Why I Hate Florida

               I moved to Florida in 2006  from New York City with my husband & my son Robert, my daughter Kim who convinced me that Florida would be my new life moved to Trinity Pas co County in 2004. Now I had lived my entire life in New York, did not know what I would have been missing till I moved to to Florida. Well since 2006 it has been nothing but a nightmare I keep telling people when I moved here I died & went to hell, & believe me it feels exactly like that. I made my first mistake moving to New Port Richey where people walk around with their nose in the air & think they are better than you are & also hate New Yorkers. Next mistake was moving into a deed restricted area cause my dear daughter Kim told me this is what you had to do.
               Now here is my story first I was miserable leaving my one daughter Ashley back in New York because even though she was 21 she was not ready to be alone. Well coming from New York I wanted to remodel my home I hate palm trees , they do nothing for me so I decided to remove one big one in the front of my house by my window, next the neighbor comes over to tell me what right do I have to remove a living thing, coming from New York & being Italian I wanted to tell him a thing or two but did not want to make waves so I said I am replacing this palm tree with 3 other flowering trees.
              Well that was a big mistake right their I was black balled from the block, next I hired a company to do over the driveway, I thought being from New York I would check this company  out to make sure they were on the up & up, well after calling to make sure he had a license little did I know I hired a convicted felon. Who was not the owner but using the owners license. Well I finally worked for months to track this guy down & got my money back. But while I was having the driveway done I had to leave my car in the street don't you think the wonderful neighbors called the police on me to give me a ticket, the cops said park it on the lawn on the lawn are you guys kidding or what.
            since 2006 I have been reported for everything a barking dog, a car in the street, you name it they called for it, you see the cops the court & the laws here are for criminals, & if your not from Florida the Big Brother will not protect you. My family back in New York are all in the police department they would never make house calls to someone home for nonsense. The people here in New Port Richey have their nose up in the air so high I wonder why they don't get a nose bleeds. I also have my license from New York for being a decorator I am still wondering why the association does not come down on them or fine them for deed grass, painting their house orange & loud colors, where do these people get their taste from they all need a decorating course.
              Now if you ever have to file a complaint like against a Realtor don't even cause the laws are for criminals there is no justice here in Florida the court the judges the cops are all one big joke. I speak from experience, I know their is crime in every State, but Florida is know for the worst crimes murder of woman & children cruelty of animals & the justice system letting them get away with it all. If you want to file a complaint in Small claims court the charge is ridiculous in New it is $15.00 here it goes buy what you are suing for like Florida does not steal enough money from the tax payers.
              The best of all last but not least is that most of the homes are built on burial grounds yes they dig up the remains of people that were buried here from years ago & do not relocate the bones just build homes right on top of them & they are still getting away with this does this tell you something or what. Yes a State full of criminals from the court down to your police department all in it together to make this fine ugly hell hole of a State.
               Well my wish for this State is that a Tornado would wipe it off the face of the earth taking all the criminals with it, cause that is where it belong wiped off the face of the earth, & also taking the nasty people of New Port Richey with it.
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My dear, everything that you're complaining about is only caused by you and your attitude! So much negativity in your article! I am not from NY or FL and believe that anyone would be terrified by having such pessimistic and complaining Neughboar! If you don't like it there, move! I bet you'll find things to complain wherever you go. But maybe you'll find a place that suits you better. I can't wait to get a house with palm trees only! You can have other trees, whatever you choose! Leave FL for people who LOVE heat, Palm trees and beaches.

Yes, and we hope that the same Tornado that would blow all the criminals away will blow all the New Yorkers back north!

In Miami many home improvements are not filed for by a contractor or homeowners so they don't have to pay additional taxes or to improve to meet the local building codes. The problem becomes yours when you sell the house and have to pay to bring the change up to code years later. Be very careful of this when you buy.

