started on the bugs, and oh god the humidity is torture. I literally want to die all summer. My friends are like, oh hey, let's hang out OUTSIDE, and I'm like nope horrible stomach ache think I'm dying. And the not snowing part, is part of the worst. I LOVE the cold, where I can bundle up and be comfortable. I mean the only clothing you can wear to not be drowning in your own sweat is a bathing suit and even then you can hardly breathe. So, I'm sure you can tell, but I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE THIS PLACE AND ITS CLIMATE!!!!!! Like pi x10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000= HOW MUCH I HATE FLORIDA AND ITS HEAT

I hate it too, I used to live in Massachusetts and we moved to Florida 5 or 6 years ago and it sucks, everything you mentioned is exactly the way I feel. Its boring, depressing, retirement home state and I really wish to go back to Boston. Florida is also spread out and were not used to going long distances on a regular bases. We really want to go back but my mom can't find a job and theres no money at the moment. My counselor's no help either for saying I have an "attitude" for wanting to go back but thinks it's no good for us for some biased reason.

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Hey everyone. I've read a lot of the comments regarding living in Florida and how some of you absolutely hate it, and others love it. I would just like to say that it simply boils down to personal preference and perspective. No one is right and no one is wrong. Every state will have people that love living there as well as people that hate living there. Some people hate the heat and some people actually like it or at least don't mind it and prefers it over the cold winters where you have to wear layers, shovel, drive in snow, and get sick often (depending on your immune system). Some people also don't care about making a lot of money and are ok with moving down south and just earning enough to have a decent house and provide for their family. Also some people may move to a particular state because they have family there, and they're willing to sacrifice the cold winters or the heat because being with family is more important to them. Long story short, I thank everyone for everything you've shared as it can be good informative things that may give some people considering moving to florida some insights from those who have experienced living there.

Personal preferences play a role, but from an unbiased, objective, purely rational perspective, Florida really does suck.

I know this post is old but I still would like to chime in. I moved to Florida a year ago and I love it. I live in a small close knit beach town on the east coast. There is always a breeze which makes it comfortable any time of the year. I moved down here from the northeast, and cost of living is a fraction of what it is up there. I work in the restaurant industry and immediately found a management position making more than I was up there. My son goes to a fabulous magnet school that he loves. Half of the year the weather is perfection, and there is no snow!!

I have already began my move to Jacksonville fl
Me three kids n their dad

You guys have me planning my way out before I even get in. I sheeeeeeeeesh did a job transfer from upstate NY I work for USPS n I have to stay for a year before I can transfer again.

I can hear my kids and husband complaining already
Good God
Smh smh

jacksonville LMAO thats where i live. There is nothing here. welcomw

Okay this may be an old thread but its one of the first links to come up on google when searching opinions of the FL life style. Whether your considering moving here or just visiting id like to share my opinion because I am 22 years old and was born and raised in south Fl in Boynton beach about two hours north of miami. As a local I can agree ITS HOT HERE. From late November to late February the climate is alot less humid than the rest of the year and quite enjoyable. Probably the nicest weather in the country during those months. northern FL from orlando and up actually get pretty chilly. Aside from "winter" the heat and humidity are a constant. There is alot to do in north FL lots of historical locations to visit and beachs to play on. Living in south fl is fun if you like the beach or bike riding, surfing, wake boarding pretty much any water activities in fl are good fun and keep ya cool during the heat. Personally i have found a love for cooler climates and bigger trees and less bugs and i dont like water sports anymore. I grew up at the beach and in neighborhood pools. But im over the water. Im bored and pissed off by the heat. Its really expensive to live here and hard to find a job you like. The people in boca raton (two towns south of Boynton) are extremely stuck up and usually rich and snoby. Lake Worth a few towns north is quite.. ghetto or run down. There are a **** ton of rehabs down here so there are alot of sober things to do but on the other hand everyone i know is a party animal. Lots of drinking and getting high unless you like the water or sweltering heat not much else to do. Unless you have an awesome indoor hobbie that keeps ya entertained. There are alot of really smart and creative wonderful people here living extremely happy lives. But iits not for everyone. The local music scene is also i big plus. Never hard to find live music events. As a local floridian i can say come visit have a blast there's lots to do great places to eat and awesome stuff to see! But you will miss your seasons if you move here. You will miss your snow days and fire places.
Unless getting down to the beach alot and or h
aving a house with a pool is on your wishlist i wouldnt suggest living here. I plan on saving up and moving north in the next few years. Its just too damn hot and humid here.

I disagree with a lot of that, I've lived in 7 different states and I love fla so far. I've only been down here a little over a year though but my rent is half of what it was up north and I'm actually making more money. Also the humidity is nothing, I don't get what people complain about, DC area in the summertime it's 100 and humid

I have done the biggest mistake of my life moving myself, my wife, and three children to Florida. We didn't realize right away the mistake after buying a house that we were ripped off from by the dishonest realtor and the bank. We tried to sell the house to go back to Bellingham, WA as soon as possible, and no one wanted to pay us even the cost after three years. We're stuck in this hell hole and my dream is to go back to the beauty, the friendly, and kind people of Washington State.

OMGG!! What have you done!??? :O Bellingham is such a nice place to live... I love going to Fairhaven and Zuanich park :D such a lovely area.... just sitting there during not summer days and not dying from heat and enjoying the breeze.. I am glad I moved out of FL and went back to WA :) hehehe hang in there... you`ll be able to come back one day.. :D

i am a Wa transplant too I think moving here was a mistake but I did get into college. I think the people are alot more friendly in Wa and the general quality of life seems better in the northwest

I'm from NJ and I was thinking about moving to Florida. I was researching what it's like to live there and then stumbled upon this thread of complaining people and it makes me wonder what makes people think that anywhere else can be better. Every state has its good things and it's bad things. But just to sit there and complain is honestly ridiculous. People are researching what it's like in FL to compare to the state they live in. I wish this thread was more honest and not full of complaining. Would have helped more.

Yeah, you would think that because you don't know what it is yo live in this place. You are young, why don't you move down here and see for yourself. You may like the humidity and sharing your house and car with bugs, roaches especially, fleas, ticks, ants and lizards and geckos. Not to mention a lot of snakes, rodents, etc. Well, there's a lot to say about FL but I'm just pointing a few things. Well, what I hate the most. And people compare FL to where they lived before because they got used to that place and maybe that's the only place they knew before FL. If you want to like and love FL come visit or vacation down here, that's the only way I know I would maybe like FL. Well, when you come down here make sure to get a good job because life is very expensive in this place if you want to live in a comfortable nice place, and the jobs don't pay great either. I wish you the best.

