Weird.. They're Starting to Sound Reasonable..

I was a bit shocked on election night to see the ACTUAL 'fair and balanced' reporting done by Fox 'news'. They did a pretty reasonable job. I was not surprised to see that early on, they were behind other news organizations in calling states for Obama. I was extremely surprised to see that they called Virginia for Obama before anyone else did.. weird.

I am thinking that they accepted reality on election night and put aside the hateful rhetoric as it was redundant at that point. They are searching for a new platform, as the GOP is. They both are not sure what they should do at this point. What I am perceiving is that Fox 'news' is recognizing that things have changed, and are moving towards a truer 'centrist' position. As in, actual 'fair and balanced' reporting on reality, with an obvious lean towards the values and beliefs of the right. Quite an astounding achievement.

One good example of this is Karl Rove's recent interview on Bill O'Reilly's show. If I am not mistaken, this is a reasonable conservative's take on the election and the state of the GOP. That's right - Karl Rove sounds reasonable, and not like a raving lunatic/bigot/*******/liar. It certaintly threw me off. As did the 'News Chief' and his take on Palin. It's not as if anyone needed proof that a lot of their rhetoric before the election was just muck-raking political garbage.. but this phenomenon really confirms it.

The right is faltering.. and now they are trying to clear their image. I'm glad that they are being more reasonable, but I doubt that will be the case come 2012. Anyways, I'm glad that for a time, they look like they might be willing to embrace reality for once. Here's a link to the Rove interview:


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Lol, nevermind, it's business as usual again.. Glenn Beck is a living atrocity, and Coulter couldn't be any worse.. **** the right-wing maniacs :P No point in delving into details, really..