I thought I was the only one who hates this stupid state. They need to re name it Flori-Duh. I moved here in 2005 when I was 22 years old, because my family moved, and I have been miserable. I do nothing but work, I hate the beach, I hate palm trees , I really hate the heat, and the people are utterly disgusting. I will remain single forever if I stay down here because the men have no respect what so ever for women. (Not all of course) I am moving back to NYC in May or June, and I am not looking back. I will come visit being lots of my family lives here. I got a really great job opportunity that I will start training for here in January and transfer to NYC a few months after. I will take the brutal winter over this crap any day!

thank you,i'm not alone.ll.

Florida will eat up both your health and wealth quicker than elsewhere. Do think twice before moving here. If you do move here, hold off on really buying in before you have been here a few years. Dont get stuck in a bad investment. The "economy" here does not promote a very good lifestyle. It is truly a swamp in all senses of the word.


I came her 24 years ago. Im a single father and and have worked in the funeral industry over 25 years. My sons mother was a pill-head. I raised my son from birth.. every damn women had drug or mental issues...I don't know, maybe I attract that type. Anyhow, as a former New Yorker I miss it and going back. But Im not from NYC. Im from upstate and basically a NY redneck. I just miss the farm where I grew up and living off the land. Florida is ok, but its been a headache.... Made a lot of money here because I think that the local people are lazy...I too, was always told to " slow down"

OMG in hell in Naples! Desperately trying to get back to Jersey. This article pretty much says it all!

Sounds like you've had a pretty bad experience, but not ALL of Florida is like that.. New Port Richy may be, but don't judge us all due to your experience in one town. That would be like some idiot doing me wrong in New York City and me requesting the entire state and everyone in it die because of one person.

I received all the new emails on how I hate Florida today, well I am still here, since 2006, still hate Florida still trying to sell my home this year I might have a good chance since the prices have come up. Everything I have written about this horrible State is true, it has not changed. I keep telling everyone that when I moved here I died & went to hell. The people are strange maybe it is the water they are drinking or the heat but they sure are strange. If you own a home you have to be out their working on it everyday cause from the humidity makes everything falls apart, thank God I am handy for a woman & I fix & do most of the things myself, cause if you have to hire the crooks here your in trouble. I did myself a favor & signed up with Angie's List to protect myself from hiring most of the idiots that have a business here. Did anyone know that in order for you to be a merchanic here you do not need a license here or need to know anything about cars cute right. My lawyer calls this State the wild west how true that is anything goes even murder. I wish I would have know how dangerous it was to live in a climate with this high humidity & living in airconditioning all the time very bad for your health. Anyone that moves to Florida or any State with humidity & weather like this needs their head examined, & I wish I went with my gut instinct & moved where I wanted to go not followed family, but I am not giving up I am going to try to get this house sold, & I am going to make sure I do not hire a realitor here cause that is another joke.
Here are some of the things I incountered here a neighbor that lives next door Tom, keeps his property nice, but has a well uses well water, & makes sure he aims it all over my white walls of my house, when asking the idiot to turn the head on the sprinklers his reply it is to powerful & continues to have rusty water all over the side of my home. Having a bad temper wanted to cut his sprinkler heads but decided I did not want to got to Jail cause I would be the first to be arrested.
Next came to Florida with a beautiful yellow lab, a scipper Key Dog & 4 cats they all died here right away could not take the change nor the heat or humidity & the vet did not know what they died from told me he wishes he could go to New York with them to a good vet scary right, heart breaking cause I am an animal lover.
Next tried to hire a real estate to sell my home well if anyone knows anything about this process here is how it works, the agent signs up at least 150 clients, never runs adds or spends a dime of her own money, just waits to see what house will sell to make their. money & you just sit, their waiting for their help, than they have the nerve to tell you to lower the price of your house.
Get this, I hired Prudential Reality, Sandra blaker, was the agent so see sent over an agent with I thought a client to sell my home they were in my house for over an hour, I thought maybe they were interested.
I get an email telling me to start packing from Sandra blacker the agent, I called her she told me that the company she sent to my home from Re-Max His name was Bob Flishman & her name I forget his wife told my agent no one would live in my house it looked like a museum, so I called the ***** & said Lady did you tell my agent that no one would live in my home it looks like a museum she said yes I told her & quote are you an idiot, your selling my property not my furniture, & if you knew what you were doing you would know that.
Well I report her to the real estate board to find out that the day they came to my home their license was expired, but here is the biggest joke, of all the crooks from the real estate board told me they did nothing wrong that day. Now if you were in New York you would loose your license so anything goes like I said.
Now in New York I had my real estate license but you need a florida license to sell homes here a lot of studing & it is quiet hard to get it.
Has anyone realized that everything here costs more, & you get less & less for your money , I am living her with so many extra bills for things I never needed in New York, the garbage was picked up for free here you pay anothe joke.
Next did anyone ever try to fight Bright House well my story is to long but I gave them a run for their money they are another joke they call themselves a cable company & rob you go to Verizon they are the best of two evils.
Well I could go on & on & on, The State of florida is horrible for the weather, & the people should be checked when moving here like as if they were coming into the Mexican Boarder. Also the laws must be changed to protect the people this is what makes Florida a horrible place to live, I feel so sorry for the older people that cannot protect themselves & don't have a mouth to tell it like it is. I will say & say again this State is just like the wild wild West & not a good place to live all year around just to visit & go home real soon. & all you people from Florida that don't like New Yorkers take the stick out of your butt , cause you people know nothing stop drinking the cool aid, wake up.