I live in NJ currently and FL is ALOT less expensive then here. NJ is one of the most expensive places to live in the country.

Some people just like to rant, like myself. I guess Florida has its ups & downs, but for the really south people it kinda sucks. I guess the water sports are fun but it gets a bit boring after a while. I miss Canada, I did a trip there a couple weeks ago and loved it. I guess it's kinda sucky if it's too cold but I do not recommend staying outside in the really south inland places in Florida. It's a big letdown in the ghetto areas, so try to stay where you can be comfortable. If your from a normally cold place, the heat might be overwhelming. I've seen tons of tourists get heatstroke because of forgetting to drink water normally. But the bugs in the summer are SUPER annoying cause they're everywhere.

well, i lived in NYC FOR 4 YEARS. and all the complaining is the actual truth. lol seriously. its the 100% truth to all these comments. maybe if you live in miami bc its more city or orlando but in the end all of florida is the same. i giant wasteland

I'm getting in on this thread very late and probably no one's reading this but yes, people do a lot of complaining but the reason is that it's often all that you can do if you don't have the money to leave or you're trapped by circumstances. I'm originally from New Jersey and I'd go back in a minute. Yes, things are more expensive but you also get some services for the taxes you pay. And don't ever take four seasons for granted; you don't know how precious they are until you don't have them any more.

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oh I agree Florida is a real rat hole have an older. It won't even come back here to visit me she's from Canada she says there's something wrong with this place is evil is true neighbors don't talk to one another crime and drugs off the hook the rich getting away with murder 75000 homeless people here drugs pills sex offenders rampid nasty hot humid can t walk to mailbox was sweating to death it's like a third world country with a bunch of rich people

im moving to canda lol

You need to realize that there are a lot of really cool things here in florida and try to enjoy them...people here are very intelligent..,they have moved here from nothern states to see more sunshine, but they are still very smart and enjoy all the same activities that norther people enjoy like bike riding h
iking, birding swimming dolphin watching, boating and fishing etc..

True, the rich people who can afford that. If I had the money sure I wouldn't complain so much. Unfortunately I am a normal person...

Omg! Finally someone has put into words exactly how i feel about this God forsaken state! I miss weather and seasons and being able to go places without melting. I'm from CT originally so I miss getting on a train to NYC and enjoying some fun and culture. Nothing to do here unless you're into drinking beer and watching a bonfire whilst being eaten by mosquitoes. Oo if I die because of contracting west Nile virus or some other mosquito carried disease I'm gonna be awfully pissed off.
I wanna get out so bad but,same as many, no money to do so. Every time I squirrel some money away, something happens.
Well, that felt good. I wonder, are there any support groups to deal with how much I hate Florida?

I wish. Someone should seriously start one. I wonder how many people would come...

I have lived in FL for 5 months now from CT and this is THE WORST place I have ever lived. The people here are all scam artists and RUDE, no respect. Planning my escape as I type this...can't wait to move.

I don't enjoy florida either but you're offending the people here. You obviously are in a bad part of our state because none of that is happening. Thanks for ruining our tourism.

Honey nobody is saying don't come to visit. If something, please come to visit, plan your vacation in FL but if you want to stay that will be another story and people will see it if they come to live here. That's what I would say to tourists. Also, this forum or group is for people who hate FL so if you don't like it don't read about us and how much we hate this place.

I hate fl too! I miss the big city NYC, and being able to walk to parks at night. I miss the mountains and the hills. I miss the busses bc they are almost everywhere, and that makes it easy to not rely on driving. I hate fl with a passion and the ****** thing is that i can't go back, because I'm helping my sister babysit her kids, and no job wants to hire me in nj and nyc. I'm still job hunting, even here in the helliest place on earth. I'm so bored with my life that I rely on cigarettes and beer to control my boredom and depression

You know beer and smoking will not control anything, it will just give you more problems especially health problems. Beer kills your brain cells. Take care and stop drinking and smoking. Instead you could find a sport or go to a pool, that will help a lot. I unfortunately cannot go to a pool because I have little ones to take care of and don't have a car to go places that easy... Anyway, take care and God bless.

i moved to FL last year from the NorthEast (CT) and i can honestly say I've never been so lonely in my entire life. All i do is cry all day everyday for the past year.

Yup, also a brit who got moved here with parents when i was a teen, now im a stay at home mom and its driving me up the wall. Makes me sad to think of all the wonderful outdoor things i could be doing with my 3yr old if we were in the U.K. Ready to pack up the family and move across the pond, i have a 2 year plan to save up the $ then away we go!

Wow, I feel exactly the same way. It kills me too all the great things I could do outdoor with my babies too. I'm a stay home mom too but my husband loves this place, I might just leave him living in this hell... It makes me really sad, I want to go back to OH where I lived before and loved it. :) I wish you the best.

i moved to florida from ny and i feel the EXACT same way you do, as soon as my lease is over i'm speeding back in my car.

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I totally agree with everything you said here. I hate it too! The worse. This is not for anyone who likes to get outdoors and do things, this is a t.v. watching retirement community only. Makes me ill.

!!!Try living in the desert where there is just dirt dust and wind and weeds and NO grass (its not allowed cause there is not enough water!). And these weeds grow spiny little things that get stuck on your clothes and get into your house and you step on one at least once a day and it hurts so much. and it is so dry your hair is lifeless and hard to comb and dry and damaged because there is no moisture. And your skin is so dehydrated and dirty and you look ten times older no matter how much lotion you put on and how many times you wash your face. And no matter how much water you drink you can never feel hydrated. And you cant be in the heat for more than 30 min because it literally sucks all the water (life) out of you haha. Keeping your house clean is hard because of the dust and dirt you have to dust sweep and mop everyday for it to look decent. I am moving to fl in January and I cannot be more excited!!!!!!! Every time i have visited i met new friends and everyone was so nice as opposed to this hell hole!!!!!

For the record, I wouldn't want to live in a desert either. Why is it that everyone who disagrees with someone venting about being stuck in hell, have to compare it with another hell? They both suck! Now there.

