Why I Hated Foster Care!

… Because I suffered abuse because of those who were supposedly trying to protect me.
… Because no one really cared about me.
… Because I wanted to be a normal kid with normal parents in a normal family.
… Because no one ever asked my opinion about anything.
… Because I felt like I had hurt me written on my forehead.
… Because I was stereotyped.
… Because I never understood or agreed with why I was taken from my mother.
… Because no one tried to understand what I was going through.
… Because I was treated as if I was just another number.
… Because being in the system felt like I was the one being punished as if I was the one who did something wrong.
… Because the system did not give my parents a chance to prove they could be good parents.
… Because I did not get a chance to know my biological parents and now I barely remember them.
… Because I felt forced to do whatever they wanted.
… Because I was treated like a criminal.
… Because my foster parents gave up on me without asking why I behaved differently and they did not even try to understand.
… Because my real mom died while I was in the adoptive home and I did not get to live with her again.
… Because everything was so rigid.
… Because my adoptive parents were mean.
… Because they gave off this perfect image of foster care which is not true.
… Because I felt as if I was kidnapped.
… Because I had no privacy in shelter or juvenile hall. Chaperone could come in your room at any time without notice. They could at least give us some warning that they were about to check on us but they did not respect us or our privacy enough to give us that courtesy.
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

I identify with this nearly 100%.

All the adults failed to protect you and its so sad you experienced so much hurt. So sorry these people called foster parents hurt you so horribly.