Really lady??!! U have a HUGE problem!! And its NOT Florida. Its you!! I live in Oklahoma and I know u r a freakin joke!! If New York is so damn grand pls get ur *** back there asap!!! Ur trying to paint a picture for others individually as New York as a state has painted for itself... crime.. rape... murder... thats all any true midwest or southerners know about ur beloved and corrupt state!! Take no extra time.. pls go!! Get back to ur filthy disease infested Apple!!!

No .. shes not the issue.. i live in Naples .. and what she says is true... Florida is built around Wealthy retired people that move here from the north and call the shots.. the job market sucks and the homes are Way over priced and insurance is INSANE,,, I cant wait to get out of here myself...

Have you guy's ever notice why many people in FLORIDA are missing there teeth? or why 80pct of the people in Florida, smells like an ashtray?. NY I was born and raised her,. you are so right this place is a living hell.

It's not NY fault that we are the way we are.

By the way NY thank you for providing my family and friends in FL with today's jobs. It was your money that gave us hope. Thank you very much. NY please don't think that all of the people in FL hate you. I for sure have many NY friends> and I am glade to meet you all. Cubans mess this place up NY and lot's of our rednecks here miss judge you out of fear of the unknown.

Hurry waste no time!! Get the **** out!!!

I hope you got the **** out of Florida by now kuz we don't want your snobby *** here either. In fact I hope a tornado blows/blew you and your house/family off face of the earth.

Your an idiot


hahaha hell yeah

I am from NYC also I miss it terribly and give anything to go back and I am working on it but all my family left NYC so I would be going it alone. Even though I know NYC like the back of my hand I would be without any family there. Well we will see. As for the writer, don't be hard on yourself you just miss your other life so much. It will get better. Smell the roses as they say. But, I know what you mean by missing your NYC. I love New York has a different meaning. I actually do Love New York.....

So after reading most of the comments I've learned that almost all of the people moved here from New York....typical.

Cubans and Red Hill Billy mess this place up before NYC got here. Lucky for NYC they had the money to rebuild FL and provide jobs.

