Why People Hate Florida

Lets see why People dislike Florida

1)Florida has the most Pedophiles

2)If you are a redneck young female you can kill your baby and get away with it(Casey Anthony)

3)Every where you turn you have some idiot Floridian trying to rip you off with some scam.

4)Cops here take 2 hours to respond to a real crime but it takes minutes to pull over someone doing 5 miles over the speed limit.

5)Looking for a job here,good luck at getting a job at Publix or Disney for $8 an hour.

6)Florida drivers drive like crap and then blame the tourist or New Yorkers Yet statics show that it's the natives here that suck as drivers because if you take drivers ed like here in Orange county you don't even have to take the state driving exam. 

7)Girls here are trashy as hell and spread diseases all over, yet they blame the Black people or Hispanics.

8)Teen pregnancy in Orlando at a all time high.

9)the court system is as corrupt as hell and we depend on them to protect are constitutional rights but they let every street thug loose.

10)The weather here sucks,school system sucks,jobs suck,and Floridians honestly think that Bahama Breeze or the Ale House are high class restaurants. 

11)Natives her are rude as hell. If you did not grow up living in the boondocks shooting soda cans and possums then you obviously do not fit in.

12)UCF and Miami College are your Ivy League school and everyone that goes there thinks they are smart but are really idiots, yet up north we have Columbia College, NYU, Baruch College, Cornell University, Penn State, Harvard, Notre dame University and we know we are smarter yet we dont go around acting like we are so big. 

in summary, Florida has no jobs, hospitals suck, schools sucks, natives are rude, drivers are bad, cops and judges are corrupt, a bunch of pedophiles and moms who kill their babies, love bugs galore, hillbillies with no education, sink holes everywhere, trashy women and men who think its okay to sleep with everyone that is married, people who think 25 floors on a building is considered a skyscraper, racist people everywhere  that hate tourist and New Yorkers who actually bring money to this sand trap hell hole. If it were not for Disney you would be selling Oranges to Tropicana and every idiot you can to try and convert State Road 50 from a crappy dirt road to a paved road still. Wow and you ask why Northerners hate Florida. Maybe its because you hate us and we know that our way of life up there is far more advance and about 10 years ahead of yours. We got fooled with the weather and the palm trees and the only reason we can't move back is because we got scammed with the real estate market and spent all our money on houses down here and we are now stuck with them because no one in this country wants to move to a trashy hell hole state like this. They called this a swing state for elections, why not call it the Swingers State with all the trashy ****** here. They call it the "sunshine State" why not call it the "Lightning and watch your butt when you walk you might die due to lightning state", they call this the "gator state" and that is probably the only thing they got right with the gators running into peoples swimming pools. While we are at it, lets call it the "lets set every forest on fire on purpose and good luck driving through that buddy state". Good ole Florida where the Meth Labs are the only Chemistry Labs your Child will ever get to learn about chemistry and the gators are the only team that the natives actually root for because the real Pro-Teams are to similar to what goes on up north. Hey I am running for Mayor, Sheriff, Congress, Senator, I am the biggest idiot out here but guess what, I'm from Florida, that is my slogan and I know you will vote for me because i am an idiot and i am from Floriduh, after our election we can have fun doing a recount because we never get it right with our stupid handwritten ancient ballot and elderly people running the precincts who are to old to see the darn computer screen. After all that re-count we can say you stole the election because we can't count. I love this state, all you northerners stay out, only we Floridians have the right to this bug infested state. Mama i'm only 18 years old, why you kicking me out of the house? Because that is what we do here in Florida, time for you to go get a job at Publix son and pay $1,100 on a crappy apartment.
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I've been living here for close to 40 years, grew up in Boston and was glad to move the hell out from there. I've made a nice life for my family here. Yet, in an amusing way, I do concur with his assessment, despite his illiterate dissertation. Maybe he just skipped his English classes too often.

I've been living here for close to 40 years, grew up in Boston and was glad to move the hell out from there. I've made a nice life for my family here. Yet, in an amusing way, I do concur with his assessment, despite his illiterate dissertation. Maybe he just skipped his English classes too often.

I was born and raised in Hialeah. My Cuban family came to this country in the 60s. They worked hard and appreciated the fact that they escaped communism. They did not criticize or complain and became US citizens. They are Americanized and although they are connected to their Hispanic culture, they consider themselves Americans. With the migration of this generation of Cubans, many children were raised in Hialeah and Miami. They were raised with morals and strong family values. In the last seven years, the generations that are arriving into this country from Cuba and other islands are different. Some people are parasitic and do NOT contribute anything positive. They do not work and reap this country's benefits. They criticize and complain about the government and yet they have no intention of becoming a US citizen. Look around. They are the ones that are rude, self-entitled, aggressive, intolerant, etc. I have never encountered so much negativity, road rage, and mental instability than I have in the last five years of living in Miami. Why is it that when I speak to a native here they are more educated and civilized than those who are not from here? Employees that work in schools, government jobs, and customer service need to learn to speak English. It is a person's choice to be bilingual or not. I think it is appalling to see so many drivers with their small foreign flag attached to their cars waving in the breeze. It would be downright rude for any American to wave our flag in some other country. If you are a pedestrian, watch out. Most drivers here could not care less about crossing lanes, traffic signals, speed limits, etc. They are the ones you see who are too busy posting on social media, texting, playing on their tablet, whatever imaginable but paying attention to the road. They relish on aggravating other drivers with their stupidity and narcissism. Don't expect any remorse if they almost hit you with their car as you are walking in a parking lot. Their nature strives on justifying their behavior when logic demonstrates otherwise. Common courtesy and respect is rare here. It is disheartening that my daughter is subjected to this environment on a daily basis. Schools have teachers, office staff and Administration that are rude, arrogant, and narcissistic as well. Our children are growing up thinking this is normal behavior and some of those traits are rubbing onto them. My brothers and I were raised during a time when residents had manners and treated others with respect. Please and thank you were the norm when talking with anyone. Adults were respected and children were raised down to earth and appreciative. What a different time it is now.

Miami is full of the rudest people but unfortunately it is epidemic that has spread like a virus. My husband, daughter, and I used to enjoy driving to Pembroke Pines and Miramar but unfortunately the low class of people that I aforementioned have moved there as well. My Mom remarried an Anglo that got fed up of the rudeness and job instability. He got fed up of ignorant Hispanics telling him to learn Spanish. They moved to the Midwest and never looked back. They have never been happier.

....an one more thing.....I have never been on food assistance until I moved to this state.....like a fish out of water....I'm constantly on and off food asst. the way the jobs work here is a disgrace.....oh there are jobs....you have to look....and when you finally get settled in - they get rid of you - due to end of season or for whatever other reason.....WHY YOU SAY ?? because of the WORK AT YOUR WILL THEME state they call themselves here....which means in English - an employer can get rid of you ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON THEY WANT - the employer is protected...the state caters to retired people who have some money....or the wealthy....not the working person....if you never were a waitress - they will not hire you....if you never were a receptionist - they will not hire you...if you were never a cashier, you will not get a job at publix or target or walmart......an the list goes on....I'm educated with tons of work experience and I go job to job here in this state....looking to start my own business now, I have no choice....I can't rely on these so called jobs and the way they do things...thank goodness I own my condo from an inheritance because the rents have sky rocketed here at the same level as New York...and they are back to building everywhere here...one bedroom starts at 1200 when few years back it was 800... .I have to borrow money constantly from my family to keep a roof over my head - thank god I don't have children to support....which actually is another whole free program of funding....another story......ya.....FLORIDA

.....so well said my friend.....I have no money no credit - all used up in order to move down to this ****** state.....which btw. the courts send court processors to your door in order to collect the money owed to the credit card company...they come pounding and yelling out your name like its a home invasion....keep a gun just in case ok....oh...that's legal too...you can have a gun in your home without a permit and if you have to use it then you can shoot anytime...as long as your in your'e home....if only I had money to go back to NEW YORK to get a job....or another state other than here....that's why most people here start up business's....which I find you go to work for small tech startups and then suddenly your checks start to bounce and then the doors are closed.....who knew you can't get a normal 9-5 job here.....with all the red tape they keep you from getting a job here....only the REHAB PEOPLE get the jobs and the employer gets a KICK BACK from the state !! the rehab people have sponsors who have a list of jobs and apartments.....did I say apartments ??? I mean an ocean view, beach walk high class in Boca CONDO - way of life.....yup.....oh.....and the REHAB PEOPLE some may say oh poor them......ya.....how about it cost 80,000 dollars to attend rehab.....they allll come from wealthy families.....they are then taught how to clean their rooms and cook for themselves and get a job......life skills.....then they have an option to leave if they want....but who would want to leave an ocean view with palm trees.....BIGGGG BUSINESS HERE for REHAB.....surrounding areas is DELRAY BEACH - THE HUB AND BOCA RATON AND FT. LAUDERDALE AND DEERFIELD....they move into surrounding homes quietly.....and they drive around in plain white vans.....all funded by the state.....oh....did I mention the felon programs ??? ohhhhh you left that out....yea they get the jobs too.....special programs setup by the state.....so alot of your co-workers are from rehab and prison.....and they wonder why peoples private information is sold and stolen around the world....its NOT CHINA OR RUSSIA......TRUST ME !!!

I know this article was originally posted in 2012, but I had to respond. Overall your message is completely sound and I agree with you 100% as well (though I have to critique you on your spelling, run on sentences, and grammar).

I was born and raised in Florida and agree that the education system here is terrible. I'm still struggling trying to figure out why people rate universities like UCF and UF so high...they absolutely suck! UCF wants to nickel and dime you to death and UF is so crowded that the faculty cannot adequately teach their students, especially if you are completing an online degree through them. You pay good money to not only be forgotten about half the time, they expect you to be perfect with your skills like writing and grammar though the instructors (who are Ph.Ds) cannot even write a coherent sentence themselves. How are us students suppose to take any one of these instructors seriously. It may be that I'm what you consider a non-traditional student, so I've been around and have more experience in life. It is easy to point out these types of inadequacies.

Don't get me started on the weather. This year so far has been a total clusterf**k...one day it's totally cold, the next it is bikini weather. The love bugs that were mentioned in the original post are suppose to appear in May and September though I've been seeing them in January.

Don't get me started on the drivers around here...they are f**king idiots! You are constantly being cut off, side-swiped, slowed down, or whatever else. People are constantly on their phones when they are driving and plain old don't give a crap.

In addition, we have too many Republican morons here and people who just don't vote at all. That's why Voldemort (aka Rick Scott) keeps getting voted back in as governor...what a tool that guy is (and utterly evil). He plainly does not give a crap about the majority of the state, but you know what I blame the stupid voters for that.To the north my husband and I go hopefully this year, leaving this festering turd of a state behind. For those of you that love Florida, you can have it...good riddens!

I recently relocated to Jacksonville from the north central US with my wife. We love it here (good bye 20 below). I've lived in many states and outside of this country and everywhere you had haters of the ground they stood on with the I don't like it, it's boring, there's nothing to do, I don't like the weather. For me.... I always have something to do (even where there really is nothing to do), I love the weather here...it's an all year kind of place for outdoor stuff (except I start my outdoor activities at predawn hours during the warmest times). The native people here are some of the most polite people I have ever met and some of the old timers wont even repeat words like damn and hell (they'll... say... you know.... what you just said). Also, these master planned communities are awesome.... very well manicured... they may also have their own "town center" at the entrance like here... doctors, dentists, full grocery, restaurants, stores and so on (these MPC's usually have CDD / fees (community development district) which you have to pay for as well... something I never heard of before moving here.... for us... $700 a year... on tax bill. Yes, there is traffic here, but it is really around very specific times. Considering how many people are here traffic moves around pretty well. Make no mistake about it there are good and bad areas (appearance wise), but this city is so large that the bad areas tend to be on the other side. However, I do frequent those areas for their natural features and even though run down the people have been very friendly and I've had frequent lengthy conversations with absolute strangers. I give "everyone" the benefit of the doubt and treat them equally no matter who they are.....until they give me reason to do otherwise. You would be surprised at how often your "eyes" deceive you.

I live in Florida and I agree 100%

Most specifically South FloridaI totally agree and will just add, yes, even by your comments(against the author) and written English you confirm all that written here.Basically I understood the reason all these to be like that, when watched :Cocaine Cowboys:Simply put, this is not USA, and it is created for a reason by USA.I haven't seen Cubans in Portland and I am so grateful for that , as all Americans have to.Even big part of the Americans I met here have foggy past, and usually most of them are intellectually challenged.I may need to stay another year here for the job, but planning to go back to USA
Speak Spanish in Spain!!!

I am in Boca Raton, in South Florida. There are no rednecks or rude natives. As a matter of fact, most native floridians are very nice and down to earth. Boca Raton is known for its wealth, but also horribly unpleasant people. Not everybody's like that, but a lot of folks are. I could never really understand why, and it was a huge shock to me, since I had moved from LA when I was in 7th grade. In LA, people were so nice, polite, and didn't have weird accents.

I also cannot stand humidity or rain. I despise it. It's just too hot in the summer for me. I also do not have any family here nor family friends. As my mother said, "It's like living in the desert. We don't know anybody!" Unfortunately, my family and I had no choice. We had to move. My dad's job was transferred here, and he can't find work in SoCal. That's the way it is for now.

On the bright side, I go to a great school and I've made some friends and I like the beaches here more than the beaches back west. Boca is also somewhat close to Miami, and Miami's cool, so that's a pro. My life here isn't really so bad. My dad has a good job and my mom works to support the family too. Hopefully, we'll buy our own house and settle down here.

And for me, I am working hard to get into a good college. If I stay here, I might go to FSU or UF, both which are very good schools. Personally I'd prefer to go out-of state to USC, but it's highly expensive and competitive. Either way, I am in high hopes of going back to California, but now is not the time.

