Florida Is A Close To Hell As One Can Get.

I really hate this place with a passion. I was relocated here back in the early 80's when my new husband got out of the Army. We had 2 children and I wanted a positive future for them. Where I am from general motors shut down and so did the town. I felt that there was a better future here because of the space center. We have moved out of Florida a couple of times but always came back. Eventually we divorced and dating here is a nightmare, the drugs and drunking are a major part of daily life for these people. I finally found what I thought was a good man and we married. Eventually we moved out of Florida. I loved it up in the mountains, yet he had other plans for me. I was eventually forced to move back to Florida crying all the way. (I only had my adult daughter to count on) See my 2 older children were raised here and liked it so they stayed when they were old enough to chose where they wanted to live. I have been back for just over 4 years now and I hate it. Its too dang hot, everyday, for months at a time! I hate the heat and hate to sweat. Medical personal are just worried about their next dollar not what the problem is. I called my primary care doctor for a sick visit and they told me it would be 3 months before they could squeeze me in. It has taken me over a year to get into a specialist. Good thing I don't have cancer, or at least I don't know at this point. My son went to the E.R of the local hospital and the x-ray tech didn't know how to read the x-rays and sent him home with muscle relaxers. A week later he went back and they treated him like crap thinking he just wanted pain meds. Come to find out that he had osteosarcoma, bone cancer. After being transfered to a hospital 200 miles away we found out that had it been caught at the first x-ray more could have been done for him. We lost him 11 months later. Social services is a joke along with job services. I called a local food bank back then and the lady acted as if she was taking things from her own pantry. I told her to keep them, I don't want her to feel that I was taking from her. There are no jobs that pay more than minimum wage and they are only part time. I went back to school and found out that the degree that I was talked into because I was assured at the college what I wanted to go for was no longer in need of in todays society. Well, that degree isn't worth the paper its written on. I decided that I would go back to school and get my cosmetology license. That too only pays minimum wage and the tips are crap, but that's if you can find a job. People call DCF on everyone here and the police are never where they should be. Everything is so outrageously priced and the flea markets are just junk lots. Crooks and drugs are on every corner and you can't trust anyone because everyone has their own agenda, never doing anything with out thinking of exactly how they can benefit from it. People are rude, ignorant, down right hateful. There is nothing to do except go the beach. The sand here sucks. I hate the sand. Nothing for teens, no bowling or skate parks, no public pools that don't cost an arm and leg to get into. People that do work have such a bad attitude that who wants to even go grocery shopping. I smile and I am a friendly person. I try to help those that are in need if I can. Yet, I found that after I help someone I am dropped like a bad habit. Friends? Not here. Everyone is out for themselves. I am trying to get out of here but its very difficult to save money living on minimum wage, with a 6 year old. Insurance is over priced and they under pay if you get into an accident. The courts, huh, they are a joke. There is no justice in Florida. Fathers can disappear for months and than take you to court stating you won't let them see their kids and they can actually win custody. (it happened to someone I know).
This place is as close to hell as anyone can get. I will feel guilty about leaving my daughter and granddaughters behind but I have got to get of here. My worst nightmare is to die in Florida.
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I feel your pain. If a person doesn't want to be here, this place is just awful. I would take issue with one thing you wrote: That you don't want to die in Florida. Sorry, too late. Once you're in Florida you might as well be dead.

Sorry I am not sure what the "thank the author"'s option for a "kind note" is.

However, I know how you feel. As I have posted before in response to other stories in other I-hate-Florida groups, I made the mistake of going to the University in De Land.

So true that it is difficult to deal with people in Florida because they really are all selfish and have their own agendas.

In my experience that attitude ended up with my safety in danger (I tried to take my life countless times because of how badly I was treated/what the people did to me). Keep in mind, not everyone at the University was/is originally from Florida. A lot came from out of state so some of the baddies were not true "Floridians." But still.

You hit the nail right on the head. This is not an easy state to come into as an outsider. As far as I can tell no one who actually lives here loves it either. No one is like, I heart Miami.

Your last sentence is spot on. I always say that, I'll be damned if I am going to die in Florida. I tried for like a week to convince myself that Florida may not be all that bad. Didn't last for more then a few days.. I also can't believe the work ethic down here, I still have no job. I'm leaving in March, thank god. I am going back home to NJ where Sandy hit the worst, so what does that tell you that I'd rather go back to a disaster striken area! I also have lost all hope of making friends or dating anyone down here. Thats one big joke. I much rather go back and be around my friends. My Mom and sister think it's just wonderful down here. Its alittle stressful knowing they are staying here. But I have got to go, enough is enough. Also another annoying thing I hate. I don't care if you are religious or a gun lover. But don't go telling me that I should be religious or own a gun. Thats happened to me a few times here being preached to. Thats just BS to me. Stop trying to brainwash me Florida!