Its not Cubans & Red Neck Hill Billies, it is the law that mess up the State of Florida everyone in office is a crook, & would rob their own Mother the laws need to be changed

This story is ridiculous! You're very rude to the people that live here and you have no respect, besides being a loud mouth. That's why a lot of Florians don't like "New Yorkers". I'm was born and raised up north from the Boston area, I've been down here in the "New Port Richey" area for the last 13 years and I love it. The only thing that ruins this area are all the rude, loud, disrespectful people that come down from up north. This is Florida, it's not New York or Boston. It's completely different and we LOVE it like that. We love the friendly waves and the good mornings, we love palm trees and the heat, we love loud colors on our houses (please don't visit The Keys, you'll hate it). And about your far fetched burial grounds...where do people get this stuff from??! If you hate it so much just move! We don't want people like you here...you ruin this beautiful state. My family including the thousands of families living here have children that we love, so for you to say you wish death on all of us is despicable and disgusting....get the hell out of our town!

The help in Florida stinks. Today's Florida doctors steel the medicaid insurance money to provide there fancy Wardrobe-Cars-Houses. There the real crooks that are hurting this FL. Look at what there doing to our kids with these pills. And they say the people from NY is bad? look at us in FL, this is been going on before the people from the state of NY even arrived in FL. So FL please don't blame the New Yorkers. There all we got left.

If you know so much about Florida, start looking it up New Port Richey was build on burial grounds & the *** holes just dug up the dead bodies & built house on them, just like the crooks in florida just like them, it is written all over the internet I thought you lived here all your life. As far as New Yorkers being rude, you have that wrong to the people from Florida have to take their nose out of the air so they don't get a nose bleed, New Yorkers are friendly, people from Florida are rude.

I'm from NYC and even I know we aren't
friendly. Lol

It's sad but so True!!!!!, Some of still living here are Native of Fl here. It is Hell on earth here, and you're right. There are more criminals running our courts, police departments. This is Pro criminal state. I have never understood, why in hell would Anyone want to move here. It has Never been the promised land. Don't move here, it SUX and always has. For those of you just finding out, same old same old Floriduh!!!!!

There are plenty of other states to move in!

yes their are & you should check them out all of them before moving in.

Girl I cam from Nassau county long island..nov 2013 now leaving on auto train as I text Altamonte springs ..more crowded than Nassau county ..apt complex rats bats....lizards..snakes...cockroaches..yuk! Broken locks..never fix ..for two months had to sleep with patio door open ..wasted thousands of dollars ..mold in apt mildew...stinky carpet...nasty ..rental management let me out of lease..but took deposit 600..charge me extra for prorate 300..plus water. We had words I called her a slum lord...she band me from renatl office and clubhouse and laundry ..

for 2months....i have been used abused and robbed m.no jobs. Had three jobs in NY ....but then they hire no English people...who can't speak English. Filed a complaint in civil court waiting to here back...but if I don't get some of my money back ....i will bring their ***** on people court...i got picture galore...save money get out!of Florida ...its is hell on earth.
.😞😞😞😞😞😞😞. I am so glad I am leaving....praise mother Teresa.

Your right so right, you can make money in New York, here they pay you like you were a slave, & expect you to live with their high prices. Good luck to you.

I personally like Florida but I moved here and didn't expect it to be the same as my home state. I have been visiting here for 20 years though so I knew what to expect. If you want a fast paced goal oriented lifestyle this is not the state for you. I don't think the people are stupid just trying to slow down and relax since that is why they moved here. Crime rates have increased but it fluctuates based on migration patterns. By the way, when I used to come here it had a huge proportion of people from Georgia who apparently didn't like it either since I mostly meet New Yorkers here now. Floridians don't like pushy or agressive attitudes and if that isn't your attitude you should be fine here.

Floridians don't like pushy or aggressive attitudes? LOL.

Mostly what you get in FL is nothing but pushy, rude and aggressive attitudes. Look at the drivers, I have lived in a few states and never saw the amount of tailgaters, no signals, reckless driving, etc.

Look at what just happened in the Tampa movie theater, a man shot dead over texting.

There is nothing laid back about FL except maybe lying on the beach. But the reality of everyday living makes it hell on earth.

