Clinton Kicks The Crap Out Of Fox News

Clinton Kicks the Crap out of Fox News
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This man is an alpha dog, no doubt about it. I hope his heart holds out. That mention he makes about not being able to do anything about the Khole (sp?) attack because the CIA would not certify that it was Al Queda until further investigation.....its the same deal with Benghazi now. the CIA would not certify the attack as terrorist until they were sure and confident they would not effect covert operations by admitting they knew it was a coordinated attack. This national security business is not simple but Fox News only thinks in simple terms.

Is it no wonder that fox news listeners are almost completely ignorant of American government and our domestic and international policies? I could tell just how badly people are lacking in critical thinking skills by seeing the attention they pay to fox news.

But it is truly sad that viewers of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are the most educated about politics and governance.

I like to think people who get the Colbert/Stewart jokes do so because they come to the show with prior knowledge

Sorry, but my computer will not play these videos, without giving me hours of trouble trying. I like to see it, but I don't know what happen (?)

That's understandable..with dial up...Perhaps you can view some of these at the library on their high speed connection once in awhile....I think this one will make you laugh :)

They're messing with the wrong dude this time! Have you noticed how all the tabloids keep trying to make us believe that Bill Clinton is terminally sick or dying? I think it's because the editors of those sick publications are rabid "conservatives" also, who consider him to be their arch-nemesis, so they're trying to demoralize people from paying too much attention to him by spreading false propaganda. Well, the laugh's on them! You tell 'em, Bill!

Good point, yes!