The truth is, every state and city has pros and cons. LA is an awesome place, but it's extremely expensive. Boca has beautiful beaches, but the people's attitudes aren't so pretty. Life's better when you try to look at the bright side.

Florida. It is what it is. Deal with it or get the hell out of here.

Congratulations for pointing that out. You want an award for your ugliness son or did you catch all of your ugly from your momma?

Alright no need to hate on Florida it's not all red neck white ******* so no need for all that yes it has its flaws but **** do you have beautiful beaches.. Oh and there's many races ALL OVER THE WORLD blacks and Hispanics have the highest rate for std it's proven . It's not all white people and not all slutty your so ignorant for writing this , obviously you haven't been to Florida or your just a very unhappy person ! Visit the beaches in December, it's GREAT !! I

Wow 100% accurate I'm from Florida and this is all true but you for got that the accident rate is so high from dumb ducks who never own a car and old farts who are basically blind and hit the break when they already crash or when the light is green welcome to Florida hells front lawn

I absolutely agree100% with everyone of this! I am a Florida native and all of this is on point!!!!

Wow. Did a Floridian kill your parents or something? Like geez, I can only find like, what, two things that are actually true here? Chill breh.

-a fellow Floridian

This is the most ignorant article i read in a long time. It seems people are here to bash Florida lol

1. The best advice i can give to you is to stay away from big cities like Miami, because it's expensive and really dangerous to live in. If your not a doctor, pilot, celebrity etc don't even attempt to live there, Mkay?

2. Every state has it's advantages and disadvantages. Just like how New York is rat infested with crack addicts in broken down apartments, Florida has to deal with it's humidity.

It's called " The Sunshine State " for a reason, what do you expect? Snow? If you think you can't handle the heat don't even bother coming here, because your going to be one of these people in this comment section complaining.

3. You can buy a house that's worth 1 million in Cali for 200-300k here in Florida. That means a 5 bedroom 4 bath with a pool.

4. We DON'T pay Income tax

Enjoy your Snow you vampires.

Picture a clear blue, sunny day with a little breeze. Hanging out with friends and family having a good time. Like a Christmas feeling. That's Florida. So many good memories.

First of all cali and Florida are have the highest most expensive real estate in the country that and second we do pay income tax what are you you not doing your taxes or you another corrupt buiness owner like so many in hialea and what ******* breeze your bmws or Mercedes ac Miami has no mountains the breeze stays in the shore I'm sweating balls just going to my car witch is like 15 feet away and don't bring new York bull Miami has roaches, rats, mice the entire infestation chain including rude people have you ever been to a party because that's all they do here party, drugs, and sex! So there's your florida!

ok so moved to orlando from hoboken NJ love orlando

i agree with this individual, florida is the worst state next to texas, full of illegals, tramps, ********, corrupt law enforcement, liberal communists who love money as well as antichrist jews who love money and ****, bottom line:


WOW... while I do think that Florida is pretty crappy place to live.... I must say that this is one of the most narrow-minded, ignorant and plain stupid articles I have read in awhile.

I dont agreed with this, the north is very poor, the streets are fool of cracks, the houses all look like trailer homes, very bad contruction, there are wires every where yet the US claim to be advance but it looks like a country from the 30's. People are trashy, blacks make a huge effort to continued sucking from their goverment, whites loves drugs so much, with a 5 to 10 cool buildings in every city everything else is fake, old and underdeveloped--the reality of the US is that is being market by Hollywood movies for more than 70 years, and now by what we see in our computers and social networks , etc. yeah we are all very happy with the big Wall Mart, with the big fake/wood construction mall's,with the 24 movie theaters, with the huge food courts with really bad food, with the Kardashians but the reality is that we are all mediocre people, we trash everything, we dont get to see what is around us

So today I am in my condo parking garage, my BMW would not turn over. As I was trying to start the car, several men walked by, NOT ONE asked me if I needed any help. Of course a women came over and asked me if I needed assistance. Now I know I am in South Florida, where the men are by no means what you would call gentlemen, but damn, NOT one even asked me. I ended up calling my husband, who is a gentleman (from Europe). What a bunch of loosas.

I like florida.

you must be a corrupt liberal communist

This article is pathetic, ignorant and opinionated. I'm comprehending that someone under the age of 18 wrote this. If I'm wrong, then whoever the author of this is should really consider going back to school. A mature adult wouldn't be using the term "sucks" or "hillbillies". ("in summary, Florida has no jobs, hospitals suck, schools sucks, natives are rude, drivers are bad, cops and judges are corrupt, a bunch of pedophiles and moms who kill their babies, love bugs galore, hillbillies with no education, sink holes everywhere, trashy women and men who think its okay to sleep with everyone that is married"). This article seems as if it was typed by a 15 year old for an essay. Every state has these problems you're mentioning. Each state has a good side and a bad side depending on which area you're in. Whoever posted this article should be embarrassed. Give facts before you publicly post inaccurate information about someone else's state.

you guys are going to the wrong places Miami is the spot to be
no one gives a flying **** about you or anything that you do.
when I travel out of state like to Tennessee everyone is super ******* nice that im creeped the **** out I like people ignoring me its great cause I don't want people in my space

hey fuckyou167, **** you and kiss my christian *** you ******* and miami suck full of cuban ****

when I first moved here I hade a dream I was murdered, and I knew I made a big mistake here in Pensacola. I have been around the world and I am a street smart man that can read body language, lies or smell something wrong. I have heard allot of other people talk allot of crap about this town and I know im not alone.
1. am I the only man in this town that's not born and raised here or grew up without my family holding my hand? yuppie's think its impressive to brag about how much money your daddy got? or are you calling me a sucker? 50% of the time they are compulsive liars trying to composite for their insecurities.
2. am I the only man here that will open my door, make eye contact and greet you with a friendly hello! with out acting paranoid and skittish? it cant be any more awkward saying hello to some one in my neighborhood and completely ignore me like im some kind if disease...
3.down town Pensacola is like a giant star buck's sipping tea with a bunch of yuppies wearing old navy. the religious fanatic's in town are funny when they start throwing bibles at people.
4. why in the hell would you put "NO trespassing " signs all around your god forsaken swamp? no one care's about you SWAMPY SALT LIFE!!! can I please go for a hike and get some exercise around this town?
5.i have no problem finding a hooker around here and I'm am afraid of contracting some kind of STD from every woman I meet!
6.im surrounded by 60% grouchy old people that don't mind their damn business. the other 40% are natives with their click's, clans and family and a outsider like me IS NOT WELCOME!
7. I think there are 2 cults in my neighborhood with sighs saying "coven restricted". I have hade several people at the bar ask me if I want to join their religious cult. I can see how a cult leader in this town could thrive on the paranoid, skittish and insecure sucker's in this town.
8. Pensacola haunted house tour!!! you should here the sick crap about the people and the houses in this town. you can feel the house's radiate this negative energy and one of my buddy's broke down in tears!!!! I feel that negative energy around allot of people here or parts of my town.
9. people in Florida have no sense of common hospitality or the meaning of friendship. I bet the natives here gossip and talk crap about people that are different. so go live in your family's house, lock your door and spread your perverted gossip about people that don't fit in.
10. the beach is the only good thing here. other than that I'm surrounded by 1,000 mile's of god forsaken swamps with 20 different types of parasites that will eat you alive. I have seen up to 10 snakes on a hiking trail, coved in spider bits and picking 10 ticks off my @#$%^.
11. the past 7 time's hanging out at the bar, I hear people talk about murder or how they killed someone! I think 4 of my neighbors are homicidal dicks that have threatened to kill my dog.
12. the past 100 times I have tried sparking a friendly conversation with someone in their click, I have scared them off or they have no interest in meeting someone that is not in their click. "who is this outsider and why is he talking to us"? excuse me for trying to make friends here!
13. the past 3 years here I have made 1 friend and god know what it will take to find a girl friend? past 3 years has been like solitary confinement that is festering in my head into a mental illness!
14. I was walking down the street and I felt like someone was looking at me through a scope of a rifle and something bad was about to happen. some **** opened their dog house and 10 dogs started charging me. I held a offensive posture ready to fight, fortunately the dogs read me and backed off.
15. suicidal jack *** drivers, if you want to kill your self go somewhere where you wont endanger other peoples life. you like a selfish child "me me me first in line, me first" hurry up and get to the red light you dumb ***.
16. forget finding a job around here because they are all taken by family members with a click, clan or who you know.
17. North p-cola is boring as hell, and the chemical plant smells like a bunch of old people wearing adult dippers.
18. Pensacola will never except me for who I am and there is no one in town like me in this town. cool, laid back south western cowboy prototype never meant for mass production. its like going to church bible study and I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb because I don't look like a yuppie or their idea of what a good man is meant to look like. don't worry about me because I'm just on 3 year vacation, but I honestly feel sorry for the natives of Pensacola.

Amusing rants, should try further south ;)

Oh dear, where do I even begin. I'm from Illinois and had to move to Florida. I was so excited at first then it showed it's true colors. First of all, THEY SHOVE THEIR RELIGION DOWN YOUR GOD DAMN THROAT IN THAT ******* STATE! I was forced to listen to them talk about the good ol' bible all the time in my PUBLIC SCHOOL OF A HIGH SCHOOL! Like what the ****? Then you have the ******* Christian station playing 24/7 in almost every ******* establishment you go in. Seriously Florida, what part of "keep your religion to yourself" don't you understand? Then you have your homophobes. But not just any homophobes, NO! You have the really really dumb ones. One idiot thought that Starbucks only supported gay marriage...literally ONLY gay marriage. Because some pastor (yes...a pastor subbed our class) told us. So these idiots believed it. Then you have those annoying hillbillies complaining about the civil war. GET OVER IT! THE SOUTH LOST. LOST LOST LOST LOST FAILED LOST. You will not "RISE" again because you are still years and years behind, mentally. Get over it! So ******* irritating! But later I moved in with my best friend who lives in California and I am much happier now! :D So happy to be out of the Sunshit state! :D

I have been born and raised in good ol' Florida, and I can relate to all 12 of these reasons to hate Florida, and they are very true and I feel the same way. Florida loves its tourists, but hates its residents! And the snow birds don't put anything back into the community no matter what they say, they just sit in their modular home for months and that's it. Snow bird=cheap northerners that can afford to live in 2 states every year but never give anything to FL and they cry broke when you have to work for them. Tourists=people that actually come to visit and probably do put money back into FL, which is great for people that work in those industries (theme parks, restaurants, and ummm... well I guess that's it...) and go home in the end.
Where Do I start? lets start at #1..... seems fair, If you don't trust me then you don't even need to read any further into this forum, reason being I am the perfect example of a Floridian that gets **** on every day.
#1-Probably true
#2-There are some crazy ******* in FL...
#3-true depending on the rest of the country probably still true.
#4-absolutely true!! I know this from PERSONAL experience, and its 4mph, not even 5. and if you give them pictures of the person robbing you they could give a care less.
#5-Good luck is an understatement, no wonder everyone here sells crack.
#6-If you can afford a 30K+ car you better learn how to use the damn turn signal FIRST before you drive it around..
#7-******! but they only give it up for drugs.
#8-The rest of FL is not much better.
#9-I can show you people I know personally growing up with that ALWAYS get out after multiple offense for major stuff, and the cycle continues.
#10-Schools in my county are a JOKE LOLOLOLOL, they are so stupid, you should have a mentality better then your students to at least teach but nobody cares. Not all schools are the same though. Wut jobs... There are some really good restaurants that stay open and close, and there are some really ****** restaurants that stay in business forever...
#11-I grew up shooting soda cans but I don't speak white-trash hick so I don not fit in either!!
#12-OMG I can show you some stupid people that graduated from University of FL, they are retarded! Go gators!?!?!?.......
Eat IT FL!

Florida I hate you your damn swamp weather and sweat and college fuckheads look my *** has been gone for 11 months and It's been great we saved for 2 years living in a roach infested **** hole cause in the apartments there if your lower neighbor gets them your *** gets them too. One damn Christmas it was 84 degrees!!! **** Florida I took a dump when I left and smiled crossing the Florida Georgia line middle finger in the air stopped at the last Florida rest area and took a dump again. It's been great being back to normal weather and people. I started hating people cause of Florida. I took a dump in my neighbors pool cause it was January and his pool was opened

I take it that you hate Florida. What? No stupid parent ever killed their child in New York. What? The weather is better in New York. What? There are no rude people in New York. Lol. I love Montana but I have lived all over. It is a matter of preference. I have met stupid people everywhere. I have also met great people everywhere. If you hate Florida then you can find a way to go someplace else. And with your attitude I am willing to bet Florida won't mind if you leave.

