My family gets so annoying during this period. So I'll walk into the room and say: I've found the smiths in their natural habitat! Oh no it's angry!
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It's our pleasant distraction from our boring lives.

Not for meh

Lucky. I'm stuck rooting for the Browns, the least successful team in football. Our fan base was voted the drunkest fan base of any professional sports team in the world.

XD I'm sorry dude

One dude at a sports bar last year bought me a beer to celebrate one of the only victories all season. He assumed I was 21 because of my beard most likely. I drank it anyway to become another Cleveland Browns fan statistic.


Yes, even the young fans drink. We got the reputation for a reason.

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Thats hilarious!

Why thank you :D!

Your welcome. I wish my family could be like that, i would get a universal remote and just **** with them lol.

That is an amazing idea

I know!

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