This is what I have to say about Florida. Florida Blows

I had to laugh at what that person wrote about Floridians they are rude so rude I told a lady on the phone one day who do you think your talking to don't talk down to me your no better than I am. These people here wonder who the hell they are they most of them are just so dumb. they need to go live in New York the best City in the world, & learn how real people live, learn how you help your fellow man not rob them.

Floridians are the pushy people , agressive just us New Yorkers get things done, we do not wait for the grass to grow under our feet, & wait to have some Floridian rob us we are to smart for that that is why you guys do not like us, to bad

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I absolutely agree with you. Florida is the biggest nightmare that I also refer to as a living hell. Literally. The ugliness of the surroundings, the horrible weather, the miserable stupid people who barely seem to be able to think, or move one foot in front of the other. HATE IT HERE>>>I never wanted to come here and will be so glad to be rid of this miserable place. I really do believe this is the land of the damned and those who like it in Florida..??Well...figure it out for yourself..I am outta here!!!

I agree I felt like I was drowned. And died in Florida...nuthing here ..
ghost land with bugs and palm trees Casey Anthony...and Zimmermann s running around crime the worst I ever heard...im gone..

All of florida is the wrong spot . Dear!

Nail on the friggin head.

Its not the state, its the people, and many old people in Florida are moments from death and want to leave this world having us remember what an *** they are!

I also had a bad experience in moving there a few yrs back on a "hope and a prayer," giving up some possessions, selling a few. I thought it was going to be a good experience and a hopeful outcome. NOT! It all went sour! How could it not with as hot and humid as it was. My pet also didn't like it. He let me know this a few miles after crossing the state line. He must have sensed something in the air.....he is not young and he definitly was uneasy. I was around the Tampa area also, and I lived in an ok residence but there started being breakins and theft around me. I was getting terrified. I was alone with a pet. I also got depressed with no birds. I grew up and had always lived with song birds all around. Not in Florida. I think in the few months I lived there I heard one irate bird going crazy jumping from tree to tree. I think it was some sortof woodpecker. It was small, no color and noisy sorta screeching sound. Not like a bird....more like a monkey sound. And I saw no stray cats anywhere which made me wonder if it was because of the snakes and gators. To me the traffic was also terrible on the interstate and main roads leading out. I ended up having to move from the state as fast as I could. I'm sure there is people who like it but frankly I don't ever want to go back.

I myself am from new york and italian i moved here as a baby after the september 11 attacks the thing i hate most about florida is the weather. During winter fall spring it is hot as hell and dosent rain at all then during the summer being a seventh grader it rains every single day so you are pretty much isolated FLORIDA SUCKS

I'm not sure this story is true. If you bought a home in Florida in 2006, your biggest complaint would be that your house or condo lost 50% or more of its value. Many people moved to Florida in 2006 and can't wait to leave, but they would need to ruin their credit or, if they paid cash, lose a lifetime of savings. I wouldn't move to New Port Richey anyway. If you think they're snobby, you should move to Naples where many millionaires and celebrities live. You just picked the wrong spot. I'm not defending Florida, since we each have our own personal preferences, but you are taking a huge state with over 18.5 million people (twice as many if you count the tourists and part-time residents) and stereotyping it ba<x>sed on your short time here. Sorry if all this happened to you. I really am. But I find people to be extremely friendly in Florida. I can't leave the supermarket without making a friend, and I'm from Boston!

Yes I did pick the wrong spot going to live 13 minutes away from my daughter she lives in trinity with the other snobs, she also told me live in a deed restricted area you need that O my God maybe for some people but when I have to ask what color to paint my house, & their weird rules from back in the horse & buggy day, New Port Richey Is like a slum, I paid top dollor here, the association does not keep up with what they should be doing & they charge enough for it each year, have you looked around New Port Richey lately it is a slum , the association need to get out of their office & see what is going on here.

