Please, Please, Avoid South Florida At All Costs

Why in God's name would anyone want to come to Florida? Everything South of Ocala is pure hell and the most God awful looking place. South/central and South Florida have to be one of the ugliest places on earth. Unless you are wealthy, this place is a hell-hole. Rich people can afford to shield themselves from the riff raff (most people in S. Florida) Bunch of violent people here too. OK, now the weather here is fine...for 2-3 months a year. The rest of the time is like being in a sauna. I swear it wears you down and after a couple of months of sweating if you even walk outside, you just decide to stay inside. At least in a cooler climate, you can put on warm clothes. I can't reiterate enough, if you want to move to Florida, come in July/August for a visit first. Then ask yourself if you want to live like this for 8-10 months a year.
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Florida sucks completely. The people here are either lazy, flakes, dipshits or zombies. Or a combo of all 3. Surrounded by retirees everywhere I go. The women are pathetic. Obnoxious, narcissistic and they all live with their mothers even in their 30s and 40s. I thank God I am leaving next year. Good riddance dipshits.

Agreed! Ugly except for ocean. I couldn't wait to get away and now live in Carolinas.

I only just came across this post. JamesTKirk70001, I hope things have gotten better for you since you posted. It's all so true. Scotty, beam me up. NOW!!!!

I absolutely hate South Florida to my core. I am from California and I am well traveled around the world, and South Florida is one of the most awful places I could ever picked to live. I look around daily and think "WHY DO PEOPLE LIVE HERE" The weather sucks, the people suck, the schools suck, the topography sucks, the lack of change of season or landscape completely sucks. I cry EVERY SINGLE time I go back to California when I realize how much I am missing on enjoying my life by living in such an awful hell hole as South Florida. I ran a marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon- Im a naturally talented runner and I absolutely HATE running in FL. All concrete, no beauty, no hills, sweltering 90% humidity- I just gave up on one of my lifes passions and God given talents because I hate being "outside" I move from one air conditioned bubble to another and you cant even open the window to your house because of the insane heat and humidity. I cant handle it. If you are even considering moving here. Dont do it. Dont make the mistake I did. Im dying here.

I'm sorry Chip! California is a very beautiful place, and I can't imagine moving from Cali to South Florida! You shouldn't give up on your dreams. Can you move back to California?

I moved to South Florida from the Midwest 4 years ago and I hate it! I can't stand the New York/New Jersey selfish attitude. No one thinks about anyone but themselves around here. I've held doors for people at the store and not gotten so much as a look of acknowledgement or even a thank you. It's so disappointing to me. I've only made 1 friend in the whole 4 years of living here, and I've pretty much given up on finding more. Most people just end up disappointing me by being flaky and mean, and it makes me think I would be better off being alone most of the time. I also spend most of my time going from air conditioned bubble to air conditioned bubble, and it sucks. The only nice weather we see from December through March is filled with snowbirds and tourists who take all the parking spots at the beach and make I-95 like a parking lot, so it's not even enjoyable to go anywhere. I cry every time I go back to the Midwest too. I would much rather live around cold weather and warm-hearted people than warm weather and cold-hearted South Floridians any day.

I have to say that all the comments that I have read thus far about south Florida are right on spot. I especially feel the same way as the last respondent who states that she feels like she is slowly dying inside. It's true, once here you are stuck and it is very difficult to find a way out. I have been here twenty years and have slowly watched as this place has become increasingly worse. I would love to sell my home and make a little something that I could use towards moving costs and the purchase of a new home somewhere else for a fresh start. But with home prices in the gutter, how is that even possible? And with the economy not fairing so well, it's not as easy like it used to be to quickly find work somewhere else. The people here are selfish, self-serving and downright disrespectful. The streets are congested and the heat while stuck in traffic seems to suck all that much more life out of you. And for someone who is a nature nut like myself, there is nothing here in terms of natural beauty that is awe-inspiring. It's overdeveloped, flat and humid. The occasional drive across Alligator Alley is about the only natural beauty you can get but even that gets old after a while. Bottom line, the moment I see an opportunity to get myself and my family out of this hole I am going to take it. Actually, I'm thinking of getting myself and my family as far away from here as I can once we do. Pacific-Northwest somewhere. Suggestions anyone?

I would like to say that slowly i am dying inside for living in this God forsaken place called south florida, but it seams to be happening at a much faster rate!!!!!!!! Life long lesson learned.I should have never ran away from my family in buffalo, at the age of 18, to florida with my boyfriend who was just my escape. 27yrs later I just cant seem to get out of this place and its killing me! Really, its messing with my head. Marriage to boyfriend obviously didnt work out. However I did receive a beautiful baby girl from that marraige. I have been counting the days till her 18th. birthday since my divorce working hard, playing by the rules ,waiting for my chance to escape. Unfortunately during this time I meet the love of my life who happens to be a police officer, truely my soul mate, never to be questioned, he was made for me! To make a long story short basically because im sick of replaying it in my head. Had child with soul mate ,lost lots of money in family business [on my side] economy went to crap!!!!!!! short sale on house to avoid forclosure. Husband retired from one police dept. and signed on for another 5 years with another till we are out of debt. Is there light at the end of this tunnel, Im gonna be too old to enjoy it if there is !!!!! Very Sad.

I arrived here after typing 'south florida hate' in google. I was amazed at the variety and extent of posts. I feel better after reading them. I'm from California (btw only deluded hipster wannabe's ever call it Cali) and am so unhappy here, I could cry. I never thought there were that many people or kinds of people that I didn't want to have anything to do with. They've a "special lack of grace, you can see it in their face(s)". The climate just sucks the energy out of you. The beaches, the.... I could go on. And it's not just compared to So Cal which is awesome, I've worked up in Seattle, Portland, and even St. Louis and found them more hospitable -- in every way-- than here. I'm in PB County. I wish us all the best -- and if you come to SFL to visit, don't ---get-- stuck.

Yeah one of my bestfriends from up north lives in West Palm Beach. I visited there several times. It's just a bad bad area. He lives like a mile and half from 45th Street all I can say is holy crap it's bad! Helicopter searches are like a every night thing there. Doesn't even phase anyone. I know everywhere has gotten bad but FL just has that extra zing to it of Holy S&*# I gotta get out of here!

I have lived the last 3 years in South FL after living half my life in California and I feel this has to be the last place in the world anyone would want to live. Rude people everywhere, incredibly bad drivers and weather that is hot & humid 9 months out of the year. I once was a person who loved the outdoors, but now I spend most of my time indoors because the muggy weather and frequent rain makes being outdoors unpleasant. There is little scenery except for the coastal areas which are overtaken by real estate for the very wealthy. Going out is very expensive and everything is tacky and overpriced. Moving here was the biggest mistake of my life.

I go out sometimes but stay inside most of the time too. Just go outside to walk my dogs...

I used to love being outside- Im from California too- and now I hate it. I "Was" a runner- an avid runner with a God given talent- and now I despise being outside because of the heat and humidity.... I hate fl

I love it how they say that it never gets over a 100 degrees here, the hell it doesn't.<br />
<br />
It's called a heat index, it is already in the 90s and will be for the next 5 months. When you add in the humidity the temps feel like 105 and up with humidity.<br />
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It's disgusting. You want to stay inside, which I hate, but spending a few minutes outside and it's time to go back in. :(

I completly agree with you, that is what I always say "when is cold you can put coats on and you're ok, but when it's warm what can you???" <br />
Ugh, I don't like florida, I get tan really fast and I looked like I was in the beach for one whole day getting tan =/

A lot of GOP'ers and Snakes there, wait!!!! did I just repeat myself?

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