Ohhh little floridian grass hopper take your winter in the tropics and well enjoy it if you like it. Florida isn't for everyone It's a swamp of death and doom... And unbearable heat.. what other state sends a ****** baby murderer Casey Anthony free??? And listen this is a pro hating Florida forum go create a love Florida forum.... Look can you please tell Jose bias and Rick Scott to go **** themselves

thats all wrong. Florida is awesome, if you don't like it then leave. Uh, you can't? lol joke's on you, excuse me while I go tan for free XD

Listen beach babe It's not that easy for everyone to save up in your swamp of death and Diaherra infested water seriously why does your lovely paradise smell of sulfur and ****?? Typical Floridan summing **** up in a nutshell without having a damn clue about what's really happening. I wish snow and slush and gray skies and 7 months of frost upon you. Buhahaha

Woah there. You want to know why we hate tourists? We don't. But when you're ten minutes late to class/work during bike week because some jack from Arkansas decides to drive 15 miles an hour down A1A, you lose it. And don't start **** shaming. That's just out of line, maybe people call you an SOB because you are. I was born and raised and calling natives hicks and ***** who kill there kids is grossly asinine. I was born in raised in Florida and have a 4.2 gpa. I took Spanish 3 as a freshman in highschool. Have never shot a gun and didn't kiss a guy till sophomore homecoming. So I'm guessing you're in your late 40's early 50's moved here from New York about 10years ago. Reconsider the things you say you may get shot by a cradle robbing hick.

so true with the dope Rick Scott slashing jobs and making even more money for himself and his wealthy friends where the word married means nothing but that married and whom cares let's look for a job well that's true jobs are number one lmao ok true if you want to make a big 7.75 an hour and if you want a raise we'll get in the unemployment line because big business is in control here let's not forget Ricky boys buddy's need to help them out oh like wellsfargo CEO !!! 22.5 million a year is not enough come on fokes he needs more money so he can and all the other banks let you loose your home so the hedge fund boys can buy up all the fourclouser and then rent the house for s big profit but it's ok don't worry screw the small business and the police officers the firefighters the teachers ect hell we all don't need a good wage oh no that's for all the trash that are running this state who for the life of me they can't seem to get it right yes your right we all got stuck here God bless you all good luck and oh we must not forget us vets ohhhhh noooo vets what do they do . Mr Scott sold soda in the navy to make a profit off his battle buddies great guy

I was born and raised in Florida. I didn't get to read all of this post, but I think I've read enough to know that the majority of this is untrue. I must say the Casey Anthony case was very sad, and I wish that little girl did not have to suffer at the irresponsible hands of her mother, but I still stand by my statement that the majority of this post is completely inaccurate. The weather does not suck here; as a matter of fact, it's pretty nice, especially in the winter when it cools down and there's a breeze. Where I'm from, there aren't any "hillbillies" who sit around shooting cans and possums. I myself am a female, and I am certain that I am not trashy in any way. The traffic and most of the drivers here do suck; there's no way I can dispute that. But before you decide to trash a state you probably have only lived in for a few years, learn how to write properly about it. I'm staring at the last sentence in this post and cannot believe how completely illiterate this entire article is. As I wrote above, I was born and raised in Florida, I'm an educated person, and there are dozens more educated people who were born here, raised here, or who decided it would be nice to live here; it is a shame I cannot say the same of the author.

You people sound so miserable, lol. Sorry that you hate your lives here so much. Perhaps it isn't so much Florida, but that you need to fix something within yourselves. I, for one, enjoy my life here. I'm currently working on attaining my Master's Degree to become a PA. Healthcare is a booming industry down here. I've also been to Jersey many times, some parts are nice, and I wouldn't mind living there either. But I don't really prefer one over the other. Life is what you make it...

Ive live in florida my whole life and can agree to most things said here. i lived in florida for my whole life and it seems noone really does like mefor reasons idk. It think its too much sunshine. But i remember living in canada for a year and hav mae more friends than ive made down here in 20years. I dont kow what it is exactly but i never really liked it down here. I remember talking ro a total stranger who has lived here all his life and he said to me youll find people who will before the get to know u they will hate you. Sad truth.

I know right

I have lived in Florida most of my life. The ivy league schools are University of Florida and Florida State University (not private but considered the best). Apartments are not $1100. I have rented a duplex for the past 8 years without my rent going up 2 bed/1 bath with a garage near the beach ($650). Yes the salaries are low so I am waiting for a great opportunity out of state. I am now working on my second graduate degree since my first one from six yrs ago has been useless in this economy. We do one of the higher foreclosure and and low pay rates. Great weather. I have lived in Brevard County, FL would never consider a major city with high crime and major traffic. Meth labs and idiots exist everywhere. We have a population of under 80,000 so its limited here. I have lived in Florida since age 2 (born in NY). Don't get me wrong it has its great points (no snow, sunny, flat, beaches) but having a great paying job if you are not an engineer or doctor is not likely. Hope this helps anyone considering coming here. Did I mention the dating sucks unless you are over 40 years old and younger men can't afford to take women on dates? Yeah, I am looking to move:).

Newsflash blondehumanist, FL has NO IVY LEAGUE schools.

And how is being "flat" a great point. Most people like looking at hills and mountains, you know it's called scenic views.

The only thing FL has going for it is the beaches, and unless you want premature aging and skin cancer how much time can you spend at the beach? Besides it gets boring after awhile.

And you're in a rent controlled apt. Guess what people have those in NYC and in LA as well.

If you just moved into your building this year you would be paying a lot more.

Thank you everyone for being so amazing! I hate Florida as well. It's "education" is worst of all! :(

NO! We bacaome one of the best. Get your facts straight and try to have fun, if you open up your mind and heart it's amazing, trust me. I've been where you are and I love it now.

I lived in Florida since I was a child. Did all my schooling there and most of my employment history is from this dreadful place. I ended up joining the Air Force because of the lack of opportunity. I don't know how many times an employer would tell me the job is full time and then turn around and say it got changed to seasonal. I eventually got tired of going no where and moved to Colorado. I never looked back.

There's nothing nice about the Northeast, specifically in New Jersey, it's so industrial and dark, cold, ugly housing, nothing to do other than visit New York.

Let's see, in South Florida, I have 365 days of warm weather, I live fifteen minutes away from the ocean, I have great nightlife, bars, restaurants -- art and culture.

Seriously, is this even worth a comparison? I almost feel sorry for folks living up there, especially poor people who can't see other areas of life (California and/or Florida) where the tropical landscape is gorgeous.

New Jersey is hideous.

NJ is hideous? Maybe Newark. You must have never been to NJ. There are hills, horse farms, lots of rural areas.

Just visited a relative who has a gorgeous home on an acre, completely wooded and deer are all over the place.

FL for the most part is cookie cutter houses built on small lots, now that is hideous.

I live in NJ and it's ugly as anything. I think the houses in Florida are amazing depending on where you look, but the same could be said for NJ, I hate the farms though. They are hideous. NJ does overall suck.

Yes that's great for you at your age group but without a good paying job at which we are losing the battle it would not be that great much longer remember Florida is the right to work state which means for any reason whatsoever your employer may terminate your employment at any given time good luck Try Vermont that's a great state

I've lived in Florida my whole life, and hate everything about it. Especially like 75% of the populace that can barely speak proper English. I know what they're saying is in English, but they use so many curse words, slang terms, and ridiculously broken grammar that its like they're speaking another language. I've had to put up with the horrible school system run by bullies who get away everything because they suck up to the teachers when growing up. And trying to find a job is damn near impossible. I've been able to put up with all of this, but what really gets to be is the ridiculous abundance of ants and giant flying roaches that thrive here. Sucks to be an insectaphobe in this environment.

True true

not true not true

I don't agree with half of the things you've said and I've lived here for almost ten years now. It's certainly not a fun place to live unless you're old or just turned twenty-one in my opinion.

I agree

it's for teenagers and old people It's really fun when you're the right age ;)

so true!!! I moved here 5 years ago from NJ. I can't wait to move again!!! Florida is horrible!!!!!!

No one asked for you to come down here. Life in Florida is incomparable to industrial, odor-smelling, ****-on-snow, dreadful cold weather that is New Jersey. I live where you vacation at, I'm able to walk outside with shorts and sandals everyday -- and you? You're bundled up at your home away from Mother Nature. I don't care if you live in the wealthiest area of New Jersey, your life quality doesn't compare. That's the beauty of SoFlo, even poor people's basic needs' are met: beach, warm weather, nightlife, clubs, sports, etc.

I was born and raised in northwest nj and let me tell you it is a beautiful place to grow up.Two ski areas in my home town and the Appalachian Trail in my backyard.Ski all winter and hike and moutain bike all summer.Hit the beach in hour and a half.The best part is its only 45min from NYC.You can keep Fl boring as **** and the locals hate you before they get to know you.Spent 4 years down there what a dump.The stain of the south and **** the **** the fl gators.

NJ is ugly asf, I just moved here. Floridians only hate you if you hate them.

Well in some cases ie my parents whom my father happen to be very sick and whom passed away in this ****** hospital that took poor care of him

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FU!!! you're making fun of a state located in your country. Don't you think that that's a little communist?!?!?!

Respectfully, you need to look up the definition of communism in the Dictionary.

I think that you're a moron ; obviously you have never been to the right parts of Florida . Here in South Florida we don't really have any rednecks ; the weather is awesome . Their are also plenty of Job opportunities here . So , I honestly have no Idea where you got this insane opinion from .

After reading the opinions of others, I can tell you as a Floridian born and raised! Florida does have it's down falls. To start off with the weather, summers here are VERY HOTTTTT!! It gets to the point when you leave your car parked outside it is unbearable to drive until you turn the car ac on high and roll down your car windows. You can be outside for 1 minute and already feel the heat sinking into your skin. There is lots of humidity and your skin is always sticky. Florida does not have fall or winter. The only time it gets cold is when there is a cold front heading our way which can last for a week but then it returns back to the high 80's. Due to the whether changing from cold to hot everyday during winter people are always sick. As for the holidays! Christmas is very depressing here! The only place that goes all out is Disney and other parks. A lot of residents here don't decorate their homes nor do they show Christmas spirit. It looks like summer here for Christmas. My cousins from Jersey came down for December and said Christmas in Florida is depressing.

It's pretty simple, all you people compliaing about being scammed and how deplorable Florida is need only go back where you came from. Not because you are not welcome. You are welcome to stay however you have to come to terms with the fact that this is not going to be New York or jersey or philly. This is Florida you can't come here and expect it to be something it's not. Yes there are racial tensions to a point but you learned about the civil war to free the slaves. We learned about Sherman burning a 100 mile swath of land on his way out to win a war about money and power. It's called the war of northern aggression in the south that is literally how it was taught until very recently. I say recently because the federal machine and the department of education are eroding our history. Yes football is like church here, but we also still respect church. However we view church very differently in the south. Casey Anthony is not a redneck she's white trash and we don't want her either. The common theme I read in this thread of responses was that in the north the laws are better and the governments services are more prolific. That is an intentional difference. You are accustomed to an enviornment that is planned, safeguarded, and intensely managed by government. We do not want the federal or state government managing our lives. We don't need a union to secure our wages our hard work does that. When you work in a grocery store you literally get payed to slice meat or put things on a shelf, possibly operate a cash register. What do you think an appropriate wage for putting things on a shelf should be? I think eight bucks an hour is pretty fair. I worked at publix didn't finish college, started my own business while still at publix worked 18 hour days 7 days a week for 6 years to establish my business. I am a hard working, god fearing, self taught person doing well for myself. I love this state and it's gun laws as well as it's diversity. South Florida is a different animal than north Florida I will agree. I don't argue that it's perfect here I know better. What you all are missing is we don't care how you did things in New York anymore than how someone did them in Bulgaria. We are in Florida so this is how we do it. It's not generally intended to be a personal affront. Nobody made you move here. For as educated as you are all claiming to be it sounds like you leaped before you looked. That's not very smart. However I don't criticize you for making a mistake. If it's not for you it's not for you. I understand it is probably culture shock for a lot of people. My own grandmother moved here from just outside DC recently. She's experienced some of the same things you all are talking about. She's thoroughly upset there's no natural gas piped into the houses. Well it's just not done that way. It is not easy to pump it if you don't have any to start with and your trying to trench lines in coral. It's not personal it's just not economical. I would assume most retired people are reliant upon social security. That's is the real scam. It is by definition a ponzi scheme. My grandmother is not stuck and she's planning on moving back to northern Virginia early next year. She has the retirement savings to be secure. She did that not the government. I guess what I'm saying is it's not floridians fault you made a choice you regret but it's also not anyone's job to rectify the decision you made but your own. Dear god please stop complaining about it.

Add a response...Take your happy *** back. And your stats are screwed, 90 percent of accidents are people from out of state, moved here less then five years ago. People from the north think five years equals a native, sorry, wrong. Go back to Wisconsin, and take the other rude ***, childish Wisconsinites with you.

What can I say.... Everything That Ive read so far about Florida is the truth... Let me break it down to everybody who is thinking about living here one day.... I will break it down in Bullets to organize the different things you will experience in Florida... Here it goes:

Cultural clash: Yep as the name says it all, there are sooo many different cultures here... I would say the vast majority is Spanish(mainly Cuban) and the rest are from other South American Countries, with a small but spread out communities of rich Jews and Rednecks who particularly live in Northern Florida. The Spanish people tend to live in the deep south, like Miami...

Languages: Many Languages, this place is filled with so many different people that everybody speaks different languages making it very hard for real Americans to accommodate and understand their neighbors. I found it very difficult to order things around here without speaking a second or other language... Most people particularly in the Miami area only speak Spanish, so if your not Hispanic you will feel very lost here..

Flat Land: Besides the occasional Hills you will encounter, Florida for the most part is Flat! No Mountains or anything worth seeing other than Beaches and nothing but Flat and damp areas. Nothing very beautiful , unless of coarse if your a tourist and Florida will look like the best place around, but living here is a different story...

Bad Traffic: Yes, Miami and for the most part Florida has one of the most crashes,the rudest, and the mostt ridiculous drivers around... If your a tourist: Please be warned... Florida is ranked number 1 in many articles has having the worst drivers ever , and when you get into a car accident from a driver driving the maximum speed without turning their lights on, please be advised: You were warned!

Bad Customer Service: Yes many articles talk about how rude Miamians can be, but they fail to explain just how rude they are! Most people here are either going to be snobby who has had everything handed to them, or very poor people who hate their lives here in Expensive Florida, and hate their 7.00 an hour Jobs... It really shows at how many employees handle their customer service, and your always going to have an issue whether at a Clothing store, or fast food restaurant.. People down here don't seem to smile a lot and don't expect your food to be on time either! I've had many bad experiences with servers or employees who have taken their sweet time here and don't have courtesy for customers! Yuck... Nobody smiles or even asks if your day has been good. This is beyond the most disgusting state for Customer Service.. Ive had better experiences in NC.