I can't imagine how people in Pasco County can walk around with their noses up in the air. It is Jerry Springer country, white trash central....nothing to be snotty about....LOL.<br />
<br />
The stories that come out of there are the worst of the worst.<br />
<br />
1) toddlers found wondering in the road because mommy is high on Oxycontin.<br />
<br />
2) 10yr old driving a car because daddy is too drunk to drive.<br />
<br />
These are frequent events there.<br />
<br />
It really is about as low class as FL gets, and that's pretty bad.

it is all true the Jerry Springer show but worse

Loved it...here's my own experience,,,http://joefriedman.hubpages.com/hub/Why-I-Hate-Florida

calling me names shows you are very ignorant , just wait for what is to come , you will have something to complain about soon enough If you hate Florida you must hate something else in your life that is causing such hate think about it...cgjames...the one...

Don't expect happiness by moving somewhere different, ask yourself why did you move in the first place? Different parts of Florida are different as night and day! So unfortunately are the people. Née smyrna beach is a quaint beautiful town not the most glamorous but absolutely friendly .south Florida has post card like beaches with aqua water and coconut palms but for a huge price and every where you go is unfriendly other than delray beach which was nice for a transplant from New York. Know it was all friendly at one time but economy and too many people too fast can create a longing for somewhere serene and don't forget having no family makes people homesick try looking within for the true answers...CGJAMES ....the one......

I was dragged here by my parents seems like your just a dumb *** on your own to move here.

Post card-like beaches?? I don't think so. More like trash-strewn and brown water. The nicest beaches are in Europe.

You must be referring to that canal you enjoy swimming in

omg my mom decided to move here (tampa Fl) a few weeks ago thinking this was going to be beautifull i never been here before so all this was a terrible surprise for me she never been here before as well but her friend told her she could get a job and pay less rent over here. now she doesnt have a job things are as her friend told her i need her support while im pregnant because is hard for me to get a job right now i dont know what we are going to do , she wants to stay here when not even my dad has a job. i am 27 weeks pregnant cancel my insurance in new york cant get it back till after 6 months , i dont want to be here anymore i hate it is horrible i use to live in Sleepy Hollow New york for 10 years but had to come with my mom because she was moving here and i didnt have any other place to stay in. im totally unhappy i wish i had money a job and a place to return back . i am so depressed i wish i have a way out!!!

Hi Westchester,
Just read your post, Westchester Sleepy Hollow sounded like a great place to live, I felt so bad hearing how depressed you are feeling. I know how that feels when I moved from New York in 2006 to Florida being told by my oldest dauther it was going to be a great place to live. Well that was not true at all I do not know anyone who would like living here. I do know that Tampa is a better place than where I am located In New Port Richey their is supposed to be more than going on their, I also heard Saint Pettersburg is also a nice place if you move into the right area their to. But I know your heart is back in westchester, &amp; mine is in Floral Park New York. Do you have any family or friends their in Tampa to help you . It must be hard for you being pregnant also , I can't believe the insurance company is going to make you wait for 6 months till they give you back your insurance, knowing you are pregnant. Did you try to apply for any state help here in florida, yet . Well if I can help you in any way just let me know. I would like to tell you it will get better staying here, but I can't the best thing you have going for you is that wonderful baby you are having, you are blessed. Well hope things get better for you, let me know how you are doing.

omg my mom decided to move here (tampa Fl) a few weeks ago thinking this was going to be beautifull i never been here before so all this was a terrible surprise for me she never been here before as well but her friend told her she could get a job and pay less rent over here. now she doesnt have a job things are as her friend told her i need her support while im pregnant because is hard for me to get a job right now i dont know what we are going to do , she wants to stay here when not even my dad has a job. i am 27 weeks pregnant cancel my insurance in new york cant get it back till after 6 months , i dont want to be here anymore i hate it is horrible i use to live in Sleepy Hollow New york for 10 years but had to come with my mom because she was moving here and i didnt have any other place to stay in. im totally unhappy i wish i had money a job and a place to return back . i am so depressed i wish i have a way out!!!