*loud clapping*

LOL, you must be from New Mexico! Speaking from the perspective of a life-long desert-dweller also, I'd LOVE to live in Florida where it is humid, rainy, tropical...where ANYTHING grows. So tired of the desert, I am parched, I want water and humidity!!

Good for you, come to FL to live in this humidity where you can share your life with everything that grows and lives especially animals and insects. I hope you find your comfort in the plce you want to live.

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I totally I agree with you! I am originally from Washington State and relocated here 6 months ago. I absolutely regret every second of living in FL. There is nothing in here but theme parks and beaches. There is no beautiful changing of seasons everything is either too brown and dry due to too much heat or just plain old dead. Don't even get me started with the freaking insects found in this hell hole... ugh! I hate it! I don't even know why anyone would want to live in a tornado prone, snake infested and bug infested hell hole, which is Florida. Wanna swim on the lake during summer? Don't even bother, lol Florida lakes are most likely infested with brain-eating amoeba lol. Anyways, I am just really thankful that I am moving back to WA in a few weeks so long Florida glad I am not going to live there anymore lol.

Count your lucky stars, you must of done something right, this place is my prison- hate it.

Oooooh I envy you!! Have a great and blessed life in WA. I wish you the best. Hopefully soon I can leave this place too.


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Disney Universal and the like helped to destroy Florida especially Orlando which is not at all beautifull or a city . But again the beach when their clean, is what Florida has that's nice - and their are bad people in every group - but in Florida even here in culturless ugly crime filled Orlando of all walks, now and then..more often than not, you'll meet some of the nicest, sweetest kindest people in the world ,so sweet that they'll make you cry that's how sweet they are

Uh on the other side it seems the only nice thing about Florida are the beaches the fruit the thunderstorms the rain uh that's about it .. it could actually be nice (minus the horrible hot weather ) if their were no crime good infrastructure safe streets and sidewalks like the movie Key Largo but the Republicans (that even Richard Nixon was better than and their certainly not Abraham Lincoln ) have been running Florida and its horrific

Your post is old but your statement is true This is the worst place ever . My nicknames for Orlando is " Swampy " but that's probably insulting the swamps . Like you said the only good thing about Florida is the beaches and even those the vile people that run it and live here ruined it . This has to be worst than the Wild Wild West in the 1800's. The worst is the high crime -The Lack of good infrastructure . Florida isn't built for human beings - All you see is a dump with no sidewalks and a sea of cars , ugly ones at that . And don't even get me started on the Gross lack of culture - And the Florida government,you never saw such a thing , it's so corrupt, it runs a racket bigger than the ones I've seen the Mafia run in Philadelphia . And of course alot of the kids in their 20's and 30's are on " medication " . If your not crazy already you will be , after living here awhile This dump isn't for humans ,apparently it's just for cars jails,with most people in it for nothing and ugly gas stations . No wonder my younger sisters found the city of London " Magical " Hell even the gang laden and dirtiest parts of Philadelphia and Chicago are " magical " next to Florida - they're actually " real cities " with real culture . Ugh

I couldn't put it better, myself. Thank you.

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Wow!! That is so true!! I came to Florida when I was 13 and I was a very happy person too... since I moved to Florida it has been so depressing, I try to be persistent and be as happy as I can and sometimes I have periods that feel very happy, but overall, this place sucks and it does depress me a lot. I came from a less developed country, Colombia, and I still felt happier back at home. I know my own country has a lot of problems, but somehow, the people were nicer and friendlier to me back there, and I had a lot more freedom and more things to do. I do like how Florida looks, but there isn't much to do... or if there is, it is usually so far away because Florida is extremely spread out. It is boring, people are rude and have no culture, it is sooooo depressing. I wish we were friends to complain about Florida together! Vent our frustrations. Unfortunately, the closest friend that I have, my boyfriend, is a 4th generation Floridian and doesn't understand. He lives like in a different world and somehow manages to have a lot of close friends, which seems to be the exception rather than the rule in Florida, but his friends have been his neighbors since he is a young kid and his other good friends are usually friends from second grade... maybe if I had moved here when I was a baby and had been lucky enough to actually have neighbors that went outdoor and showed their faces it would have been better... but I didn't get that lucky. Anyway, I hate it too!!

So true! Everything you said is exact.

I agree Kimsy, Disney may be fine as a one time event, but why on earth would you go there over and over again? I find it very odd that people move to an area to be a near a theme park, that once you have visited you have pretty much seen everything.

I think that is why FL attracts a lot of mental midgets, these people have no interest in real culture. They think going to a theme park is the end all...LOL.

Rather than go to England, they go to Harry Potter World and think it is one and the same....sad.

We spend 3 months every year and have done for the past 4 years and have not visited a theme park and don't intend to. The best thing about Orlando is the interstates leaving it. Get away from the tourist traps and Florida had a lot to offer. Try central Florida, The Ocala forest is amazing and the Tamiami trail takes you right of the beaten track. Real Florida is there, you just have to look for it

Sorry sexymature, it isn't just the theme parks that make it bad, if someone ones to explore nature and nice parks there are many states that have beautiful mountains and gorgeous scenery..Where they have lakes and you can go hiking and not pour buckets of sweat...FL is flat and is a swamp.

You spend 3 months a year here? I bet it is in the winter time. No one can enjoy the outdoors in FL most of the year due to the horrific humidity and heat.

Actually we spend May, June and November there. November is the worst month. This year we actually had to put the heating on. Half of the month was cold and rainy. I agree that high summer would be too hot for us but May and June are perfect. By the way we base ourselves in Titusville, renting a property on the Indian River lagoon

The summer is actually not that bad, never goes over 96 degrees. Yes, it's humid, but the ocean is beautiful. Not everybody likes mountains and hiking. Florida has great diving.