Bad Job Market: Yep need I say more! Florida is a very expensive place to live, so basically making it hard for many people to live decently and comfortably... Therefore, many Floridians have no choice but to sell drugs or their bodies to make a living here... I know many good people who did right here, but for the majority of people everybody is doing something very shady here in Florida. I found it very hard to trust people here... When you make a city built on cocaine and image your going to get a lot of distrustful people from all around. It shows by the amount of Homeless people in the street, there is really no opportunity to grow here. Add to that the many cultures that surround Florida and over a million people fighting for the same position... Yep its hard here....

Materialistic: Yep, everything you see on Miami Vice or the music video from Will Smith is very true.. Miami is very much like that.. Only catch? is that you have to make at least 100,000 a year to live that life... Funny how many people who are not from Florida come here with the dream of making it big, but most which is a sad reality will end up either selling their bodies, ******* their way to the top, or using and becoming addicted to drugs... Everybody in Miami is materialistic and vain.. Only talking to you if you have any connections or any free tickets to clubs like Liv, Mansion, or Cameo.... Everything is about image here, whether it be a Mercedes, Porche, or Lamborghini, I find almost everybody in Miami a materialistic soul..

Pretty women: Yes Miami is filled with them... But be careful 95% percent of the women down here are looking for their knight and shining Mr. Rich.. They can spot a Rich guy even blind... Most women down here are conditioned to use their bodies to get what they want , making it a mecca for old rich Guys to spend millions on these women who are most likely cheating on their sugar daddy's with other men that can make them a star... Yup, Miami is filled with the Groupie types, the type of women that will do anything for exposure and spotlight mentality...

Cliquey Vibe: Yes, maybe in the beginning when you visited florida it was fun, you had the time of your life, and you were really considering moving down here.. But please be Warned: The only people that make it down here are people who are already successful. Yes that's right, people who have worked their ***** off mainly from New York to enjoy the rest of their lives in Florida.... Therefore making it easy to say that if you are not rich or do not act rich you will feel very isolated and alone here... Everybody here only talks to their type or kind.... Thus making it hard to blend in or to be yourself... Florida can really turn someone who was a sweet person to a very bitter person... Once you leave Florida you will realize just how different other people are. Ive met many great people that weren't from Florida, and they also hated Florida too.....

Bad Education: The schools suck, Teachers Suck, Kids suck... The education is the lowest of any country.. The education system only works if you were born rich, but most people down here find it very hard to move forward with a crappy education. If you didn't graduate from Florida State or UFL you will most likely be unemployed working at very menial jobs just to make it down here... The schools are either going to be good or in the Ghetto... There is no in between in FLorida.

So here you have it.... Florida at a Glance or in better terms .... I hate Florida and am Happy to say that will be leaving Florida next year! I am sooo happy that I will be leaving because this place is not for me! I belong in the deep south where people are outgoing, friendly, and interested in me as a person! I will miss the Beaches though.....

This page has many opportunities to be factual, but unfortunately with this bias post about Florida, many of the points the user, 'Jedi2126' made are EXTREMELY incorrect, and opinion-based. I am a current resident in Florida and I was practically gawking at this the entire time I was reading it. E.g. Floridians do not even think about New Yorkers and how they drive. Honestly, driving can be difficult anywhere, and it depends on the individuals abilities. Not all the females living in Florida are trashy whatsoever. To be honest, it is quite hard to respond to all the faults in this user's writing. Especially since they are all unintelligent reasons, and desperately false. I most certainly did not grow up in the 'boondocks' or 'shooting soda cans and possums'. That is prejudice to Floridians everywhere and on behalf of Florida's residents I claim this article the low point of humanity and Is not even worth reading.

I understand every thing you said in your message.. I have experienced it all.. This was the biggest mistake I made in my life moving here..

Do us all a favor; and go back up north, with your rude childish self.

What's this about hillbillies with no education?

case in point.

first and foremost, i will upfront take accountability for the pathetic nature of finally resorting to the internet to see if i am indeed alone in my thoughts and perceptions of florida. now, will i apologize for it? absolutely NOT.

being originally from philly, i look back on how we used to make fun of NJ, the old adage of it being "the armpit of america", and feel utterly foolish. having visited florida my entire life due to my grandmother living there, when i lost my job outside of DC and had to move in with my mother who now lives in the Gulf Beaches area of Tampa Bay, i thought i was moving toward a great recovery chapter of my life: how WRONG could i have been. whenever someone asks me, "how do you like living in florida?" i always respond, "uh... it's a great place to visit." i wish i had known the stark difference between being a tourist and being a RESIDENT upon losing my salary job.

once down here, i learned very quickly to always refer that i live in Belleair Bluffs and NOT largo, or "larghetto" as it is colloquially referred. another quick, "uh, wtf?" moment i experienced upon moving here august 2013 and seeking employment, was everyone's response of, "it's not in season." employment, ESPECIALLY ON THE BEACH, is absolutely *** backwards from ownership, to management, to hiring, to... the whole effing enchilada. despite florida's "right to work" status (and just as an fyi, this simply means that you are entitled to collective bargaining rights regardless or not if you are part of a union. plain and simple), its government has of course provided a loophole solution for employers to abuse called the infamous "90 day probationary period." basically, for the first 90 days of employment, you can be fired at will, for any reason (of course federal discrimination laws still apply, but these are overly narrow and extremely difficult to prove). where i come from, this probationary period would intuitively be used as a last resort- for instance, despite training, conducting numerous sit-downs and/or enforcing several disciplinary sanctions, etc. if an employee is still not up to par, this would be used to get rid of someone without fear of a lawsuit. OH NO, NOT IN FLORIDA! every establishment is a revolving door, not taking the least bit interest in employee development and retention, but instead relies on the overwhelming amount of people seeking jobs and the fact that because of tourists, it doesn't really matter in the end because the money will continue to pour in (clearwater beach, FL is NOTORIOUS for this). i graduated from Penn State with honors, received a job offer right out of college to be the sole IT project manager for an entire business unit out of the global HQ for a 90,000+ employee professional services company, and i cannot hold down a job as a freakin' waitress here in florida. i have had 5 jobs alone since this past MARCH. i even found out after being let go by one from a colleague who i was friends with, that he heard the owner telling some other employees, "i mean, she went to Penn State. why is she trying to work at a place like here?" i mean, HONESTLY, what kind of business discriminates against being EDUCATED?! the commenter who mentioned about coworkers doing everything in their power to gang up on newcomers & flush them out as quickly as possible is spot on. also, the whole welfare system... do not get me started. i was in a tight spot at one point down here, and found out that i could not receive ANY TYPE OF WELFARE BENEFITS AND/OR GOVERNMENTAL ASSISTANCE (minus food stamps, and that was iffy) because... i do not have children. do i really need to encapsulate further?

these people are despicable, and what's even more frustrating is that they honestly are brought up within this subculture of being cultural-less to not know better. the graduation rate at Largo High School is BELOW 50%. it takes MORE effort to NOT graduate! as another old adage rings true, "you can't fight with stupid", and being stuck between a rock and a hard place is putting the whole culture-shock of living in florida extremely lightly. TO ANYONE STUCK, AND WANTING OUT: honestly, look into emigrating outside of the US. this was my only option- i am moving to Australia on a 12-month Work & Holiday Visa the end of this month (june). figure my life out elsewhere, make honest money where my employment rights will be secured and protected, and then save up to return to America, and have the time to research not only where i want to move to, but also have a better understanding of what i am passionate about and which types of jobs will accommodate this. i have been fortunate to travel, and live, across the country and world (Costa Rica, Europe for 7 months, etc.), & i have never been so baffled and stuck in a constant state of feeling alienated and inherently non-belonging within the community as i have been since moving to florida 9 months ago. this is beyond labeling florida as part of "the south", this is flat out florida being its own breed of inbred rejects who suck you into the festering cesspool with them and have a government structure that could give a rat's *** about legislating and/or executing any type of state assistance to help its citizens.

I'm a 30-year resident of Florida. Florida is a microcosm of America. Florida has left-of-center coastal enclaves, heavily armed yahoos and religious fanatics in the interior, a growing immigrant population, simmering racial tensions, a politically powerful “Screw you, Jack, I’ve got mine!” elderly population and disaffected, jobless young folks who have been robbed of their future and birthright by nature-despoiling greed-heads.

Is this not America?

All made this way by all the rude, and selfish, northerners, who are mostly first, or second, generation Americans from eastern Europe.

I'm American and cant find work in Florida but, a seasonal job.. I have a degree in video productions and applied for positions I know that I shouldve got. I go into a place of business that I've applied for and find a person that's not from here and probably got over here illegal.. I've even had a employer tell me that if I keep calling I will **** her off.. I had a few choice words that I wanted to use ,but kept it professional..

And I bet you voted for Obama twice! If so quit complaining. If not; sorry!

Live in Mom's basement, well sewing room in Florida, smoke pot, and complain that we don't have enough public assistance. Yeah, we're going to miss you. Don't let it hit you in the arse on the way out. Thought I'd help you work on your Aussie a little. LOL!

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Amen! You got it so right...

OMG you are so right , many of us feel the same way, actually I'm getting the hell outta here !

Me too

I'm not sure what's more stupid, Florida or this web page...

This page isn't stupid it's factual

Anything but factual.

Well you're stupid and uneducated and that is factual .

I don't feel this website is stupid.. Because if the United States cant do anything about the problems that we have in this state it sure beats going to prison for the rest of your life..

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I am a native Floridian, and it has changed big time as I grew up. I think things could have been better had the right type of people held on, however being from sick Tampa I slowly have come to see more and more how unconscious this god damn place is. Anybody with a lick of intelligence is more often than not mocked. Anybody with a decent taste in music seems to marginalized. The people are so sun beaten that the IQ is dwindling yearly. I have lived in England, and I have lived and traveled up North. I liked Cincinnati, Asheville, New York state as a whole. The people of all races are more intelligent, better mannered, have a genuine swag to their styles. You have the good and bad everywhere, but Florida seems to be overwhelmingly a place for pissed off penny pinching retirees who have no true appreciation for tropical living. There is too much meat heads down here that think football and sex, and the women are over browned bimbos. Its not a classy place, did I forget to mention it? Anytime something half way decent begins to be established here, for example bike trails or parks, there is an apathy and eventual abuse of it. Yeah, public schooling absolutely sucks here. Sex scandals, crass ******* teachers, and ill mannered, spoiled children. No, Florida is not the same anymore. I grew up with something half way decent and now its all about OC girls, lil (scum bag ) wayne, steroid football, football, and yes football. I truly feel sorry for this state. I've come back for a week and I badly want to return North soon, and I will do so soon. The laws are *** backwards, cops are anal and opressive, the music scene sucks, the culture is based on sex and alcohol. Its not my style... let me stop my rant.

Awesome post brother. I think we all feel pain of how bad we were treated here. When I wrote this I was in a lot of emotional pain. But seeing that I am not the only one that feels this way has brought me some ease. I pray that you get many good blessings.

I'm glad I found this site because I spent alot of time trying to get my family to understand where I am coming from, but they think its a land a paradise until you stay here..

Hell with lil' Wayne he sucks! I ya want a good one to listen to, try hank Williams or hank Williams jr.

Right and I bet you been to another state and saw different..

Hummm, let me guess. Up north you didn't live in a college/ N.F.L. town. Go figure. And yes northern retirees can be rude.

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Okay, so I thought I was going crazy for a minute. BUT I see that many people feel the same way I do. I moved from New Jersey about 3-4 years ago due to my mother's remarriage. GOD knows I tried to stop it. My mother's now ex husband was somewhat of a criminal in NJ and is one of those stupid northerners that made a new life in FL. This guy has two kids already, one in another country he disowned and one he is trying to take from their mother. I now had a special needs little sister and he's trying to take her away from us. He claims that she's in harm's way but he's the one with 1,000 f***ed up marriages and relationships and get this, he has learned from his mistakes. Now he has connections with people "higher in authority" because he worked a government job and he has called the cops on my mom so many times to the point i had to fish out money to bail her out,. FL has this weird law that whoever does the first call is considered the victim. This guy s about 200 lbs (or more) and like 5'10. And he is claiming that he is a victim of domestic violence. This idiotic state also has the rudest f****ing cops ever known to man, that while doing a custody exchange this ugly, country a** dyke of a cop really tried to disrespect my mother while her other partners just stood there, mind you my mom doesn't know too much english. I told her to send someone else if she had such a problem, then she had the audacity to claim well if "YA'LL' would just come to terms with your step dad this wouldn't happen. She was so racist and degrading that if it weren't for the fact I could get set up for an arrest I woulda kicked her a** back to her swamp. And the whole 50/50 custody thing sucks d*** too. The mothers should get full custody with fathers having their visitation rights, not taking an infant and passing her back and forth. Not to mention the education system here does suck. I go to Valencia's Winter Park campus and there are so many Rollins College rejects that it makes me want to just laugh when they try to sound smart in class. The nurses down here are glorified human janitors, the cops are idiots, people can't drive for s****, you're blessed if you can get a job as a cashier at walmart or Ross, or Publix. Florida Hospital doesn't let you take religious days off, but let these scumbag CEOs and other dumb workers have weekends off. There are too many old folk that just need to retire from their dang jobs and give it to a younger person that needs it more. It's starting to resemble the dang Congress with these ancient a** corpses still trying to make calls on the future. The churches down here are religious cults that persecute you if you ain't hiding your flaws the right way. Idk, this state just sucks period. Oh, and the weather? I might as well live next to a d*mn volcano. I applied for an apartment and they said I had to make 3 times the month's rent and then add like half of the rent as deposit on top of the rent. This state's bananas. I WANT OUT.

