Fox News Hater From London

Hi, although i don't get to see much Fox news over here (lucky me) i do see enough of it to make my blood boil, the thing that is scary is that people actually take it at face value. I seen a clip recently when a woman was been interviewed about the health reforms and she said she had changed her opinion after watching some crap on Fox. I know some Americans slag off the BBC for being some socialist, public funded dinosaur, but i wouldnt swap it for anything.
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Ya want an example of why to watch FOX News.. NO one outside of Seattle is covering the union thugs invading import docks, shutting them down because one union won a contract.. Holding security guards hostage.. sabotaging rail cars.. smashing vehicles... all because unions support the Democratic Party with 92% of their contributions going to that party.. and the media has been Barry's most ardent supporter for the last 4 years. So ignore it.. Bill in Va.

I make myself watch fox news everyday, to be honest..<br />
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If not, i would have to wait for 11 pm, to get all my humor from John Stewart and Steven Colbert.<br />
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But, I will admit that some for their straight forward news, on disasters, and non politcal, news, is okay..But, don;t watch any of their specialty programs, in the morning..Unless you want to stay on your diet..<br />
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Dave.. I wish I could exercise your restraint.. Well done.. <br />
Micky?. why am I on here... ?.. I've responded to this question in a number of threads but it is important enough to repeat it here... In fact I'll quote one of your countrymen or at least an Irishman...<br />
Edmund Burke: “All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”<br />
If I do not bring the voice of reason and counter pointe to the argument, my conscious would not rest... Bill in Va.

There is news and there is commentary. Fox is an excellent source for news, and they cover stories other news outlets ignore. In general, their commentary tends to lean right. Big deal! Just about every other national outlet in the states tends to lean left when it comes to opinion. I would much rather have a FOX out there to counter the monolithic leftest opinions of the other outlets. Its about choice, and we all can make our own.

Micky.. when you say you don't watch it much yet offer an opinion ya just scream out "I'm a freaking moron and my perspective" has value... Your opinion carries as much weight as my dog's flatulence. did you provide a link to this so-called quote?.. Nope. Did you supply who the interviewer was? Did you provide who was being interviewed? Nope.. Did you provide the full context of this alleged interview? Nope.. Come back with something more concrete than some blathering from a liberal idiot!. Bill in Va.

I have no doubt that Murdoch has been involved in similar practices in the US. He's big on character assassination of anyone who stand in his way of making a buck. So how come we're not hearing anything about this? Is there something it NOTW story about hacking into 9/11 survivor's phones?<br />
There was mention of an FBI investigation. I hope they're timing it to break during the election year. <br />
I want to see those animals go down.

Let me guess, you tend to lean towards the left. Would that be the case?

He said he was lucky that he did not get to see much of faux news--- so how is that saying he is uniformed ? Oh , must be because he does not parrot their talking points like you --huh willie ---- hey how about them 40 hour weeks willie? Yup or nope?


You are sooooo uninformed by your own admission... Bill in Va.

Oh, bill, enough already..

you are sooooooooooooooooo right.