We spend 3 months every year and have done for the past 4 years and have not visited a theme park and don't intend to. The best thing about Orlando is the interstates leaving it. Get away from the tourist traps and Florida had a lot to offer. Try central Florida, The Ocala forest is amazing and the Tamiami trail takes you right of the beaten track. Real Florida is there, you just have to look for it

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I agree with this post 100%. I lived in Florida for six years and grew to despise it. I lived in Massachusetts for 27 years and then moved to South Carolina and hated it there (never saw more rednecks in my entire life than in that racist hole) and was filled with either rednecks or Hell/Fire/Brimstone church going whackjobs. I went back to Mass for summers 2004/2005 to remind myself where I came from. Then went to Florida in October of 2005 for family emergency and Hurricane Wilma struck a week after I arrived. Then my dad got a house in Port St Lucie in January of 2006 and for the first two years there, I liked it (had a record store job and was outgoing) but then the recession hit and had to go back to South Cackalacka for a family emergency in May of 2008 (an older sister was getting divorced). Then in December, 2008 returned to Florida to West Palm Beach's Lake Worth section and it was literally "the land of the living dead" as it was either elderly people or gangs (I was in gangland). One of the neighbors was an Obama nutswinging Atheist who thought she was queen sh*t because she worked for the government. Then she picked fights with my dad and I everyday for THREE YEARS STRAIGHT. When I had to go shopping for food or clothes or CDs, I had to go to Wellington and the people there were loaded with cash, polo players, horse showjumpers (who looked at me like I was a madman when I wore shorts in 50 degree temps in small cold spells they had) or elitist f**kers (some of the time I'd order my clothes and CDs/LPs online because I grew not to like the inhabitants of that sh*thole of a state). Then in 2010 planned moving back to my native Massachusetts which became a reality at the end of February, 2012. Since I had no friends in Florida and the hot weather eventually got to my brain, I almost attempted suicide a few times living in Lake Worth (or Lake Worth-less as I called that sh*tty hole). The Florida sun was brutal and I got skin poisoning after 5 hours in the sun watching the Red Sox at spring training. Then I left that hole at the end of February of 2012 as I was homesick, missed my other three older siblings, my nephews and nieces, my relatives and my best friends beyond belief. I don't miss that heat wave infested hole and now appreciate the change of seasons and last winter 2012/13 was great to see the snow and stuff back in my life after being away from it for ten years. Another reason why I don't miss Florida is that I got tortured by Marlins/Rays and Dolphins fans for wearing Red Sox and Patriots clothes. Then their concert venues were Hell holes ($30 to park, screw that). Who gives a **** about Disney World and Universal Studios (I'm a Warner Bros person myself). I even stopped listening to hard rock and metal for three years living in Lake Worth (hard to listen to it when you live in an over 55 place like I did due to disability with my father though I never stopped listening to Pink Floyd nor Rush (the band not that fat political commentating POS) nor Genesis nor Queen as they are my musical DNA though frowned upon by over 55 people pretty much). Hot sun, beaches and what not are not compensations when you miss loved ones, change of seasons. As my best female friend once said to me before I dreaded leaving Mass for South Cackalacka after my three month return home ended, just stick it out and you'll be out before you know it! Keep the faith and you will escape that f*cking sh*thole. I did.

Wow, thanks. Your response gives me hope. Glad that you made it out of this hell. One day I will too.

I've been working so hard in school so I can maybe get a scholarship to college so I can leave this state for good. Good bye hell hole, hello cold place. I'm thinking Canada or England...

You are not kidding about South Cackalacy. There is nothing to do here, There is downtown Greenville, but once you seen it several times, it gets pretty old. If you do not have a family ( I am talking little ones or not a fricken bible beater, you will not fit in.

I have been living in Florida for almost 20 years and I love it. There's a lot of beauty in the water and vegetation and the skies are gorgeous. Florida has its own culture and many people are friendly and hospitable. Of course there's crime, but must of the world has crime. The summers are a bit oppressive but the colors are wonderful and the weather is pleasant most of the year. If you don't like it, leave.

lol, vitabeata. It's like you have Stockholm Syndrome. I was born, raised, and currently live here in South Florida and let me tell you how blissfully ignorant you sound. The place is a shithole. Enough said. The "vegetation" consists almost entirely of saw grass and palm trees. There are literally no trees that lose their leaves in the Fall and Winter. There are NO seasons in Florida! Only Summer. Everybody is having fun in the snow and seeing White Christmas? I'm in my room with the AC turned all the way up so as to not get a heat stroke. When I traveled out of Florida for the first time when I was 18, I was actually amazed at how green the grass was. I had never seen green grass in my life before that; just dying, gray and brown saw grass. Florida's culture is basically rich, elderly white ***** on one side of the road, and blacks/hispanics living in poverty on the other side. That's about as diverse as it gets here. Oh, and I don't think you realize just how much crime there is here. It's literally the crime capital (state-wise, that is) of the United States. There are no colors. The buildings are pink and the plants are grey-green at best. Always. They never turn red. I didn't experience fall in my childhood. The weather is comparable to Dante's Inferno. It is sweltering 99% of the year, and the one or two days that it gets below 70, everyone is wearing ******* sweaters and scarves. I actually can't leave because 1. I don't have the money, and 2. I have a life here, ****** as it may be. I can't abandon my family and job. I simply see the idiots who love living in this hellhole as backwards ***** who forgot to take their medication this morning. And yes, that includes you.

You must be a really miserable person. Sounds like you're the one who forgot to take his meds. I think your problems run deeper than your dislike for living in Florida,

Leaving in FL makes people's life miserable. Everyone but you vitabeata. You can stay in this hell for s long as you wish.

Wow very well said Razputin. Best post ever, and you were born and raised in FL. God be with you child, I feel your pain.

Good that you love this hell. But if the rest of the states was as horrible as FL there would be lots of people writting about how much they hate their state and I have done research and found nothing like this forum about people hating other states. You love this hell, that's good. Why would you even consider writing in this post if the title is "I Hate Florida"?

Also, there is no other weather or season here in FL other than summer.

Oh trust me, I'm trying.

