Florida Is A Terrible Place To Live.

I have lived in florida all my life and im hating it more and more as the years go by. You would think its nice to be in warmth without having to deal with the cold winters up north but its not like that. The summer never goes away, It's brown dry and swamp looking, (it is a swamp) and the people are not very bright. In the summer it's 90 degrees in the winter its 80 degrees. Like i said it never ends. You cant ever get away from the heat. In the winter when the hollidays come it doesnt even feel like its the holidays and its very hard to enjoy them. you see all these winter decorations and holiday commercials and then you look outside and its dry rainy humid and hot. Not to mention it isnt family orientated at all. It's goodfor old people who want to stay warm and play bingo all day and its good for people from 21 and up with the all the clubs and stuff that they have in miami. If your a teenager or younger tough luck...The only thing you can do is swim. You cant play out side or go jogging or do any out door activities because its too hot. Its not like up north where the summers have a nice breeze of cool air and its nice out. No its very hot humid and no breeze. Just heat penetrating into your skin. So all you can do is stay inside and watch TV all day. Or like I said go swimming. And swimming gets so boring after a while. Especially when thats all you can do. I once spent the entire summer going to my friends house and swimming and i got so bored after a while. Oh and not to mention theres no sights to visit in florida nothing cool to see here. you cant go hiking or biking (no mountains) The only kind of biking you can do is bike aroung the block or go to the convenient store. Nothing interesting to do here and every day is the same day doing the same thing with the same weather. its so hot here and you have to PRAY that you will have just two days of cold weather. I hate florida and i cant wait to grow up and move out of here. you never get a break from the summer its HIDEOUS here and very boring. Nothing cool to do here and very miserable. To save yourself from misery don't move to florida.
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4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Great post and 100% correct. The natural landscape is exactly like the people...lifeless and boring. After 9 years of living in this hellhole, I am leaving next year. Florida sucks and all of the dim witted nimcompoops can stay here. Good riddance

Thanks man. That's great to hear that your leaving this place.. I got 2 more years living in this place then I'm free

I agree... I move to this state with my family to have the worse experience of my life. Business had a drastically move btw. people are obnoxious literally mean all they think is how to make bad towards others, people are stressed out for several reasons one they don't make enough money, two how to make $$$ in this state bankrupt,tree people buying expensive houses and cars after work in different states and countries to make real state investment in places in south Florida where Floridian that live here for decades will never be able to afford and four people are working for the minimum rates for management jobs which means you have to work hard to pay bills on time part time and part time and part time... Part time is not a option here, you have to do in order to survive. Things move slowly here but when you realized you are stuck here for 4 years and so... Old people love this place and some young drug addict too. Life doesn't happen here. Meds and general drugs available for all with not prejudice... Thanks for the selfishness of the people and laziness they can't stand for the better of their state and they can't stand for the better of others all they want is party and laying on the beach.
omg women here is a critical thing bc men are treating ladies like *******. Here silicone is natural. Women are battling to find a guy to move them out of this messy...
Conclusion do you want to be happy? do not move to Florida.

Its sounds dreadful place to live.

These all legitimate grievances, I sympathize. I just wish that dropping everything and leaving were easier.