Florida's The Best

Answer these 2 questions:If you people hate florida so bad,then why do you spend so much time writing about it?If northerners hate it so bad then why are there SOOO many of you f&@$*rs down here?
IllRhythm321 IllRhythm321
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Florida is a swampy cesspool filled with the laziest and stupidest people on planet Earth. If it was not for northerners, you inbreds would not have electricity, indoor plumbing or anything else modern societies have.

Here's the thing, Illrhythm321: We northerners treat each other with this thing called respect. We have this other wonderful thing called dignity. I know you've never heard of these things before, because none of you crackers know anything about dignity or respect. You people would sell your mother for a bottle of oxy. Many of us northerners are under the false conception that in the south, people care about each other and treat each other kindly, as we do. Little do we know that all you hicks care about is yourselves, and you mofo's are so angry and rude that it's unbearable. We spend a lot of time talking about how awful your pile of poop state is because we want to warn other people about it before they come here. You people would never make it up north anywhere, because all of you are so incredibly useless, not to mention you're all drug addicts and alcoholics. I'd never met anyone in Chicago that moved up there from FL, and I know why. The north would eat you alive and spit your worthless corpse out.

Some people don't have a choice but to move here. Florida is an evil trap that is hard to get out of and should be bobbited off of the United States.

yea gtf out.ppl dont like it.HIT THE ROAD.thers 75,95,turn pike,

Your Florida educational system at work. I'm glad I'm not one of you. 2 days till I am out of this stink state permanently!! :-)

haha! nice! Typical redneck white trash response, uberwoman. Let me guess: high school drop out, meth addict, can't go one day without drinking or getting high, 4 kids from 4 different guys, don't know how to use turn signals, no hope for the future, angry, ignorant, and you're white but think you're black.... Have I nailed it??

I have not been here long enough, but I like it thus far. I miss mich, but it is only because I need to meet some people down here, that is the only reason why I am so sad. I love the weather and hope I can contribute some how down here. I lived in mich and the people were rude they were stuck up and in your life when they need not be. My son was put threw so much because of their school system! he is relieved to escape from their.

I know lots of people who are in FL and not by choice. Some of them were moved here as kids, others came down to take care of elderly parents who moved here, still others moved here for a job, or they have decided they have had enough of the horrific heat, the lousy drivers, the dumb rednecks and want out.<br />
<br />
In case you haven't noticed the economy sucks, you can't sell a house here.<br />
<br />
So it's really stupid to tell just people to leave, it's not the 1800s where people load up the wagon and go. Arrangements need to be made, houses sold, etc.

Its probably because you haven't traveled out of Florida long enough to see whats out there, what the difference is. If your whole life is knowing only hash soup, and you have never tasted fresh strawberries with whip cream, how would you know there is something better?

You've copy-pasted this elsewhere

and you're a trolling douche, jimmies.