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I've been living in Florida most of my life. In fact, my Navy duty station was aboard the USS Noa (DD841) out of Mayport, FL on which I was deployed to the Middle East for a good part of that stretch. Bahrain and Qatar have got to be the hottest places on earth. Temperatures this week in Qatar will run from 104 to 108. So there ARE definitely "worse" locations in this world in regard to heat. To get through college, I was given a pittance under the GI Bill and worked to earn the money I needed for tuition and books. For five years, I owned and operated a landscape company. Soon after starting, I gained the confidence of a successful home builder/contractor. For him, my crew laid sod and planted shrubbery and trees, as well as maintained them. I kept a deep tan in those days. Today, at 61 years of age, I now feel the heat more than ever. Five biopsies were done on spots found on my arm and leg by a dermatologist who burned them off. Dermatologist make a very good living in Florida as skin cancer is the number one condition they treat. I am a bassist, and so the gigs I play are one of my creative outlets, as is writing. As a former newspaper reporter, I still write. Retirement will come for me in another year. We are talking about a move, perhaps to the north, maybe Wisconsin. Most of my youth was spent near Pittsburgh where, even today, there exists bucket loads of Archie Bunker-like rednecks, so there was no culture there either, unless bigotry is considered a culture. Today, my house is filled with books, at least 5000 titles, along with dated music. When I retire, I intend reading a great deal. A large section of paperbacks make up my classic literature collection (my college major), then there's sections on war/Holocaust, histories, biographies, westerns and many how-tos. So, yes, a life can be created despite this blistering heat, but one has to be a bit of a recluse, and keep at least one eye open for gatherings where good conversation is possible. Music sometimes allows this for me; that is, if we play a champagne affair or sipping social. The best to you, OP. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Something's gotta give.

The only reason I think you are getting sick of the heat in Florida is the same reason I'm sick of shoveling the snow in Michigan... because we've lived there most of our lives. This shoveling has taken a major toll on my back which has lead to numerous visits to the chiropractor. Plus, you said that you have some skin conditions, right? In Michigan, skin cancer isn't all that prevalent as you can imagine... so Florida, naturally, is a welcome place to retire for old "snow birds." (:

By the way, I've heard Wisconsin is a very nice place to live, best of luck to you, my friend.

Thank you for your service!

I'm from Michigan (born and raised) and I just moved down here about a month ago and I'm actually already getting somewhat used to the heat. I moved down here in the dead of Summer and I don't think it's that bad at all. You were also saying how people are obnoxious. Well, at least people do SOMETHING here. In Michigan all you get is people that are either full of themselves and don't speak to you or they want something out of you if they do, usually. They ONLY thing I don't really like so far about moving here is the way people drive down here! I swear if you're not going AT LEAST 10 mph over the speed limit, people are on your bumper all the time! Most of the time people pass me going like 60 mph in a 45 zone and pass me like I'm not even moving (even though I usually set my cruise at 48-49 mph).

I'm from Michigan (born and raised) and you can't compare the people in Michigan to the people in Florida. Floridians are dumb $hits! Heads full of inactive brain activity. Michiganders are a lot nicer and not full of themselves, like these dumb $hits are.

I'm a Floridian, and I don't agree with you. Well, partly, some people are, some people aren't. I hate this place and can't wait to leave.

I have read all of your responses..... I am a true Florida cracker, going back 7 generations. I have laughed at some of your comments and felt offended at some of the others. I was born and raised here and have resided here for 47 years. I have to agree the heat can be unbearable for most people, even myself, but its really not that bad 9 months out of the year. The worst months are July, August and September. I have wanted to move as well at times to experience the season changing, but then I think of snow and no sunshine and I think hmmmmmm do I really want to move or maybe just visit the north through winter, spring and fall months. As far as culture, you are very wrong. Florida has many cultures.. think about it... Florida has been influenced by immigrant populations of all sorts...Latin America, Europe..... and many more. The history is rich in culture.....As far as nothing to do.. well I disagree with you as well... Although I do not live on the coast, I do enjoy the best beaches in the world on the west coast here in Florida.... but let me tell ya.... there are so many other things to do here in Florida... Fresh Spring Rivers and lakes, caves in the north florida, Beautiful state parks, many many beautiful lakes, and the tourists places that I generally do not go to but they include Disney, Busch Gardens, Legoland, many water parks, day, and week cruises, Key West and all the keys included. I live in the middle of the state located in between Tampa and Orlando. We are never bored, always something to do. I heard the comments about crime.... that is so unfortunate that we do have so much crime, however, the county I live in, crime is the best its been in 10 years..... Well I will say the one thing that I hate about Florida is the damn yankees, who come down here, dont know how to drive and are the rudest people I have ever met... That must be the ones some of you were talking about because for the most people where I live are so damn nice, sugar is dropping off of them. Well I hope I cleared it up for you.

FINALLY! Someone who understands! And I agree 100% with you! We do have crime... So much crime. But I barely see any where I live at, and I absolutely never ignore it!

You mentioned nature and Disney. That's it. What about museums, art shows, craft fairs, etc? The very few that I have seen in Florida are terrible.

We have tons of museums! St. Pete and Tampa alone are littered with them (Holocaust Museum, Dali Museum, MOSI, Glacier Children's Museum, just to name a few). We have aquariums all along our coasts along with little coastal towns or shopping/dining areas like Tarpon Springs, Madera Beach, Treasure Island, and Ft Meyers where there are always local events, craft fairs, amd art shows take place. These are all in the Tampa Bay area alone. Even where i live, in a more Rural area north of Tampa, has everything you just listed. You just have to get out there an find it. It's there!

I appreciate the pleasant response, Rissa. I'm sure Tampa has its fair share of museums. But growing up in DC and living in Chicago now, well...there's just no contest. The Museum of Science and Industry here is 10 times the size of MOSI. I bet the Dali museum is nice, though.

And no, I've had enough of Florida to last me 8 lifetimes. I will not go back there to find the museums, but you enjoy yourself.

I hate FL very much but I liked your response very much. Be blessed and I'm glad you like this place. Enjoy it.

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I think you are making a huge generalization. (Which you have the right to) Ive lived in Florida my whole life. Im not a pill popping, culture-less freak. Im pretty friendly too. I talk to my neighbors. I haven't even raped anyone. And the people.. keep in mind, so many are tourists, or people who move here from other places who are bitter. While its famous for its beaches, it has some beautiful landscapes that are not beaches. The everglades. Wechiva Springs and Falls. There are farms every once in a while. Even St. Augustine is beautiful. The weather may not be the best, but hey, there are only rainbows after rain! :) try the not so tourist-y part of Florida, you may change your mind yet. :) hope I didn't offend!

I think they say all those nasty things about Florida, because they're jealous of our beautiful winters. Like there's no pill poppers, rapist , unfriendly people and criminals in other states...

Well said vitabeata. A friend from Atlanta summed it up perfectly. The only thing wrong with Florida is it's full of northeners with their northern attitude

I have lived in South Florida for my entire life, since I was born. Please, tell me how the horrible, sweltering, tourist-filled, ****** winters are "beautiful". Or are your rose-colored glasses doing the talking for you?

