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I love most everyone's stories on here and I too feel the pain, depression and unrest of all of you. I am going to do my best to get out before summer hits once again. (Does summer ever really go away here?) It is going to be very difficult but I plan to sell everything I own. EVERYTHING. I am going to load up my mustang and my son and get the hell out, never looking back. The only thing here that can't be replaced is my daughter and granddaughters. She refused to leave. I believe that Florida is the next place to get wiped out by a natural storm. The areas of New Orleans, and New York have already been hit. Florida is the armpit of America and as close to hell as anyone can get. Its time to wipe it clean and not start over. I feel its only a matter of time and I will need the space for my child to come when Florida is gone. Peace be with everyone and I pray that you all find your way out soon.
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Florida is America's wang. Just turn a US map sideways, and you see FL just sticking out there like a big wang!

"Florida is the armpit of America and as close to hell as anyone can get. Its time to wipe it clean and not start over." I cannot explain how right you are on that.

That was so deep I can't even see you anymore. You should probably see a psychiatrist or any doctor if just a state causes depression for you.

Really? Wow?

He hates people that complain, yet reads complaints and comments on them. #floridalogic

What makes me mad the most is that I have to start all over again when I move back up north. I left a good job and everything, so I am pissed off at myself for that part. I still am amazed at all the stories on here. Didn't think there would be so many with the same issues.

I too was surprised that other people felt the same as I do. My kids keep telling me that I am crazy, Florida is great. Maybe living 200% below poverty is good enough for them but not for me. They weren't raised that way, they know better but for some reason they are settled . Where did I go wrong? I know I hate to start over too but when I finally got my apartment 4 years ago I walked thru the door with only a key to my name. I now have so much stuff that it makes me crazy sometimes. I am just going to sell everything because it know it won't take me long to replace it all. I would be willing to go anywhere even New Jersey where the hurricane hit because I want out so bad. Every time I see a Tennessee tag I want to stop them and beg them to take me back. lol Good luck on your move. If your like me you will be not only happier but better off.

The one positive thing that came from all of this negativity they call Florida. Is that it put fight back into my life. Wanting to live and get the hell out of here..

You are so right. I have never been more determined about anything in my life until this point. I work hard day in and day out to LEAVE!