AND section 8? Don't get me started.

I feel really sorry that you have to deal with the crappy Florida judicial and law enforcement system. Cops like that are really dumb and should be working Mall security then be a police officer, keep in mind that cops in Florida only need a High School Diploma, so 90% of these cops are not very bright, the ones that actually have an education are the ones that are smart. I hope you get out and move to a state that will actually respect you as a person.

I am scared because my Mom wants to move to Fort Myers. I live in Wiscsonsin, work at a farm supply store, and Mom suggested yesterday I apply for a second job. I called up the local grocery, came to the store to fill out an app online yesterday, got a phone interview today, and have an in person interview next week. How fast can that be? The downfall, Mom wants me to go with her to Fort Myers in May, and I am not too hot on the idea as I had a bad experience with rude people in Miami in 1998 while on vacation there. I couldn't wait to go home. I just hope I get this second job, so I can stay here instead. That would be one less thing for me to worry about. Plus, I would be distracted and involved in my work.

I will tell you and I know this cause I lived in Florida my whole life and always will, the bigger cities in Florida are real shitholes. HOWEVER,there are very many places in Florida that are friendly but you just have to ind them. It is mostly the small towns and lots of north florida

That sucks.I feel your pain. You know exactly how fked up it is here in the short time you have been here.Like I said jersey wasn't the best state,but by comparision,I was so much happier there.Once you are living here for so long,it's hard to pack your **** and move out.Because the state put you in the poorhouse and you can't afford to leave.

That was 1998, and things are obviously worse now!

If you have a big problem with redneck and country people, get the hell out the Bible Belt cause it is stocked full of 'em. Not tryin to be mean. But there's very many so if you don't like 'em I suggest you leave

"I applied for an apartment and they said I had to make 3 times the month's rent and then add like half of the rent as deposit on top of the rent. This state's bananas. I WANT OUT."

Ummmmm are you KIDDING me? ONLY half the rent as security deposit? That is GREAT! And who *doesn't* require 3x rent as income nowadays??!

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They don't know how to count presidential votes, they lost all record of my 20 year driver's license at y2k (making me a first time driver), the government doesn't know the difference between our business and their's, the cops are absolute arrogant pigs, they lie about recycling, marijuana users can do 5 years or even life while rapists get probation, and the latest thing to **** me off: if you don't have a car but get hit by one, you will be billed 20 percent of your medical bills. The hell with Florida.....seriously let Cuba have it!

I moved to Florida from Connecticut like a year ago and I cannot agree more. This place is terrible.

Are you able to move back. Even if it means doubling up on jobs and saving money?

No way. Its so expensive to go anywhere in Florida. Its like a trap

dudetheiguana, do you have a job? Can you stock up on non perishable groceries, find a second job, save money? Then move back?

Google FL, and knock out games and a thousand links pop up!

I hate to say this, but I have pepper spray even here in WI. I have not had any bad vibes even from the ghetto on this side of where I live on my way to work. If you have to stay there, you might want to invest $5 in something like that. I just hope I get this second job. Interview is in less than a week. I can work double time here, go to decent places like Colorado or Texas and not FL if I want a vacation. Plus, I just showed this to Mom so hopefully she won't now go there in May and try to take me on vacation with her. March 1998 was bad enough of a vacation for me. I came back to snow and was happy for a change.

It's like a trap and it's crap

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Thank you for pointing out that Florida Does Suck.You forgot to add that they don't like left turns in Florida.Have to make a right,drive 2 miles to a light and make a left go 2 more miles to make another left drive miles back and FINALLY make your right. I can't stand it.I stopped going to our library 3 years ago because they took out the left turn out of there.The doctors here are all douche bags.They suck at their jobs.Publix rapes people with their high cost of food and items.The weather here allows mold and mildew to take over your homes.We pay a lot of surcharges for some dam hurricane fund that no one has answered where all that money has gone since there hasn't been a hurricane since 2005.School system SUCKS badly.Teachers don't give a crap about any of the kids.Selling beer at gas stations make NO sense whatsoever.The voting system is incredibly EMBARRASSING.Utility companies FORCE you to bundle even if you DON'T use long distance you still have to pay for it! When it rains,we have no tv signal (thanks dish network for telling me straight out there is NOTHING that can be done about it)Meanwhile here is your $60 a month for the 40 infomercials we get on your stations.Our house has 1 of each kind of bug dwelling in it.The animal control will come trap and disfigure neighborhood cats,yet they won't move a muscle to trap the god dam raccoons that destroy all the screens on our houses,and spread our garbage down the block.I am really trying to gtfo of Florida,although I'm poor.Oh did I forget to mention the water conditioner companies who flock here to sel you 3500.00 water conditioners that break down after 3 months???? What a RACKET that is..... Burn Florida down Now.

I TOTALLY agree with this post! Central Florida has got to be the devil's anus!! His influence is VERY much alive in the Central (Orlando, Daytona, and Sanford) areas!! I migrated here from up north with my parents 18 yrs ago, and I STILL don't fit in with this twisted way of life these Floridians call normal! Like everyone else, we got suckered in to the mirage of a nice weather, and a better life...HA!! The tension of racism is so intense that you utterly feel choked by it! Like another poster stated, You get it from BOTH sides when your Black & educated! Your White coworkers try everything in their power to sabotage you..., that is IF you get a job at all in the first place! They make sure that you NEVER get into a position of authority over them. They can hate each others guts, but they'll ban together to make sure that you don't excel over them! Then, you have the jealous minorities that are uneducated, and don't want anything out of life except to make babies, get high & party hating on you & trying to start some drama with you! THEN on top of all of that, the skanky females that swear that they're all queens, and they're not worth one thin dime! 90% of the females in FL are looking for a meal ticket so that they don't have to get off of their lazy corn-fed ***** to do anything but have sex & get high! The ONLY reason I stayed in this Black man's hell is because of my family. Hopefully, we'll be able to escape soon! Florida is only good if you're rich! Everyone else gets the shaft...ESPECIALLY if you're Black!

Satan is right!

This is what you see is Satan at his best..

i love it!!!! totally agree, i say all the same things.

I am a native Floridian, born and raised in Jacksonville and I must agree - this place sucks. I've lived other places and I'm always sad to have to come back. If it weren't for my family living here, I would ditch this place in a heart-beat! I have the misfortune of being a black woman in a city that hates everything and anything that messes with the status quo. if you get an education and try to do well, you get **** from both sides - I'm an uppity n****r that doesn't know my place or a ***** for not wanting to hook up with some random jack*** that thinks I should be giving him lunch money because I have a job. Oops my mistake for choosing to get an education so that I don't have to give **** jobs in between waiting for my EBT card to get reloaded for the month. We have one of the highest rates of HIV in the nation and it's because this place is Mecca for ****** - of the male and female persuasion. But not just average ******, the hoes we have in Florida are a special brand...they are not just easy and clap-ridden, these slags are dumb as ****. Even some of the "professional" women that I work with will give head if you wink at them and buy'em a happy meal. Forget using protection- "he looked clean". Statements like that don't come from idiot teenagers, but from my co-workers - registered nurses with freaking masters degrees (that somehow still remain dumb as hell). I can get over that - there are stupid people everywhere, I can almost get over the unrelenting volcanic heat that destroys my soul every summer. What I can't get over is the inherent racism that is ingrained at birth - this is from both sides. My parents were in the military, so I always had friends of every color. I had friends that were 'pink, peach, gold and brown'. When my parents came back to Florida I had to learn real quick that things were different. I would get crap from the black kids for having white friends and my white friends would pretend like they didn't know me when their parents came to pick them up. With the recent high-profile trials, I can honestly say that this is the most jacked-up place in the nation. Maybe I can convince my family to think about moving to the Midwest - they have a bunch of weirdos there too, but they hide it better!

I agree 100% with your post! I have gone through may of the same issues that you have. Florida is a hotbed for breeding ignorant people!

Wow on the nurses response.

EVERYTHING said here is true,I can't agree enough. IHATE this state so much I start crying but I don't have the money to get out. This place is a true hellhole.

I don't have money to get out either spent it all on a sinkhole house.


Same here :(

Well that was hard to read...not because I am from Florida originally, but because of all the grammar and punctuation mistakes---> it was actually hard to read!! And you say Floridians are stupid and uneducated? Pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.

Yes, almost all native Floridians ARE stupid and so are other from other states who like this place. One thing is sure, you don't have to die to go to hell, just go to Florida while you're alive! PURE TORTURE

No one is talking about grammar here. We are talking about common sense and real life.

Listen Mr. Grammar teacher, lets see you write post like that within 15 min with less mistakes. I love how people like you like to make fun of peoples grammar and never write a thing in your life. You are a Floridian, because you guys only know how to criticize, even though you have more flaws than anyone in this country. Let me guess, you got your degree in Ivy League UCF, you were in a sorority or fraternity. You drive a truck or car you can't afford and live in a trailer park home. Please write a long post so I can do a grammar check on you.

Can anybody answer this question. If you were rich and did not have to work, had small children where in Florida would you live?

Any where north of the border of Florida, make sure you are no closer than 50 miles to the Florida Border and you will be okay.


Yes, it did snow in Wisconsin where I live today, but we don't have daily muggings, stabbings, knock out games. I will take the
April Snow any day compared to the type of crazy stuff that happens daily in Floriduh. Last time I was in Florida was in 1998 on vacation, and couldn't wait to go home. I was relieved to be home! For those of you who are stuck there, try to double up, triple up on any job you can find, sell things you don't use, and save up to move if you can.

Nowhere in Florida

LMAO this person is clearly insane! who the hell would ever call Miami College an ivy league?! And sink holes everywhere? Where the **** in florida have you lived? Also you have to shoot soda cans to fit in? Have you never been to central or south florida?! or even west florida. There is soooo much wrong with this post its embarrassing. And you're really gonna make a general statement like redneck girls can kill their babies because of the casey anthony trial LOL ***** you are dumb

Obviously you need to turn the news on, and see how many parents kill there kids in Florida. Shooting soda cans, go to Geneva and you will witness this, 3rd Miami, FSU, UF, and UCF are regarded as Ivy League school to the natives here, 3rd I've lived in Central FL, Miami, Tampa and all the big cities you talk about are nothing great. They lack jobs and professional demeanor. Where do you live? Did you not see the news about the sink hole that swallowed that house and killed that home owner and the sink hole that damaged Disney hotel? wait ill post it for you....http://emsnews.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/disney-area-hotel-complex-collapses-into-florida-sinkhole/ ........ http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/orl-sinkholes-pg,0,991210.photogallery....... 19,200 sink holes in Florida according to the Orlando Sentinel.... As always I talk facts not fiction, read the news and I ask everyone who reads this to Google what I am saying and they can see if I am lying or not.

It is called University of Miami...sheesh. And no, there are NO Ivy League schools outside of the northeast. You're right, what a bunch of dumb people.

Great, the last thing we need in Miami and Tampa is more people from the north. They bring their racism, their bitterness and their passive aggressive backwards behavior. They snort and scoff at the beautiful women in Miami out of raging jealousy and ignorance (also saying snide remarks while walking by young, beautiful 20 something year olds) and look down on anyone who isn't 100% white in appearance because they are so used to their racist ways from back home, they're used to living in states with populations of less then 5-7 million with predominantly non-hispanic caucasian populations and then they bring their backwards, racist, small minded mannerisms to South Florida thinking it will fly down here, well wait until they get their rude awakening when they realize south Florida is a minority-majority area meaning non-hspanic caucasians are the minority and reverse racism is prevalent especially in the heart of Miami dade county where anyone who is not latino/latina will be treated poorly by ignorant immigrants who have no tolerance for caucasians, anyone with black skin, russians etc I have heard latinos call black people and people from the Caribbean "mayate" which literally means poop bug, a derogatory word for people with dark skin meaning they look like they are covered in poo.

I have lived in South Florida in Palm beach for over 20 years and it used to be paradise, but it is no more. The drivers are insane, go out on any given day and stay out for more than 20 minutes and you will see at least 5 car accidents, the northerners who visit in the winter are very annoying and I wish they would stay out for the reasons listed above, the crime and poverty in areas like Hialeah, West palm, and Hollywood are absolutely disgusting and too numerous.

Crimes of opportunity where poor black young males will follow and beat up 65-70 year old defenseless senior citizens for gas money. Miami is possibly also the most materialistic, snobby, hardcore gold digging capital of the world. I have traveled all across the U.S. lived in many parts of this beautiful country, visited other countries and no other city in the world can match Miami when it comes to materialistic wannabes and 20k "millionaires" 90% of the population pretends to have money with their leased lives and skimpy/trashy clothes and the other 10% of the population actually have real money multi-millionaires and billionaires but don't think they will give the average person whether it be the young entrepreneur from Jersey or delusional gold digger from the midwest the time of day, they stick with their own kind and only keep friends who have as much money as them, also most of the single men exclusively date real models who are signed under agencies such as Wilhelmina or Elite the CEOs of these agencies will set the millionaires/billionaires up with their best looking girls the men will date these girls for a year and then its off to the next best thing, they also date pageant winners and perfect bombshells who don't need any makeup, plastic surgery, or eating disorders to look fabulous-basically they only date women who have won the genetic lottery however delusional girls from the midwest and south will move to Miami thinking they will hit it big, in reality they will probably end up dating a drug dealer, getting addicted to cocaine and end up stripping in Tampa or bartending in Adore, SET, LIV or waitressing at a seedy bar.