That's your problem... you live in South Florida. Meanwhile, im up in the Tampa Bay area loving it. Been here for 22 years now :)

To true

You know this is a rant page for hating Florida, right?

Try living in Miami or boca, in not rich, so it's really hard living here. And the heat sucks

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I had the unfortunate experience of moving back to Tampa for family reasons from Seattle. It will go down as the biggest MISTAKE of my life. Tampa's nothing but a big, dumb redneck sports town. And it stinks.....industrial pollution from the phosphate mounds across the bay and at least 50% of the time the wind is blowing from that direction....smells like sewage! If you even make enough money on a Florida salary to rent a U-Haul do yourself and your sanity a favor and get the hell outta' here while you can. People in Seattle used to ask me what the climate is like in Tampa. I told them..."It's like living in someone's ARMPIT". For 7-8 months out of the year you can't even open a window......and the A/C companies here have you by the balls !! Every time they come over to check your air handler or heat pump it's hundreds of dollars to fix whatever's wrong. The people here are uneducated and's like the "backside of nowhere"....................can't wait to get back to Seattle..............the land of clean fresh cool Pacific air and lots of energy....................will never come back to this sweltering hellhole.......................................Tim

It's a shame you experienced what you did in Tampa and I have to wonder if you traveled around the whole area. There is so much more to it than that. Beaches, Wildlife, Museums, Parks, unique shopping villages, great restaurants.

And how do you do that? When as Tim pointed out that 7 to the 8 months of the year is sauna????? You don't want to be outside, and no one is, other than those who unfortunately work outdoors.

Other than maybe 3 to 4 months is the weather comfortable enough for outdoor activities.

It's more tham 7 or 8 months. I would say it's 10 months out of 12. I hate this freaking hell.

Rissa you must be blind or did not notice that Tim wrote "if you even make enough money on a Florida salary", which is true. Unless you make enough money then you can enjoy places in FL, otherwise you are miserable.

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We are originally from Michigan and after visiting Florida every year on vacation, we decided to move here. Well, let me tell ya, the saying "great place to visit buy wouldn't want to live there" should be the state motto! I hate the constant heat and miss the season changes more than I thought I would. Cant wait to get out of here!


Umm...the OP moved here at the age of 13. How could the OP do research before coming to Florida, when its likely that he/she did not have a say in the matter?

FTR: I recently moved to Chicago from Flori-duh, and I must say, the cold weather is wonderful. It feels good to breathe here. I don't miss the oppressive heat of Florida at all, and we will have nice warm weather soon. WARM. Not disgustingly hot.

So...I wouldn't judge this person for his/her feelings about Florida. Because we can just as easily judge you on your lovely Florida education and lack of reading comprehension. Ciao!

Funny that Florida is consistently in the Top 10 for Education in this country...

LOL. I don't know where you got that misinformation. I constantly encountered Florida-bred people that can't form coherent sentences, spell simple words, or count change. If Florida is in the Top 10 for education, we are truly screwed.

You should have done your research before moving here 40% of Americas drugs are smuggled into FL so that means there is a lot if violence. The people are friendly you can't just cant expect a hello if you don't say it and if you move any where else you're going to hate the cold and want Floridas heat. So if you don't like... Simply leave.(Been living in Florida all my life)

I've been living here my whole life too, and she is right, FL has no culture and is a terrible place to live, so don't say she is wrong, please...

I've lived here since I was 4. There is a ton of culture. You just have leave the over commercialized areas.

So true..

Not every place is cold, (All Floridians think the restof the country is frigid, so funny.). I come from South NY and the climate there is called temperate, (Mild). We have 4 seasons, winter is only 3 months. We do not have the 6 to 8 months of horribly hot weather. The author is correct, Floridians do not have culture, they don\'t know what it is, The rudest people I have met here are from the south or are local Floridians. Florida is nothing but a bug infested swamp. I will NEVER want Florida heat. It\'s horrid.

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My sister moved out there about five yrs ago from Ireland, I went to visit her and your right the only thing to do is beach or malls nothing else from what I could see. I would never live there, she doesn't know her neighbours, it's just the way they are over there as she said their probably mass murderers or something. Funny I know but when you think about it, it's scary!! Not really interested in going back so I've arranged to meet up in New York this year!

Why don't you try house sitting for a period of 6 months or something like that, you would have no rent and no bills to pay and see if you'd like another state, look into agencies that organise that sort of thing.

It's hard when a place get you down so much, I hope you get my message! M

I'm going for a month in October. I sure hope it's atleast bearable :/
I HATE the heat. In England we get maybe a month or 2 of it? The rest is cold and rain, love the cold. Yet my girlfriend has gone to Miami, and she's telling me right now, in dceember, it's absolutely hot.. D:

I'd hate to just be a sweaty mess over there everyday. >_> I want to be able to enjoy it!

Don\'t come till at least November. It\'s still pretty hot in October.

truebohemia i know exactly how you are feeling - moved down here a few years ago and this place depresses me - i miss my seasons, miss spring and fall and the humidity here is unliveable - in my personal opinion the only things that should live down here are the bugs, snakes, lizards and fireants and they call this paradize ha - show me this paradize that has no culture whatsoever, with rude and crazy people and if i have to look at another sunny day i will go insane - just saying

Florida's famed bugs are fireants and palmetto bugs (commonly referred to as cockroaches by us Bay Staters).

That's because they are cockroaches. I don't care how pretty "Palmetto" sounds, nothing could make that insect less of a pest.

I couldn't agree with you more. I was born in this dump and as soon as I graduate I'm out of here. I can't stand this state. 17 years is long enough

I couldn't agree with you more lol. I'm from Tampa and i always said that when i was 18 i was moving. Unfortunately the week i was going to move to Atlanta i got a girl pregnant lol, that was 4 years ago, I'm 23 now. Good luck with you though.

I know what your saying exactly, ramble on. I thought I was the only one who hated Fl so much. Fl is such a media con job, that its so great. The heat and constant humidity will knock that idea out of you. Your right all you want to do is stay inside by the AC as going outside is horrible. The people here are mostly rude also, I can't say all of them, but you run into so many of them it can't be a coincidence. God I can't wait to get out this damn depressing suffocating state of Fl!.

I hate the cold live in NY. You are lucky to live in FL. How can you be bored Fl has Disney plus many more places to go

Because Disney is a crowded, expensive, meaningless, plastic waste of time. Sure, it's great for families or for those who haven't experienced life, but it's very unfulfilling.

