football dominates alpha males lives , i ******* hate it with a vengeance , what would they do without it for 8 months of the year,, **** themselves to death probably!
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take away their football and alcohol they would go nuts and there would be a ER full of guys with burns on their wankers from all that tugging lol

my ex wears a white collar to work , never gets his hands dirty! but i also think football says something about a mans respect for women , i mean look at the way some of the footballers treat their wives , its a mans world !and yes give me a rugby mans thighs anyday weedy little footballers ! will carling now hes nice! :-)

Football is considered to be national game, however I consider it be a national disgrace. Tribal, moronic (Alpha male if you like) `supporters` drinking themselves stupid; that sums up the game for me.<br />
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The first thing you should do when you meet someone new is to ensure that they do not fit that stereotype!<br />
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There is something about football that reduces men to `warriors` and makes them act like cavemen.<br />
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Give me Rugby any day; its more physical but does not seem to bring out the moron in male supporters.