A Thought Process

The random I like is where there is a thought process going on in the person's head, that leads them to a new thought, that no one could link back to the previous. But when you ask the person where the heck the got that, they could answer, "Oh, I was thinking about this, which reminded me of this, which happened when I was at this, which is where this happened, and it had this in it." - Or something like that. Forced random means that people have this 'random' words already saved that they can blurt out when they think the random would be 'cool'. But there is nothing there, and no good laugh can be shared from it.
'Forced Random' people can share whenever. But truly awesome random moments happen when we are all very hyper. =P
Kagit Kagit
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4 Responses Aug 10, 2007

ElLagarto, The master of random comedy, in my mind, is Robin Williams.<br />
I commend you having the courage to stand on a stage with the express purpose of making people laugh. There are always some with a mindset that dares the comedian to make them laugh.

Forced randomness, as in when a person has to TRY to be random, instead of just going with whatever flow there is.<br />
I am a big fan of stringing though processes together to come up with something completely new. My friends have all gotten used to it too.<br />
<br />
When I am relaxed, and even when I'm around people I trust, I still tend to think over things a whole lot, and I like staying on subjects until everyone has said their bit. So really, the thought processes there are said out loud, and we all know how we got from one place to the other.<br />
And I understand not wanting to give away something that you didn't mean to. It's just that I run through things so many times in my head before I say it, that it doesn't affect me personally. But I do understand what you are saying ElLagarto.

Nice post. Having done stand-up comedy I can tell you that spontaneity and "randomness" is very easy to fake if you're comfortable with your material - your "ad libs." I totally agree that real randomness is much more fun - but it's also more risky - which is why people shy away from it. (They're scared to lose control, and to reveal something ghastly.) I know that sometimes when I'm talking I say something that completely surprises me - and that is delightful. However, I don't associate that with being hyper - actually I associate that with being relaxed, and trusting the people I'm with.

Hhhhmmm, Forced Randomness is a term new to me, it seems like an oxymoron.<br />
But when it comes to one thought that leads to another thought, that leads to yet another, to the point that when you open your mouth and speak it seems totally unrelated to the conversation currently going on...I do that all the time. I often find myself stopping long enough to tell whoever I am talking to, what the trail was that led me to what I am about to say. My boyfriend has gotten use to it. Because of my working memory deficit, I sometimes have to interrupt if there is something I really need to say, or a question I need to ask, otherwise by the time the other person is done talking, I will have forgotten, what seemed so important just seconds ago.