Oh, you poor, poor ignorant man...

You say that because you live in NY.

As a tourist from the UK who spends at least 2 months every year in Florida I think I've found why so many in this group hate Florida. !!!!They're not Floridians!!!! Get out of the cities into the real Florida and you will find the real Southern hospitality, not Northen aloofness.Real native Floridians are friendly welcoming people.

I'm a FL native and your right in a sense, the more north you go in Florida the more southern it gets, the more south you go in Florida, the more north it gets. North Florida really isn't so bad.

On our last visit in November we were told that the opposite of Southern Hospitality is Northern Attitude perhaps thats why so many northeners who move to Florida want to go back north.

Thank you!! I've been here all my life and I dislike how people say that there are no nice Floridians. And you're right, you really have to step out of the cities to experience true Florida.

I have seen all of Florida. The "real", as you say, and the "pretty" Florida--the one that they plaster on brochures and ads to sucker people to come down. And all of it sucks. The people are backbiting, gossipy, rude, and have no respect for themselves. Nobody wants to better themselves, and most of them stink. Is it really too much effort to wash your hair and brush your teeth? Especially with all of the snuff and cigarettes? Truly disgusting.

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I grew up in the Midwest, but I moved to Florida from California, for grad school. I've been here a year and I'm miserable. I wanted to leave the day I got here. The bugs are ridiculous. I clean and clean and clean and I find palmetto cockroaches, love bugs, mosquitoes, and lizards in my apartment all the time. The day I see a giant spider in my apartment, is the day I go nutz. I've never had bug problems in the Midwest nor the West Coast like this. <br />
<br />
Minus the beaches and the warmth, not much else is going for the state. Many of the "locals" for the most part are almost comically, stereotypical Southerners, the weather is painfully humid (my electric bill is killing me), and it rains almost every day (which causes more bugs to wander inside). I know I'm complaining, and everywhere has it's good and bad, but I really cannot wait to move back to the west coast.

OK fair enough it is hot, really hot... but People don't judge as much here, they aren't clickish per se, they just keep to themselves like North Easterners,without the clik component since Florida is a Hodgepodge of eclectic individuals from all over the place. Where I work my boss is Brazillian, I have a collegue from Africa, Mexico and Puerto Rico. I have collegues from Boston, North Carolina and California, no one passes judgement and everyone tries to accept everyone else, trust me, I have seen the most unfriendly people in the pretty small towns that act nice to your face for tourism purposes and treat you like ice statues if you actually move there. But my oppinion, the best place I ever lived was Missouri =)

I must say Florida does sound blooming awful right enough. I'm with 4vrUnique up there, you should save up, get two jobs if you have to and are able. Then move to somewhere with seasons and a good mix of ages and enjoy your life, you only live once.

9mm aint' far away, 4years now from NY,Foorriduuuh guns got stolen robbed car stolen ******** smash 2 black guys taken at gun point. Went legally blind,can't drive I walk in HEat & HUMidity &ghoulish chunks of sweat drule down my shirt,take a shower, step out, step back in,Neighbors ignore u yet elevate themselves by mirrmiring to someone else,Crack prostitution,homelesness,lonelinness,alsk seltzer Uhual & penske trucks rum amuck , Rap music 2 palm trees & sun bill murray ground hog,refuses to smash the radio. Dire straits & wretched humans with one arm crawl on the sidewalk as they take the last breath toward the Lyxn bus stop. Can't get laid,never meet the same person twice cept at VA. Concealed weapon,black eye hospital cielings 3 times,Depression Massivley replaced happiness which is sucked out of u

OMG! I HATE FLORIDA TOO... We moved here from San Diego CA the BEST place ever to live, to buy a house here in Orlando Fl to be right next to WDW but that got old fast! (to many tourists). Summers are God awful here and the humidity knocks you on your ***. I tell my husband all of the time that I feel like a traped bird as well, so I feel your pain and know exactly how you feel. Hang in there and God Bless!

Tomorrow (yes!) I am leaving Florida for good after two years of living here. There are 2 things I'm looking forward to where I am moving: 1) Making eye contact and feeling welcome by other people, and 2) Going outside and not feeling like I'm going to die from the heat. <br />
<br />
The drugs, alcohol, crime, corruption, hurricanes, elderly and traffic are pretty bad, but what I mention above are the 2 things that make Florida a terrible place for me to live. I have never lived anyplace more unfriendly than this, and the heat is extremely oppressive. Maybe the 2 things are related.

omg, someone think just like me. I live in NY now and people here love FL but I think it is because they only go there to visit. They always ask me "why you move? I want to move there?"

Because the rest of the US is ignorant about FL. Really, they don't know what it is to liiiiive down here.

Cannot say I hate Florida because it's wildlife, particularly its birds are AWESOME. On the other hand, while birding by myself in Key West, I was refused service in a restaurant. I sat there, for nearly 2 hours as tables around me got served, and I was ignored. Because I was a single female? Because I'm Black? Who knows. Horrible experience, and I ought to hate Florida, but it's got alligators, Piping Plovers, Bottlenosed Dolphins just off shore and warblers up the wa-zoo!

The people really suck, I hate the weather the most, but coming in second is the people.<br />
<br />
The rudeness is unbelievable, no one makes eye contact, very rarely when you say "excuse me" in a store does anyone ever say "excuse me " back. <br />
<br />
There is no "southern hospitality" down here.<br />
<br />
They park their cars wherever they want. Never mind that there are plenty of parking spaces in a parking lot, they will park in the fire lanes. Too bad about cars trying to get around them or pedestrians.<br />
<br />
One of the funniest things I saw was a cop pull into a Publix parking lot and put his lights on and he started giving tickets.....LMAO!!!!!!<br />
<br />
It is very draining to live here, between the horrific heat and the rude unfriendly people.<br />
<br />
IMO, the weather is nice for 3 months out of the year, how is that now screwed up? People complain about winter, well down here you're stuck in the house most of the year.

The reason the people are so rude and there doesn't appear to be any 'Southern Hospitality' is that 75% of Florida residents are northeners so what you experience is 'northern attitude. Try getting out of the major cities and tourist areas, into the real Florida and you'll find more Southern Hospitality than you can handle. As regular visitors, three months every year, we've found native Floridians, as with most residents south of The Mason Dixon, the friendliest and most helpful people in the US.