I personally love South Florida DESPITE everything I said above, however let it be known that most people who were born and raised in other states and in less cosmopolitan, less populated areas than Miami will loathe living in Miami and the metro area around Miami and will move out of the area or even the state within 1-2 years complaining of the weather being too hot, people being too snobby and materialistic, that Miami is like a third world country, they miss seasons and they can't feel time moving in Florida due to the lack of them, it's too populated blah blah blah

So for the delusional people from other states thinking South Florida is paradise they should really think again and remember that visiting an area for 2 weeks for vacation is vastly different than living there 24/7 for the rest of your life and raising a family. In the Miami area unless you can afford to send all of your children to private schools, afford a house that costs $300,000+ and live in a gated community you will not be happy raising a family in the Miami metro area I can guarantee that.

Also will all the sexy, hot tail all around in South Florida (Miami, Broward, Palm beach), this area being the place with the most beautiful, sexy, scantily clad women in the entire country, yes even more beautiful than the women in LA, (trust me I have lived in both areas) any couples that move to South Florida from other areas and states will not stay together if the man already has a wandering eye or if the woman is insecure. To give you a reference I went to high school in Fort Lauderdale with numerous girls who could put the current victorias secret models to shame, and most of those girls became models and still live in Miami. Some of them are smart to boot, becoming paralegals and graduating from UM. But the catch is they're all looking for their millionaires and the women here can spot a 20k millionaire in a heart beat.
Rent for an average apartment is $1,000+ for a single bedroom in a decent area, and unless you make $100,000+ a year the glamorous, model filled, fast cars, fast women and clubbing daily kind of lifestyle you see on television will not apply to you. You will be driving a used compact ford at a desk job in state farm or retail at Sawgrass Mills mall making $8-9 an hour and catering to tourists who were smart enough to only visit this place instead of moving here.

So move here if you want to but at the risk of your money, sanity, dignity and your morals. Men come here to visit from other states for a couple of days and leave with completely different life plans and goals in life. That's the kind of place this "Magic City" is...

Me, I'm used to all of these things being born and raised here but there are times where I just want to move out, move to San Diego or Malibu and never look back.

You think I'm exaggerating? Look through all of the reviews, message boards, forums online about Miami's materialistic, snobby, racist, sauna-weather, over-populated, overly expensive, drug riddled, poor, seedy, nouveau riche culture and remember you were warned.

As a native Floridian, the last time I have checked, plastic surgery facilities are all over Miami. Also, let's not forget that countries in South America (Brazil, Venezuela, and others) are NOTORIOUS for plastic surgery. Although no one can control the ignorance of human beings, many Latino/Latinas do not have the right to judge someone by their skin color when plenty of then are as dark (or darkER) than Black people.

That's because being Latino is a culture not a race. They have white, black, Indians, and mixed race Latinos. Any person judging someone by their color, whether they maybe, black, white, Hispanic or Asian are ignorant people. Time to move past that and honestly see people as people and not for their skin color. Florida Hillbillies are the only exception to people making judgments of. ;-)

If you love Florida so much stay here and shut up. You must like living in hell because that's Florida. It's obvious you're not being forced to live here or you might not think it's so wonderful.

I live in Florida reluctantly because of an aging parent that needs care now. I am originally from the west coast and my job has taken me all over the world. I have lived and worked everywhere including several third world countries such as India and North Africa. I can tell you quite honestly that this is the worst place I have ever lived or visited. And for those of you that think I live in a not so nice area here in Florida think again. I live in one of the most affluent areas on the Gulf in the state and I still consider this State a hell hole.

Do you know why I decided to respond today out of all the days that I have been wanting to blow my brains out for having to live here for the past two years? Well I'll tell you. I was looking for a park to go to. You know just a friendly neighborhood park. The kind we have in EVERY neighborhood in every State in the Western USA. Well there are none here. Seriously, I only found one very far away from me in the downtown area. So I started doing some research and Florida virtually has no parks with playgrounds for children or other type of recreation.

It's bad enough I have to work in a job that I don't use my degree or career in because there are no jobs in my field here only retail and service industry jobs where they pay you $8.00 an hour, (oh yea I got a dollar more than everybody else because I went to college and they thought I should have been just thrilled with that!!! and if you work in any position that you get tipped they pay you half of that!) and I wont list all the other woes because they have already been listed here, but for some reason no neighborhood parks was the last straw. I decided to start a blog called Why Florida Sucks and when I went online low and behold there are a bunch of them out there! So I checked this one out and thanks for letting me rant!

Now you northerners probably wont like this... but honestly most of the crazy people I have met here come from up north, Midwest and east coast. I have not met any natives so to speak. They are quite a rarity where I live. So I have to wonder that the reason Florida is so awful is because of all the people from the other States that moved here... It seems to me that every criminal, *********, drug addict, abuser and alcoholic in the USA decided to move to Florida to escape their problems. It's like someone picked up the continent of North America and shook it hard and all the garbage, rejects and refuse fell down here to Florida. This is a great analogy that another stranded refugee that is stuck here because of a job transfer gave me. So apt isn't it? We talked about starting a support group for people like us. If anybody knows of one please pass it on.

I feel your pain....

lol But there are so many alcoholics and abusers in New York, really I can't open my front door without being harassed by men..is it really worse in Florida? And if so, then where the hell do I go in this country to live that is subtropical, close to nature also affordable and safe as a single woman???

I have to say, that you might want to go live in Greece.

I said, in *this country*.

Wow I am glad I found this post. I am from a little town in Ohio outside Pittsburgh. I live in Florida because my longtime boyfriend loves it here and wants to be by his family. I agree with so many points everyone says. No culture, No class, constant heat and bugs, I live in a beautiful house on the beachside with a pool, jacuzzi and across the street, the beach. I wish I was dead. The school system is so corrupt that I haven't worked steady since I have been here. I was a hero at my other school and made great money. My entire family died since 2007 and I am too broke to go back to Ohio or Pittsburgh. My boyfriend calls me crazy for wanting to live there. I use to be beautiful and young. Now I am beautiful and old-old-48 next week. It costs so much money to rent a small truck and drive up North. My mother just died, we were so close and my younger brother stoled my inheritance 250,000 and did not leave money to bury my mom. I just finished paying her off. I am a different person here and I don't like me. He thinks I'm crazy because I don't like to lay out all day and surf and swim. I'd rather snow ski and walk through the fall leaves and sit by a fireplace with hotchocolate. I am a fashionista, I miss my boots and suede jackets and mohair sweaters, God the teachers dress like they are going to clean their garage. How Tacky. Is there still a chance for me at this age.
I love my job, teaching Pre-school, Headstart. I guess I hate myself for waisting my life. Is it too late?

If you were doing so well out west, why in the world would you not have moved your parent to live with YOU? That's the way things work. Your story doesn't ring true. There's more to it.

Did you even think that statement through? Hmmm, lets see my mom has lived here since 1993 so this is her home now and she likes it here, just like all the elderly who have come here to linger indefinitely. We could declare her incompetent and force her to sell her house and move her forcefully. Which
would be very difficult since she is in full possession of all her mental capacities.

Of coarse we could just kidnap her... Oh, and her house is now not worth what she paid for it. You have heard of the Great Recession haven't you? I guess if I was stinking rich I could talk my mom into eating the loss on her house and moving away from here. I doubt even then she would leave her friends.

I don't think you have any idea "how things work" at least not real life things.

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Florida is loaded with wetbacks and losers. They would have sex with a duck if there was nothing else handy. All they have their minds on is sex, like there is nothing else to do. These women will do it any time anywhere with anyone. They should call this Whorida instead of Florida. It's 5 o'clock. Do you know where your wife is? Oh, yeah, probably bent over in one of the hotel rooms---again!

I feel for your pain. The women in Florida are pretty bad. I pray not all are like that and that they are still some good women in Florida left.

WHERE!? lol! If you find some, please let me know!

I'm one! Been here 20 yrs from Jersey.But I'm hoping to one day move to Colorado in the woods and get the hell away from society and live the quiet simple life.Florida has turned me antisocial,and I never want to rejoin the rat race of stupid backwards,ignorant people.If you go to a Circle K here,you will see quite a few people through out the day picking cig butts out of the ashtrays there.LOL Drunken dirty guys lying against the stores wall. Loud obnoxious hiphop crapola blasting your ears from cars passing by. Ugh.. Seriously... One thing I learned is if the mosquito control planes stopped running,we would all die. Just like the cheap crappy bahaia grass people place on their front yards... Counting the days weeks years before I can escape this dumpster of a state.

Well, you are definitely a minority! Finding women like you in Floriduh is like a needle in a haystack! I'm a minority as well...I'm well educated, I have all of my teeth, all of them are white, I speak proper english, and use words with more than 1 syllable, dress nice & care about my personal hygiene. And most of all, I have common sense..something that is definitely lacking in the South!

Florida is NOT considered to be southern by southerners. Trashy Florida is full of northern hicks who left their crappy lives in search of big-city-livin'. Real southerners are far too polished to claim trashy Florida.

I have been to Colorado once when I was 16 on vacation. Watched a movie on the IMAX Theatre, went skiing, watched a basketball game, went shopping. Lots to do in Denver and Boulder. Not a bad place to be.

"Lots to do"? Skiing and watching sports sounds like my personal hell! Give me a tropical ghetto anyday!!!!!

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I hate shopping with a passion?

Well,lol, I meant living in a cabin in the woods,fishing hunting and just being left alone.I hate shopping as well, and I hate watching sports.I just don't like society.Have been this way since I was about 9.I learned at that age that mostly everything and everyone is a lie or will lie. So, for me, just living a simple hard life in the woods works. Either NC,Colorado,Wyoming or Alaska.I'm def up for it.

Well,all I can say is I'm tired of not being able to make a dam left turn in this state.We all know Florida is 10 yrs behind New york and the other northern states.I'm not saying Jersey was the best state to live in but ffs,this is horrible.My one kid just graduated from USF and is going to post grad school now.She wants out of here too.My son is 17 and he's ready to gtfo of here too.This state was made for retirees and the rich.Simple as that.Getting a job is horrendous and we have been more sick here in the last 20 yrs than we have EVER been in jersey.So much death here. All the doctors moved here to get rich and now they are all moving to N.Carolina and all.Show me 1 person here that has had the same doctor for more than 2 years.It's ridiculous.There is ALWAYS road construction everywhere you go.And its ALWAYS done right at tourist season.Wonderful.The law that if your roof is 20 yrs old it has to be replaced or NO INSURANCE for you is Fking INSANE.Our roof is in great shape and having the landlord replace it before december means we are getting fking evicted now.She says she isn't spending all that dam money on a roof that has no problems.So now there will be another family fking homeless here. Housing will put us downtown fort myers where you get your throat sliced getting out of your car.Funny how all the gov buildings are in the worst area of Fort Myers.So you take your life into your hands when you have to go to the courthouse or any gov building.And the funny part is you PAY to park down there,while you get mugged. Selling beer at gas stations is one of the most hilarious things here.So go to a circle K buy a six pack and get some gas and go kill a family of 5. The fishing was the only thing it had going for it here.Now there are SO MANY regulations and public lands turned private,that it is useless to enjoy it anymore. The ones who make out the most here are the water conditioner companies like Aqua Tech and Culligan to name a few.They build condos of pipes and machines that last 6 months if that and then they come back and say Oops...it's broke pay us another $3600 for a new system.WHAT A RACKET....... Publix has a monopoly on the entire state. And they are expensive. A 1% McArther gallon of milk there is $8.48. Right next door in CVS the SAME GALLON OF MILK is $3.79. Like What?????? Ugh. Def gonna go live in the mountains away from all this ****.

How can it be "for the rich" when according to sperlings, the cost of living here is about LITERALLY 1/4 of NYC?? wtf

That is true, I went on vacation there for a week in March of 1998. I couldn't wait to come back home to Wisconsin. I haven't been back to this very day and don't intend to ever step foot in this trash state again! Also, when I was there, this was pre-Casey Anthony, Michael Dunn, and knockout game era. So things have got worse down there. We get cold and snow up here, concealed carry and castle doctrine, and those two keep the criminals and thugs at bay.

Darlin' 1998 was two decades ago. Let it go.

Yes, that is so true. They probably don't have a W-2 program that puts people to work like we do in Wisconsin, but sit, collect welfare, then steal, rape and cause trouble.

Illegal alien men only have sex on their minds as well.. Last time I was there was over a decade ago for vacation, and it will be the last time if I can help it. It is not only the women who have sex on their minds, but everyone, whether male or female.

But that is crazy, I live next to an entire town overrun with illegals on Long Island...there are NO WHITE PEOPLE there, and only a small portion of blacks there. I can't turn the wrong way or I will get raped in all probability. It's pretty bad. So why is it so much worse there?

Lol at least someone in this country is getting laid. The young people in New York don't even know what sex is, unless they live in the ghetto!

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Couldn't agree with you more. This was my first and last visit to the Florida Keys. It is way pretentious and the people, most of them pretty ugly (from sun damage, smoking, drinking and swinging all their lives) think they are all that. Everything is too expensive for what you get. If you are not from here, forget it. The people are snobs and they will screw at the drop of a hat. I would willingly bet that AIDS and Chlamydia are rampant here, among every other STD. You can have Florida. I will NEVER come back.

Im just so curios, where are you from jedi2126

I am originally from New York City and I could write a whole thread about New York City, but the issue I have with New York and Florida are two different things. The people of New York are oppressed by a very stupid Government that feels that they have to tax the crap out of people who work hard and give it to idiots who choose not to work, not because they are not able to, but because they don't want to. The people of New York are dumb because they are brainwashed by this stupid Government and keep reelecting the same idiots into power. Florida's issue is that the Government does nothing to bring jobs to the economy here and that the people have a very bad self centered attitude. With my job I am able to travel the whole country and get to experience pretty much the whole country and I honestly think that Florida is the worse when it comes to peoples attitude, mind set and the Governments lack of willing to help it's citizens. Florida does have a great potential to be a great state, but the peoples mindsets have to change and we need to elect real people into office that are willing to make changes that will benefit this state. Sorry for the late response.

