After All...

 it's just dead meat burned on a grill and a bunch of notes strung together. Eh!

penguinswon penguinswon
2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

When I lost 100 lbs. by my own method and not support. I went back home and all of my family said that I was too skinny and looked like a crackhead. Now that I've gained back 40 lbs. listening to everyone telling me to eat, I feel so ****** up!!! I began yesterday my method and the weight will melt off of me. <br />
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I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat all day yesterday, my mom told me I need to eat a little something, but I told her again that I'm not hungry. I'm going to pretend from now on that I'm eating, because advice from big people will only make me big like them--again. <br />
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I've had it with food. Then the music omg I'm sick of refurbished songs, with people who can't sing or they sing about love and all that bullshit. I'm so cool.

Complete waste it is,music. And food? Overrated, not like it's for survival or anything of that nature.