Bull. I've lived in the North for 24 years and recently relocated back. I can honestly tell you that Florida has the worst and rudest people I have ever seen. I've never seen such rude people in the North. Denial is not your friend.

I've been sucked in florida's black hole for over nine years I hate it everything you said is how have been feeling the people the weather everything. I'm in the same boat I cant nice it seems im stuck one day ill be happy again. But for now I'm miserable in tampa, fl and I mean all of tampa and it all sucks. It is now getting over populated there's nothing to do cops will pull you over for petty things just to slap you with a huge ticket, the are constantly building roads but they never finish they are chopping all of the trees litter is everywhere. Honestly with the tax and tickets and tolls and many more i cant think of I have no clue where our money goes besides crappy uneven roads or unfinished roads or building on top of buildings. This place sucks the people suck if you come here it will try to bring you down and suck you in like some damn black hole

I to HATE Florida SO MUCH!! I was also dragged down here when I was 15 years old (25 years ago) with my family and over the last 10 years I have come to absolutely hate it here. I obsess over my negative feelings about Florida constantly because I hate it here that much. I, like the poster, also cannot afford to relocate. I could have afforded it about 8-10 years ago (before the economy went to hell in a hand basket) but I didn't 'hate' it here so much that I felt I needed to move yet. Don't get me wrong, I have never loved it here, or even liked it for that matter, I simply tolerated it. Now, because of the economy I am having such a hard time keeping a good paying job (thanks to Florida for that unions...bad pay rate...etc...) I cant afford to move. What I wouldn't do for some beautiful cold whether in the Winter. I am so sick of the constant hot weather day after day after day.I really miss the snow. I am also tired of never having anything to do, for me or my children, and I totally agree with the poster as far as the total lack of culture here. I'm sick of the old people, the nasty hay that we call grass here that is infested with ants and snakes all year round, the beaches, boats or anything that has to do with a nautical theme. I want to see mountains, flowers, waterfalls, hills and snow. I can't tell you how many immoral things I would do to get the hell out of here. I also feel like a prisoner and it sucks. It's very depressing and I feel like I am just rotting away here.

I cannot wait to get the freaking forking hell out of here.

I agree totally. I moved to SW Fla in 1985 from Michigan and I HATE IT!!!! It NEVER EVER cools down more then a couple days at a time, even in supposed winter. It is Horrible. It gets so hot one can barely breath. Nothing to do, no hills, noe seasons, just tourist and traffic and HEAT!!!! I can not wait to get out fo this Horrible state. Texas would be the only othe rplace i would never get caught dead in....get me out of here!!! You tourist and old folks can have it. This year is the worse. Today is 12/13 and it is STILL friggin 80 plus degrees out. No oranges this year folks. To Ff--in HOT. I love my god but I truly thinks he HATES Fla

y'all are all dumbasses. florida is awesome.

I am also a FL hater. My husband is from the Tampa area and his family is still here. I am from the mid-west (KY & IN). I have only been here for 2 months but I already loathe this place. Things have been disatrous since we moved here for my husband's new job. I had to give up a job I liked and all my great friends & family to move to this place. I would leave but we have 3 children and I can't afford to leave without him, and he's never going to leave again. It costs alot more money to live here than it doesn in Indiana and our auto insurance tripled just because we live in FL. I once said FL is a good place to go on vacation, but not a good place to live. Looks like I should have heeded my own advice.

I just moved here two months ago and I am ready to move back. I have a one year lease but as soon as it is up I am out of here. I like the warm weather but there is absolutely no culture and the people that were born and raised here are dumb as a box of rocks. The people here are not only stupid, but have rotted teeth, aids and stay drunk most of the time. Worst mistake of my life.

I totally agree! i was dragged down here when I was a kid and it sucked! I escaped for a while but then my now ex-wife dragged me down to this hole again. as soon as I can get some money together I'm Outta Here!!

I've heard that property taxes are rising like crazy, is this true? I use to live in Gainesville and looking back I liked it there. But that was in 1984. Yes, I do remember the heat--HOT!! We vacation in Daytona in the winter and the weather is pleasant. The humidity is a problem. I live in Fort Wayne IN and anxious to leave here. It doesn't seem Florida is that much of an option any longer. Insurance and property taxes seem too much to deal with in retirement. The population has doubled since I lived there. So sad, Florida use to be so rich in wildlife and natural beauty.

I hate Florida too. I've been here five years and it feels like fifty. A few people including my wife talked me into moving here. They are no longer my friends and the wife can go to hell for talking me into this nightmare. As soon as I can get the money back out of the house I bought, I'm out of here. All the people I've met are alcoholics or on dope. I wondered why for a while. Then it became obvious to me. It sucks here.

I agree with the poster also.Their ways of doing things are *** backwards.Buissness owners are a penny smart dollar stupid.Their all trying to get rich every buissness owner is.They pay rate is a Joke!<br />
As a auto-technician I can say the pay rate at shots is 105 where I worked they paid me $14flate rate.I'm originally from NY I know the cost of living is more but still our rate up north was about the same but I got paid double.The weather sucks its hott as ****.The beaches yes get boring very fast.I baught jet skis thinking it would make it more enjoyable down here.My wife an I are bored already.I miss the snow the people the PAY the food,and the respect you get when you do a hard days of work,and you would never have to ask for it.

SEAN- i'm from California too and the beaches are so much nicer there. I have found Hell and am living in it

I agree with the poster 100%. This state is ugly!!!!! It is flat, I really don't care about the beaches, and CA(where I have lived) has better beaches and much nicer climate.<br />
<br />
Most of the year here you're a prisoner of air conditioning.<br />
<br />
I have never seen so many lowlifes in one place, it is like Jerry Springer land.

I'm sorry you hate florida. Yes, there's lots of elderly living there because its mostly warm year around and warm compared to more north during Dec, Jan & Feb. I know it probably FEELS colder because its always so humid. I like some humidity, yet I don't think I'd like it continuously. If you are from England, you'd probably like WA state better. It rains a lot, green, lush and experiences seasons. <br />
<br />
You could save up to move. I'm not saying NOW, I'm saying if you saved a certain amount of your paycheck, after a period of time, you would have saved up enough to leave. Not all of the US is the same. FL is unique. It'll probably be the warmest part of the continental US in a couple months.