I agree with what you saidand the solution to any animal problems (that have a right to be here or were brought here by floridians) is to kill. All they want to do is kill kill kill.

I'm a Floridian and wow there is so much hate in this post. Maybe you live in a tourist filled community. And idiot Floridian? Woah. Calm down woman.

he's just a *****. he needs to change out his tampons, hehe

What are you doing about all the crime in your state that is lacking in my state?

Florida work ethic is simple. (please understand I don't use these Ebonics regularly)...<br />
I gots me a job 2day n I um gunna go to the club n girrrl you know that *ery buddi in da club, all i's on mee* <br />
Fast forward to Monday.<br />
<br />
Fat pig, sweaty as hell gets in her buy here pay here Lexus; hair all nappy, make-up in a bag. goes to work complains all day about her baby daddy and how he wont pay his $42.00 a week in child support.<br />
<br />
Takes an hour and 24 minutes for lunch, can't type more than 10 words per minute, has "Ner wrked a reel J.O.B. (spelled out), Breath smells like salted fish, body smells like a cat litter box..<br />
<br />
When confronted about the late lunch she says "muthu fuka I been tryin' to tell u I gots da shitz nigga" (which she clearly had not done or I possibly would have remembered that). <br />
"U know what, dis shiz aint fur me" AND I QUOTE "I get more muthu fukin ebt a month than you make in a year" Clearly there may be some issues with education in Florida.<br />
<br />
Just so you know, this was in a contact center that provides service to recovering addicts. <br />
<br />
**** For the rest of you that want to defend living in this melting pot furnace of hate... answer these questions. If you answer yes to any of them then there is no hope for the human race....Do I enjoy?<br />
<br />
1) Driving to work, the traffic stops in all lanes because there is a person changing a tire. Even though the traffic is now backed up for 11 miles and all cars are diverting to the HOV lane, I am thankful I have the sunshine and beach.<br />
<br />
2) Eating out at a buffet when your the only one at the buffet and the person making $7.25 an hour to sweep the floor tells you to "move out the way so I can do my job"<br />
<br />
3) Ordering ANY fast food, with the expectation that the order will EVER be 100% correct.<br />
<br />
4) Stopping for gas and getting "hit up" to either "Buy this CD I made of me and my homies so I can get back to my home state" or the most classic but common "Hey man can I get $5.00 for some gas? I got my wife and kids in the car and I forgot my wallet at home. Let me get your address, name and telephone number so I can mail it back to you". When you respond (every time) "Sorry I don't carry cash" the person retorts " DAYum ya aint gotta be all rude and shiz"<br />
<br />
5) Stopping at every light there is a person from Homeless Outreach collecting money by waving and staring into the car with a smile, flips you off for saying "not today thank you"<br />
<br />
6) Getting laughed at when you give a person holding a sign that says will work for FOOD a $5.00 Publix gift card that can NOT be redeemed for cash or booze/cigarettes. The statement in this case was "I make more money in 20 minutes here than you make in a year, like I need that fukin card"<br />
<br />
7) Living in Coral Springs - 45 minutes from West Palm Beach - you take the turnpike and get to west palm in 45 ish minutes BUT going 14 miles in traffic takes you 1 hour and 22 minutes average at 9 AM.<br />
<br />
In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy " Go foch yourself South Florida."


Florida is an amazing state state to live in, you just have to know where to live. Sure Florida has its not so great areas but what state doesn't? If you decide to move into a bad area there isn't much anyone can do for you if you do your research and learn about where you are going then you won't be in that situation. Floridians do have southern hospitality if you are willing to see it. If you don't like the weather that's on you because we are the sunshine state and we do have sunshine all the time. The only time we don't have sunshine is when it's raining or there is a big storm but everywhere has problems, we don't get earthquakes or big fires. Also the rain cools Florida down and Florida isn't that hot it just feels hot because of the humidity but if you keep in mind you are on a peninsula and practically surrounded by water it really isn't that bad. You can jump on a boat and go out to the Bahamas or drive down to the keys or just hop in the car for and hour or 2 at the most and go to the beach for the day. If you are "too good" for Florida and don't want to roll up your sleeves and sit back in the sunshine and get your hands dirty then maybe you should try living in a more crowded overpopulated state. Also we aren't just a state of old dumb people we have a huge number of young citizens because many families choose Florida to raise their children. We get it better here than many other places because the tourism keeps a steady flow or airplanes coming in and out if you need to go anywhere and the theme parks pay some of our taxes for us. Any problems we have with healthcare can't be traced back to the doctors because we have good doctors but the problem lies in the way the system is set up, nobody can do what they do for 12 hours a day. Sure the police aren't always the nicest but that isn't a Florida problem all over the US there are cops that get a bit big headed with all their power and there are good cops.

Question, For each of these situations, answer a simple Yes/No Do I enjoy?

1) Driving to work, the traffic stops in all lanes because there is a person changing a tire. Even though the traffic is now backed up for 11 miles and all cars are diverting to the HOV lane, I am thankful I have the sunshine and beach.

2) Eating out at a buffet when your the only one at the buffet and the person making $7.25 an hour to sweep the floor tells you to "move out the way so I can do my job"

3) Ordering ANY fast food, with the expectation that the order will EVER be 100% correct.

4) Stopping for gas and getting "hit up" to either "Buy this CD I made of me and my homies so I can get back to my home state" or the most classic but common "Hey man can I get $5.00 for some gas? I got my wife and kids in the car and I forgot my wallet at home. Let me get your address, name and telephone number so I can mail it back to you". When you respond (every time) "Sorry I don't carry cash" the person retorts " DAYum ya aint gotta be all rude and shiz"

5) Stopping at every light there is a person from Homeless Outreach collecting money by waving and staring into the car with a smile, flips you off for saying "not today thank you"

6) Getting laughed at when you give a person holding a sign that says will work for FOOD a $5.00 Publix gift card that can NOT be redeemed for cash or booze/cigarettes. the statement in this case was "I make more money in 20 minutes here than you make in a year, like I need that fukin card"

7) Living in Coral Springs - 45 minutes from West Palm Beach - you take the turnpike and get to west palm in 45 ish minutes BUT going 14 miles in traffic takes you 1 hour and 22 minutes average at 9 AM.

Yes I thought not.

i agree so much, florida is a great place to live. i lived in palmbay florida. not the best but i found that people in florida actually have a better life compared to people in other states. florida has a lot so offer go to the beach, go fishing, get a cheap wave runner. i found my self more healthy in florida i played sports went put all the time. i would walk like 10 miles on the weekend. people that don't like florida are usually people who like to just sit in side and complain about **** all day. one thing i really miss is every thing is 24hours and it never gets cold.!

That's the vibe I get too!! I'm a native New Yorker and my intuition tells me the complaints on here are basically from the same irritating miserable neurotic nonstop-talkers who populate NYC and constantly remind me I will never fit in here with their negative, hopeless and anti-health attitudes.

BTW, Miami definitely has a reputation, as L.A. does, for shallowness , fake people and obsession with appearance... it's definitely not all Florida- it's a big state. If it bothers you then *don't come to Miami*- simple as that. Chances are it was *you* all along who was just as shallow as Miami residents are, you just never realized it yet.

The huge difference between LA and Miami is the people in LA actually have money and worthwhile careers for which they have worked. Miami is full of scammers/thieves. Also, yes people in LA like to look good and be healthy. But it isn't in-your-face. California is much too laid back to match the rude and crude populace of Miami.

Except, in Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, the crime is nonexistent compared to Florida. Why is that?

Um seriously- it's common sense. Those states are ******* FREEZING. And they are empty, there is no one around to rob!!

Doesn't it sound like a bunch of whiny, high maintenance, neurotic northeasterners for whom nothing is ever good enough and are just born miserable? Jeesh!

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Iv lived in Florida since I was 10 years old (22 now) and I have hated every second of it.

There are no seasons, just hot & hot. The education system sucks. There are no jobs. the government system sucks and there aren't a lot of resources for the community. Plus theres nothing to do here except theme parks & the beach. Personaly im NOT a beach person and never go and theme parks are expensive and cant be afforded to go unless you have alot of money. (ya tickets will be like $75-150 but food & the stores really drain your bank account plus you need a fast pass if you wanna ride more then 3 rides & 1 show in a whole day) Plus people here suck. they have no depth and are either ghetto, preppy or hipster which is pretty much preppy with a tiny bit of actually style. Florida is for torisits and old people. point blank. the only reasons im still here is because I cant figure out what state i want to move to plus in college so im poor as hell.

Can't you just find the small number of people who aren't preppy or hipster or ghetto and hang with *them*?

"Personally I am NOT a beach person"

^^^^^^ Exactly the problem right there. This tells me everything I suspected about the people whining on here. Your personality type is too insecure, neurotic and anti-outdoors to actually enjoy life, get some exercise, enjoy the breeze, try some sports or go to a "non-hipster, non-preppy" meetup. You're too busy labeling people and categorizing the ways that the place you are in SUCK to actually see anything good. The good things are invisible to you. GAWD EVERYONE I KNOW HERE IN NYC IS LIKE THIS AND I HATE HATE *HATE* THEM!!!!!!

Also, for the record. I am poor and I cant afford to live in the rich neighborhoods on Long Island.. instead I must live with family on the border of one of the most dangerous areas in New York area. I have red hair and do not look Mexican AT ALL (I am white). This means I am bound for crime and harassment because I stick out. Yet, I have never once been victim to a crime, not even a small one. I even caught a man trying to pickpocket me! that's because of how I act, I am hypervigilant to everything. Pay attention people to your surroundings and stop being so scared of everyone. You sound like a bunch of old white geezers. I HIGHLY doubt that anything but the worst of neighborhoods over there could be worse than what I was able to be safe from here.

Persephone, I had to sign up for an account just to say that was the dumbest thing I've read in a long time. And I'm from the internet.

But seriously, I'm just a year older than the OP, I've also lived in Florida - Tampa, specifically - since around 10 (Born in '90, family came here in '99). Everything he said is accurate, and your post is just a case of the grass being greener on the other side.

I don't like the beach either. You know why, because I don't like the ******* beach. It starts and ends there. I don't fish, I find lying around on a blanket for hours to be boring, and I know what the ocean looks like: I don't need to continually visit it when I won't be doing anything there. I don't hate the outdoors, I've tried sports - although I don't like them much - and I go to plenty of meetups of all types.

You're venting your own problems and projecting them on to him. But having lived in both Florida and NYC, I'd trade places with you. New York's nowhere near what it's hyped up to be, but it's still got urban dynamism, mass transit, culture, well-paying jobs, and some of the best architecture in the world.

Oh yeah, and someone tried to pick my pockets recently too, in Ybor. I grabbed his hand and forced it out, and he ****** off. I didn't whine about how hard my life is in apropos of nothing the person before me said.

So how is any of your or his hate for Florida not ALSO a case of the grass being greener on the other side?

I also notice that for the good things you say about NYC, that you never in fact, actually lived here for any significant period of time. Interesting.

I suggest you go do so and then come back and tell me again how you'd "trade places with me" and how I'm just projecting my issues onto the OP.

Of course, irritating neurotic people like you are NEVER satisfied with anything, you feel compelled to impulsively DO everything just to "try it out", abandon it and try something else all the while complaining about EvERYTHING and bragging about all the stuff you've done and how much you've seen.

Take your ego down a notch.

You can go be another typical whiney arrogant ego-driven easily bored asswipe in New York and I will happily take my "boring" days laying on a blanket on the beach under the palm trees. That way I don't have to ever meet more ******* like you again :)

Istayed in Brooklyn for five months in 2012 for a temporary job. That's not exactly a significant period of time, but I did a lot and got a good sense for what it's like.

And why are you so quick to assume what everyone's personality is like? You're chasing strawmen. I never insulted your personality or said you were a stupid person, just that it's utterly moronic to assume the OP has mental issues for not liking one leisure activity. It's like those people who assume everyone who doesn't like sports must be gay.

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We moved to Florida 2 years ago. The worst days of my life. My husband from NE, met strange people and two ****** one from Porto Rico and another from Cuba, made my days a big hell. Now I left Florida definitely. I'm working in São Paulo, Brazil and I'm happy again.

Sadly I fully agree with you about Florida, my family moved down here from Chicago a number of years ago and I had a bad feeling about it, I didn't have much of a choice at the time. There was great weather, nice beaches and it seemed different, but after you adapted to the schools, the people, the mentality, drivers, food, etc. it's not for me, if that's how people want to live, I respect that. There are some things I do fit in with such as owning guns and I am religious, but otherwise drivers here are awful and it's not just the tourists, a lot of locals are absolutely crazy as well, the food selection is not good, homes are full of mold and everything rusts from salt, the mentality is why did you come down to florida, etc. Unfortunately once you move to the swamp, it's impossible to leave, i've tried 3 times and it's very very difficult, there is literally no future here. I have many friends in Florida so I am not an outcast like some of you have experienced, infact i'd say many Floridians also want to leave but can't because they need to take care of their families or already own a house here. I would definitely leave if I could.

The trash form other places are not the problem. Its the stupidity of the rednecks and dumb dumbs that we arefed up with. Your so stupid, you have no idea what a brain does.

I totally ******* agree with all the reasons. Right on. So when will fla become one big sinkhole and have the alligator eat your mf ***?

