A Narrative Started In Age Of Nixon, Continues Unabated....

Nixon knew he could only win by stoking the hatred of Southerners. Like South Africa, it was the politics of "Divide and Conquer.
Roger Ailes learned well from the Crook and with Lee Atwater somehow they decided that it was okay stoke racial hatred if it helped the GOP win. It worked then and it's working today. Ailes' first words after Obama won were; 'This is war'. And as we know, all's fair..."
This was clearly evident when Obama singlehandedly took on the leadership of the GOP in a televised event on CNN. About 3/4 through, Fox pulled the feed because Ailes probably thought they'd taken enough of a beating.
Jon Stewart called it when he said Obama's speech simply didn't conform with the narrative they are trying to present. When asked why he pulled the feed by a journalist, Ailes simply stonewalled him and said. "Fox News is the best news station in the country."
Ah, there. That's better. The narrative is back on track. It's important to do that as swiftly as possible. Because the narrative, based on the lie that it is, is delicate. One simple truth can destroy it. As someone who works in the communications business I know one thing.
You don't have to tell the truth. You just have to tell one story over and over and it becomes the truth. Consistency is key. The slightest deviation, as Ailes observed during the Obama telecast, can upend the truth. Too bad the journalist who questioned Ailes didn't have the cojones to call him on his remark. That kind of cowardice is rampant in the White House Press Corps.
And now it has infected the Oval Office. President Obama's decision to fire Shirley Sherrod based on selectively edited clips, was an act of supreme cowardice.
It's okay Fox. Keep up the Foxy tricks. But remember, 3 million viewers is not 'the american people'.The American people are white,brown,black, tan and yellow. They are muslims, christians, jews and even Catholic. And the 3 million people you serve represent one percent of America. They are white rich and entitled and poor too. Those are the ones who respond best to Fox's race baiting. But ultimately, time, truth and numbers will overwhelm them.
Especially when you consider that 65% of Fox Viewers are white males over 65 years old. Try as you might, you cannot spin that truth.

It's as fragile as a combover on a windy day.
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Nice post.

a combover is a metaphor for all the old white guys trying to hold a flimsy agenda together and they know they are losing their grip.

"It's as fragile as a combover on a windy day".<br />
<br />
That has to be the best closing line of all time! I'm lovin it! Thank you for pointing out what to most of us is blatently obvious, but curiously elusive to the despondent/decieved Republican bottom feeders.<br />
<br />
Jon Stewart should run for the senate. He's a genuis.