omg my mom decided to move here (tampa Fl) a few weeks ago thinking this was going to be beautifull i never been here before so all this was a terrible surprise for me she never been here before as well but her friend told her she could get a job and pay less rent over here. now she doesnt have a job things are as her friend told her i need her support while im pregnant because is hard for me to get a job right now i dont know what we are going to do , she wants to stay here when not even my dad has a job. i am 27 weeks pregnant cancel my insurance in new york cant get it back till after 6 months , i dont want to be here anymore i hate it is horrible i use to live in Sleepy Hollow New york for 10 years but had to come with my mom because she was moving here and i didnt have any other place to stay in. im totally unhappy i wish i had money a job and a place to return back . i am so depressed i wish i have a way out!!!

Yeah, we were promised financial relief if we moved in with my grandmother. My mom can barely pay her share of the utilities and she hasn't been able to find any stable work in Tampa whatsoever. I pray to god I leave this state in the next few years before I go insane. I miss the change of seasons.

You can always move back where you cam from

Yup, that is just the way things are down here. I know from experience how rude people can be as I've lived in south Florida and now live in Tampa. I hate it here, ugh.

The best thing for you to do is to move out of this State their is nothing that they offer you here, &amp; when you have to get involved with Realtors or contractors or anything here you will see, what criminals are all about, I know I have learned sinde 2006 this is not the place to be &amp; I am hoping I get out of this hell hole soon.

This didn't happen because you are from NY. In fact, lots of times it's the people from NY who do the complaining. This is the way Florida is. Full of people with absolutely nothing to do but pick on other people, especially if they are jealous.

Well I do now for a fact the people in Florida do hate the people from New York they claim that this is why their State is the way it is. No their State is the way it is because everyone from everywhere moves here, mostly people looking to get away from their lives of crime. They should do the same thing here like they do at the Mexican border, investigate anyone looking to enter the State.
This State of Florida is made up up more criminals than any State I know &amp; the police have to be either idiots or just really dumb. That is why their is so much crime the police do not know how to find their way out of a paper bag, &amp; the courts system &amp; the laws are for the guility here.
Since I moved here in 2006 I have encounted in one year more crime from hiring contractors, people robbing things from my outside my home, criminals that lived accross the street, a woman stealing your credit information out of your mailbox, crime more crime,than living my whole life in New York, most of my family in New York are in the police department &amp; would never let what goes on here in Florida happen in New York &amp; I know that for a fact. We have laws that are followed in New York places to report business owners that are not doing their job.
Also the Small Claims Court Office in New York charges are $15.00 for a claim they do not rob you their like the Small Claims Office here in Florida, the charges they charge you are so high you don't even want to file a claim.
Has anyone tried using a Realtor here, well that is the theift of all times now &amp; try reporting them the state agency they work hand &amp; hand along with the criminals, cause they are getting paid off by the Realitors. Now here is how the Realitors operate here, they list your home telling you they are going to get it sold they work very hard.
That is the first lie, next they do not tell you that they sign up hundreds of other listings, cause their game is lets see I do not have to work do a thing just sit &amp; wait one of these homes will sell, &amp; that is their game.
The Real Estate is horrible here &amp; do nothing to sell your home except list it I have used at least 5 Realitors already they all use the same game. I would say they are among the high list of criminals also.
At one point I had my home up for sale, with Prudential Real Estate Company, they sent a company called Re/Max a man called Bob Fachtman &amp; his wife to see my home they were sent to my home having no license, &amp; I checked it out how do you send a company with an expired license to someone home, well I reported them the agency they did nothing a State of criminals that is all this place is Florida criminals.
I saved all the emails &amp; written proff of this but again what good does it do you here their is no police department, here no court no law that protects anyone in the State of Florida.
Florida is a State of criminals, with no law enforcement, no court system, &amp; no justice for the people, the people here that walk around thinking they are so high &amp; mighty, need to wake up take your nose out of the air, your State is nothing good to talk &amp; New Yorkers are not what made it suck you the people of Florida did that.

yep i agree

Just completely false.