Native Floridians are polite. It is the trash from the northeast and Midwest that make this even more unbearable than the weather. They are the bad, rude, impatient drivers. Poor education system. Very little sophistication. Yes, Florida is awful.

I grew up in New England and was enticed by the prospects of warm weather and affordable education. Florida was certainly an experience for me. I moved down to Florida when I was 20 and thought it would be a great place to live while saving money on tuition. Fast forward 8 years and I am living back in Boston and people ask me all the time about Florida. The viewpoints that I have heard regarding Florida are 99% of the time negative. I lived in Florida for almost a 1/3 of my life and I feel that I constantly have to explain my decision to people as to why I moved there. I was drawn in by the sun, beaches and palm trees but after spending time there I realized it was lacking many things.

Florida is a great place to visit or if you are wealthy enough not to have to work for someone else. If you are seeking a career where you will be able to move upward I feel that this is not a state that will allow you to live up to your fullest potential. There are so many reasons I wish this was not the case, I loved the sun and the weather but it was not easy to make a decent living down there.

The main reason I left was the lack of career opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur like myself, I found it difficult to find funding and support. I would love to see Florida succeed but I feel that it will take a long time before the state can catch up to more progressive states. I wish Florida the best of luck as I do still have some great friends and family living there but I feel that it is going to be a long hard struggle to catch up to other states.

You have an excellent point. Florida is paradise; but ONLY if you live directly on the ocean and you do not work (either retired or filthy rich). The reality is that only a tiny percentage of Floridians enjoy this life style. Otherwise Florida is not pleasant to put it as nicely as possible.

I'm glad you have positive wishes for Florida's future. Just because I am miserable here & all of these rednecks here treat me like dirt; I wish them no harm and I also hope things improve for Florida and all of the USA for that matter.

What if you are a low income person ($20K net) but you make this working from home? Would it be a paradise then ;) Perhaps not...

I like that fact that you didn't insult the state. I'm a Floridian and i feel the same way. No need to generalize everyone in Florida. Thank you for that.

i think your just a dumb ******* idiot. if you didint fit in florida it was probaly because you were anoying. i dont no what the hell you were smokeing when you said the weather sucks you must not like sun shine. i think you need to pull your head out your *** and look at the bright side. their is a never ending amont of things to do. stop crying like a little ***** because nothing you said makes scine.

Okay little girl, learn how to spell, second, idiots like you is what makes Florida stupid. Look at the bright side, tell me one positive thing about Florida and I will apologize to your dumb A**. Florida has crap jobs, if you think working at Disney or wet n wild, or Publixs are good jobs, then you are a dumb S*** and deserve to live in a state like Arizona. But knowing that you are from Florida makes me think that you don\'t have a degree and if you do, you spend thousands of dollars for a degree and still cant get a job or maybe you are working at a dollar store as a manager with a business degree worth nothing in Florida because idiots in this state don\'t want real jobs here they want crappy tourist jobs. Get a life and go back to your swamp hole in the middle of the everglades and tell your gator friends that they should launch a surprise attack on the African Pythons that are invading your swamps, much like the northerners are invading Florida. Start with the pythons and then work your way to northerners so you can reclaim your swamps. Long live the everglades, and my 16ft alligator friends.

people like you don't deserve to live in florida you seriously don't know of one positive thing about florida. you must be one of those people who sit in the house all day with your time off and think it's fun. get a ******* hobby or something for **** sake man. you tell me to get a life..... you get a ******* life obviously you don't enjoy what florida has to offer. go move up north where it's freezing get your perfect little dream job, work all of your life away. cause people in florida don't want little cry baby stuck up **** ******* like you anyway who can't find one positive thing about florida. theirs no point in me telling you about all the great things in florida i don't feel like typing a book. ps. ill tell my gator friends to go eat your pointless ***.

"work all of your life away"

That's pretty much it...all the New Yorkers I know, as dynamic and intelligent as they are, waste themselves away in a kind of miserable hole oblivious to others, unable to connect to others or ever truly calm their spirits, and release their minds and hearts and bodies into someone else. They live behind walls. Most seem to have a natural sort of antipathy to outdoors activities (I love them, I got called a "lesbo" for being a tomboy growing up) and hatred/blindness towards physical and emotional health. They will put up with ANYTHING for their precious hard-earned dream jobs, making themselves sick, and never speak out.


As a Floridian I'm not really a big fan of what's this article states. I would hope that there's at least one good thing people think when they think about Florida... And just because some stupid lady killed her daughter doesn't mean everyone kills there daughters!!! You people underestimate Florida way to much...

Equestrian Girl, if you want to defend FL you might want to learn some grammar.

It is "their daughters, and "way too much".

BTW, FL schools across the board are failing "their" students.

Hi Equestrian,

That was just an example of the bad in Florida, I could sit here write one of these on every state, but here is the issue with Florida, Florida has a problem with change. Florida needs change in every single way known to humanity but Floridians just do not want to change. This whole topic here is for us northerners to reflect on why we moved down and do we really like this state enough to stay here or keep letting you Floridians know that you need to change certain things about your society, that has sadly become ours as well.

they just dont want to live in a place where you can have fun. their just people who want to sit in their houses all day and complain about the world not being how they want it to be. florida is a great state in my opinion.

As a native of the state, I agree with you on a lot of things. It used to be cool as hell to tell people I was from Florida. After the election, I was embarrassed. After the Casey Anthony trial, I was like, "really? WTF?" Now after the George Zimmerman case, I am done. I have had hopes of moving back to my home state but now - I am not so sure. Florida has THE WORST health care system. People take advantage of the welfare system; there are innocent people that have worked all their lives, lost their jobs, need those benefits but cannot get a break. In other news, you have some ***** (of any race) with 4-6 kids, a brand new vehicle, cannot get/find a job for the life of her, can afford to get her hair and nails done every week to go to the club, and is living in a $250,000 home on Section 8. Who the **** in their RIGHT mind allows that? I am not saying this to defend Floridians, but do understand that the majority of the population of Florida are not natives; still, a lot of BS takes place. I seriously believe I will not go back. I feel your pain. ******' embarrassing.

I am glad you got out and I appreciate the fact that you see that this topic is not really to bash Florida but instead to show some people that we really do need change in this state. Writing to your local congressman is like writing to Shamu at sea world, we need to honestly elect good politicians into power and stop electing these clowns who talk fancy or look nice.

LOL Mike Scott spent 73 MILLION of his OWN MONEY to get elected. And he has the NERVE to tell us that he is doing his best for the state.He already had 2 scandals. What is wrong with this picture?

LMFAO "...is like writing to Shamu at sea world." i freakin' die at the truth of this statement.

We have been saying that for YEARS. I will not wait for it because it uses too much of my energy and time. If it comes, it comes.

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Wow! Seems to me someone is very bitter. Florida has changed quite a bit but....that is because of all the influx of people from All over "running" from something. And then they built a tourism empire, which, for us real Floridians, sucks.
So heres an idea...go home. Your pretty young, cut loses and build a new life some where else, or do what most will do....keep whining about it and do Nothing.

No one is bitter, and the people that are the problems are the natives not the tourist. Tourist bring money to this state, without them Florida would be a swamp hole with alligators running the show still. The biggest issue I have with Florida is that Floridians don't want to learn how to actually make this state better. No state is great, I originally came from New York and trust me Mayor Bloomberg is an idiot dictator that has ruined what Giuliani left him. But the issue I have about Florida is how resistant they are to change. They vote in the biggest idiots to keep things the same instead of trying to make things better. People here have to live here with some idiot trying to tell you what to always do, whether it's some stupid homeowner association or politician setup senseless rules that do not actually protect the peoples interest but their own agenda. Now to pick up and leave, when you spend thousands of dollars to move hoping to have a new life its not that easy to spend that much again to move elsewhere. The message I give here is to hopefully get people to think of the problems we are having here and hopefully enough people will write to their politicians and create real change, so we can hopefully have real jobs move to Florida versus stupid tourist jobs that are dumb bank jobs that want to pay people peanuts and treat us like dirt because we are a right to work state. Every election we have a problem with counting because our system sucks yet no one wants to fix it because that means change. We dont want to bring any real jobs here because it may offend Disney or the jobs that come here may affect our green swamps. Honestly, when are we going to put the better good of the people in this state versus some stupid corp or contracting company. We need change in this state that will help people versus who really cares about the stupid casey anthony trial or George Zimmerman trial on TV. The things that this state puts importance on is really outrageous.

Jedi, you're correct.

There is a mindset down here not to try improve things, or to look at other states and see how they do things that actually work.

A perfect example is the fact the FL leads the nation in deadly teen car crashes, there was another one just this week in which a 16yr old lost control of her car and killed herself and her friend.

In other states there are rule about teens not driving past 9pm, not allowed to drive with a carload of other teens, must have a driver over 21 with them if they're under 18...not in Floriduh.

It is the same thing on the news every time, they put fake flowers on the side of the road and show crying teens who seem so shocked that a car going 90 miles an hour hit a pole and their friends were killed.

But don't mention raising the driving age in FL or making stricter rules like NJ and MD have, states that have seen drastic reductions in teen crashes...OH NO, can't have that.

Best to keep things the way they are, FL is the land of the reactive and NEVER the proactive.

What an awesome idea. That's why I did it. I packed my stuff, used everything I had, and moved to a much nicer part of the country. Away from Florida. FAR AWAY from Florida.

And do you know why we "whine," as you perceive it? Because it's the truth. Hurts, doesn't it?


Nail on the head. I hope you are able to make it out of this miserable dump water hellhole, you deserve it.

Your spot on with most things. I grew up in South Florida and the people who now vacate these premises are of the low life Hispanic types who have zero respect for the law of the land or our dear language which is ENGLISH! I am bi-lingual but refuse to speak Spanish when I walk into an American store like Wallmart or Publix. The gaul and level of ignorance of Hispanics here to speak Spanish to me in an America establishment is a slap in the face of citizenship. Plus the women are drama queens, man are arrogant(ignorant) and uncultured morons. I have lived in 5 different states and aside from the sun Florida is a f'in cultural vacuum made up of a dense population of selfish, ignorant third world tripe. YES people I grew up here so I ba<x>se my opinion on experience and caparison to OTHER states. Most of the natives here know nothing beyond Dade county even exists. In addition the cops could give a rats behind to respect the citizens they supposedly serve or obey the laws(you can watch cops break the rules of the road gratis any day of the week in Dade!). I wont even get into the pay scale issue! The US should slice Dade and Broward off and let the whole freakin landmass become its own island nation!!

Let me get my family the **** outta there then you can saw it off and let it wonder in the Atlantic.

Having lived all over the country and Europe, yep.... south Florida sucks! Stupid people, trashy women all over the mall with their ***** hanging out. Nobody can drive for ****. AND nobody speaks English. Get the hell out!

Please respond with authenticity, support and respect??? Seriously? Nothing about your comment was authentic, supportive or respectful. Sorry, but you come off like a jack ***. There are pedophiles and scammers in every state. Most Floridians are appalled that Casey Anthony walked. There are good and bad cops in every state. There are good and bad jobs in every state. Ok, we do have alot of bad drivers here...it makes me crazy! There are trashy girls with ridiculous tatoos in every state as well, its just usually so hot here, you see more of the ink than you would in other states. Teen pregnancy is no worse in Florida than in any other state. The court system IS completely f#cked, I do agree! Bahama Breeze and Ale House are ok, certainly not "high class" by anyones standards. Not all natives are rude. Its quite the opposite actually. The University of Miami, The University of Florida, Florida State and The University of Central Florida are all great schools and we have many more in this state. The schools you mentioned are all great as well. There are intelligent people and stupid people everywhere...

In summary, its all perspective. Everyone has their own opinions and alot of what you complained about was just your opinion. It was not authentic, supportive or respectful, and it makes you sound like a jack ***. And yes, I do think that part needed to be repeated.

Sorry Bub but the story above are all real life experiences that I have dealt with here in good old Orlando FL. Florida is a crap hole with no jobs, to add to that story, Florida Hospital is a great place to go if you are sick and want to end your life. Doctors at Florida Hospital suck so bad they will kill you. There is really nothing good about Florida except the fact that you can go to a theme park. Other than that Florida should have been left to the seminole indians, not even the Spaniards wanted this dump after the turn of the 20th century. They were smart, they may have lost the war to America but they were like we are going to stick it to America let them keep that dump state and let all their citizens that go there suffer like jerks. In the long run i'm convinced they lost on purpose so they can get rid of this crap state to us. Wow Florida, the only thing we have going for this state is Lebron James and the Miami Heats.

your a ******* idiot.!!

FSU is an effing joke. the fact that you can take algebra 3 to meet general education requirements... uh, aren't you supposed to take that in middle school? i met so many people in DC who graduated from FSU, only to find that they could find jobs in florida that made absolutely no difference and it was better to hike to DC, basically homeless, but finally given a chance to experience what it's like to work hard and move upward because of it and feel a sense of integrity. and on another note, the Noles suck. only having one football chant where you wave your hand in the air like a banshee and look semi-retarded? Geronimo is rolling in his grave.

Oh gawd the p#dophile thing is so true. But yeah Floridians are retarded. Even the University students who are not from Florida who go to University there are retarded.Someone I went to University with when I was going to the University in De Land (near Orlando, Orange city, and Daytona) was a g@y p#dophile (he is a native to Daytona/ Port Orange Area).Most friends of both genders were g@y p#dophiles too. They all thought it was okay to hurt anyone they felt like targeted including me) and then go running to the school complaining if the target decided to stand up for him or her self (the school cared more about its "image" and would cater to these people to appear like the school "did not discriminate.")<br />
<br />
Frankly, I was not surprised that Casey Anthony got away with it. Floridians as as a whole care more about making sure that people who a designated targets get hurt then they do about true justice.